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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes



Animals dead of, notice received, Minn. Rules 1540.2140

Management, duties, Minn. Rules 1721.0530

Asses or mules, importation, see ASSES

Bison, see BISON

Carcasses, inspections, Minn. Rules 1721.0710

Cattle permits, see Permits under CATTLE

Dogs, see DOGS

Elk, see ELK

Garbage feeding to livestock, duties, Minn. Rules 1721.0610, 1721.0620

Genetically engineered organisms, release permits, Minn. Rules 1558.0040

Goats, see GOATS

Horses, see HORSES


Carcass composting facilities, Minn. Rules 1721.0740

Carcasses, Minn. Rules 1721.0710

Garbage feeding to livestock, Minn. Rules 1721.0620

Inventories, farmed cervidae, Minn. Rules 1721.0380

Investigations, kennels, complaints against, Minn. Rules 1721.0520

National poultry improvement plan, Minn. Rules 1520.5300, 1520.5400


Carcass transport vehicles, Minn. Rules 1721.0720

Cattle, Minn. Rules 1721.0130

Community sales, Minn. Rules 1721.0090

Garbage feeding to livestock, Minn. Rules 1721.0610

Goats, importation, Minn. Rules 1721.0450

Poultry, Minn. Rules 1721.0280

Poultry hatcheries and breeding flock facilities, Minn. Rules 1721.0320

Public exhibitions, Minn. Rules 1721.0100

Sheep, importation, Minn. Rules 1721.0450

Slaughter-only handling facilities, Minn. Rules 1721.0104

Slaughtering establishments, removal of livestock from, Minn. Rules 1721.0110

Pet food processing, see PET FOOD

Poultry dealers, see POULTRY DEALERS

Public stockyards, see STOCKYARDS

Raptors, importation, certification, Minn. Rules 6238.1450

Registration with, live cervidae owners, Minn. Rules 1721.0380

Reports received

Bovine tuberculosis testing, Minn. Rules 1721.0165

Farmed cervidae, Minn. Rules 1721.0420

Intrastate movement, Minn. Rules 1721.0410

Johne's disease vaccinations, Minn. Rules 1721.0175

Poultry hatcheries and flocks, Minn. Rules 1721.0330

Rabies, confinements or quarantines, Minn. Rules 1721.0570

Stockyards, see STOCKYARDS