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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Charitable contributions, income and franchise taxes, Minn. Rules 8001.0300

In-kind donations, political contributions

Generally, Minn. Rules 4503.0800

Limits, Minn. Rules 4503.0700

Political contributions, affidavits of contributions, Minn. Rules 4503.1400

Political contributions

All receipts deemed contributions, Minn. Rules 4503.0500

Anonymous contributions, procedures, Minn. Rules 4503.0500

Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board, see CAMPAIGN FINANCE AND PUBLIC DISCLOSURE BOARD

Civil defense merit system employees, Minn. Rules 7520.0300

Credit cards, approved use, Minn. Rules 4503.0600

Definitions, Minn. Rules 4503.0100, 4503.0500

General account public subsidy agreements, Minn. Rules 4503.1450

Governor candidates, Minn. Rules 4503.1300

Human services merit system employees, Minn. Rules 9575.0080

Identification of contributors, Minn. Rules 4503.0500

In-kind donations, see In-kind donations, political contributions under this topic

Joint checks, effect, Minn. Rules 4503.0500

Joint fundraising events, Minn. Rules 4503.1200

Lieutenant governor candidates, Minn. Rules 4503.1300

Limits, generally, Minn. Rules 4503.0700

Loans, Minn. Rules 4503.0700, 4503.1500

Local public health merit system employees, Minn. Rules 4670.0500

Public subsidy agreements, Minn. Rules 4503.1400, 4503.1450

Refund program, participation, effect of public subsidy agreement, Minn. Rules 4503.1400

Solicitation of, registration not required, Minn. Rules 4503.0200

Transmission to treasurer, Minn. Rules 4503.0500