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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Costs, lobbyist reporting requirements, Minn. Rules 4511.0600

Digital signatures law, addresses in

Certification authorities, license applications, Minn. Rules 8275.0015

Certification authority disclosure records, Minn. Rules 8275.0105

Foreign licensed certification authorities, Minn. Rules 8275.0135

International Telecommunication Union, Minn. Rules 8275.0060

Repositories, recognition requirements, Minn. Rules 8275.0110

Driver's license agents, requests for appointment, Minn. Rules 7404.0360

Financing statements, Uniform Commercial Code

Date and time of filing, Minn. Rules 8280.0020

Electronically based processing, Minn. Rules 8280.0310

Filing fees, Minn. Rules 8280.0480

Licensed certification authorities, notice received

Certificates, suspension or revocation, Minn. Rules 8275.0085

Licenses, suspension or revocation, Minn. Rules 8275.0080

Mail balloting, instructions and assistance, Minn. Rules 8210.3000