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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Infested waters

Aquatic farm operations in, restrictions, Minn. Rules 6216.0500

Bait, harvesting restrictions, permits, Minn. Rules 6216.0400

Diverting water from, permits required, Minn. Rules 6216.0500

Fish, transporting from, restrictions, Minn. Rules 6216.0500

Fish hatchery operations in, restrictions, Minn. Rules 6216.0500

Lists, Minn. Rules 6216.0300

Marking, buoys, Minn. Rules 6110.1500

Notice about, Minn. Rules 6216.0300

Permits, live fish, and wild animals, Minn. Rules 6216.0500

Posting requirements, Minn. Rules 6216.0300

Sport gill netting, restrictions, Minn. Rules 6216.0400

Taking of minnows or bait, Minn. Rules 6216.0400, 6254.0200

Transporting water and live fish from, Minn. Rules 6216.0500

Turtle, frog, or crayfish harvesting, restrictions, Minn. Rules 6216.0400

Violations of law, Minn. Rules 6216.0600

Water, transporting from, prohibitions, Minn. Rules 6216.0500

Nonnative species, listed as, Minn. Rules 6216.0250