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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Bedroom additions, subsurface sewage treatment systems, compliance, Minn. Rules 7082.0500

Critical areas planning, Minn. Rules 4410.8100 to 4410.9910

Fees, purpose of rules, Minn. Rules 1302.0200

Floodplains, exceptions and requirements, Minn. Rules 1335.1100

Floodproofing, exceptions and requirements, Minn. Rules 1335.1100

Issuance, Administration Department, duties, Minn. Rules 1302.0850

Plans and specifications, review, recycling space, inclusion requirement, Minn. Rules 1303.1500

Prefabricated buildings

Applications, Minn. Rules 1360.1300

Dwellings manufactured for use in specific municipalities, Minn. Rules 1360.0300

Rehabilitation of existing buildings, Minn. Rules 1311.0202

Shorelands, municipalities, planned unit development, Minn. Rules 6120.3800

Waters, structures, Minn. Rules 6115.0210 to 6115.0212