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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes



Competencies, Minn. Rules 3512.0510

Continuing education requirements, Minn. Rules 3512.1200

Demonstration of mastery, Minn. Rules 3512.0505

Education requirements, Minn. Rules 3512.0505

Exceptions to licensing, procedures, Minn. Rules 3512.0505

Institutional licensure programs, Minn. Rules 3512.0505


Denials, procedures, Minn. Rules 3512.1600

Generally, Minn. Rules 3512.0505

Human relations training, Minn. Rules 3512.2700

Voluntary surrender, Minn. Rules 3512.1300

Qualifications, Minn. Rules 3512.0510

Specific abilities required, Minn. Rules 3512.0505

Driver education, Minn. Rules 7411.0200

Legal education for farmers, farmer-lender mediation, Minn. Rules 1502.0004