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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


See also FIRE CODE

Adult community-based residential correctional facilities, Minn. Rules 2920.6400


Alcoholic beverages, retailers, Minn. Rules 7515.0640

Boarding care homes, see Fire safety under BOARDING CARE HOMES

Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Minn. Rules 6140.0500

Child care centers, Minn. Rules 9503.0005 to 9503.0170

Child-caring institutions, see CHILD-CARING INSTITUTIONS


Dry commercial fertilizers, Minn. Rules 1510.0401

Liquid commercial fertilizers, Minn. Rules 1510.0371

Pest and disease control, Minn. Rules 1505.2100

Family day care homes, Minn. Rules 9502.0425

Federal surplus property, distribution to victims, Minn. Rules 1260.0600

Fire extinguishers, see FIRE EXTINGUISHERS

Fire protection systems, regulation, see FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS

Freestanding outpatient surgical centers, licensing requirements, Minn. Rules 4675.0300

Gas storage and pipelines, proposed new facilities, safeguard measures, Minn. Rules 7851.0360

Incinerators, see INCINERATORS

Industrial solid waste land disposal facilities, Minn. Rules 7035.1700

Jails, Minn. Rules 2911.3700

Municipal jails, Minn. Rules 2945.5490

Municipal lockups, Minn. Rules 2945.5490

Nursing homes, see Fire safety under NURSING HOMES

Oil pipelines, control and safeguard descriptions, certificate of need applications, Minn. Rules 7853.0630

Oil, set-aside program, shortages due to fires, Minn. Rules 7615.0320

Open burning, see OPEN BURNING


Aircraft maintenance and repair services, Minn. Rules 8800.3900

Amendments to GREB, Minn. Rules 1311.0502

Federal standards, Minn. Rules 5205.0010

Hospices, Minn. Rules 4664.0370, 4664.0380

Occupational safety and health, federal standards, incorporation by reference, Minn. Rules 5205.0010

Sprinkler systems, see FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS


Public water access sites, Minn. Rules 6218.0100

Radioactive materials

Reports about, Minn. Rules 4731.3110

Source material, Minn. Rules 4731.0820

Special nuclear material, Minn. Rules 4731.0620

Recreational fires, Minn. Rules 7511.0307

Refrigeration systems, see REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS

Reports about

Jails, Minn. Rules 2911.3700

Radioactive materials, Minn. Rules 4731.3110

State Building Code, see STATE BUILDING CODE

Uniform Building Code amendments, see STATE BUILDING CODE

Utility crossings of public lands and waters, safety regulations, Minn. Rules 6135.1400

Ventilation, see VENTILATION

Vessels (boats), fire extinguishers, Minn. Rules 5225.6500

Walls, see FIRE WALLS

Waste tire facilities

Processing facilities, emergency equipment, procedures, manual, notification, and reports, Minn. Rules 9220.0470

Storage facilities, emergency preparedness standards, Minn. Rules 9220.0480

Tire dumps, emergency equipment, communications, manual, notification, and reports, Minn. Rules 9220.0160