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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Boards of directors, Minn. Rules 4309.0400

Definitions, pilot community development projects, grants, Minn. Rules 4309.0100

Designated community, geographic area of operation, Minn. Rules 4309.0400

Designation as corporation, eligibility, Minn. Rules 4309.0400

Discrimination prohibited, Minn. Rules 4309.0600

Economic development regions, defined, Minn. Rules 4309.0100

Eligibility, Minn. Rules 4309.0400

Employees, Minn. Rules 4309.0400

Federal poverty level, defined, Minn. Rules 4309.0100

Grants to, pilot community development projects

Applications, priorities for approval, Minn. Rules 4309.0500

Approval, Minn. Rules 4309.0500

Availability of funds, Minn. Rules 4309.0300, 4309.0500

Capital venture grants, Minn. Rules 4309.0500

Criteria, Minn. Rules 4309.0200, 4309.0400

Definitions, Minn. Rules 4309.0100

Discrimination prohibited, Minn. Rules 4309.0600

Eligibility, Minn. Rules 4309.0300, 4309.0400

Generally, Minn. Rules 4309.0100 to 4309.0600

Planning grants, Minn. Rules 4309.0500

Restrictions on use of funds, Minn. Rules 4309.0500

Incorporated as nonprofit corporations, Minn. Rules 4309.0400

Investment securities subject to tax, Minn. Rules 8002.0300

Loans to, developmental loans, reciprocal interstate branching and acquisitions, Minn. Rules 2660.0090

Low-income, defined, Minn. Rules 4309.0100

Membership, Minn. Rules 4309.0400

Nonprofit incorporation, Minn. Rules 4309.0400

Organizational criteria, Minn. Rules 4309.0400

Programs, defined, Minn. Rules 4309.0100