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Amount of costs and disbursements to be taxed

Determination after objection, Court Rules App 139.04

Application for taxation of, Court Rules Civ 54.04

Award of

Expedited child support process, Court Rules Gen Prac 377.09

Failure of party to appear, sanctions, family law actions, Court Rules Gen Prac 307

Briefs, preparation, cost

Informal briefs, Court Rules App 139.02

Supplemental records, Court Rules App 139.02


Dismissal costs, Court Rules App 115.06, App 116.06

Taxation by prevailing party, Court Rules App 115.05, App 116.05

Conciliation courts, see Costs and disbursements (courts) under CONCILIATION COURTS

Cost bonds

Requests to require, Court Rules App 107.02

Waiver, in forma pauperis proceedings, Court Rules App 109.01 to 109.05

When not required, Court Rules App 107.01, App 107.03

When required, Court Rules App 107.02

Delay caused by appeal

Award to respondent, Court Rules App 138

Double costs awarded to prevailing party, Court Rules App 115.05, App 116.05

Depositions, party giving notice of

Failure to attend, Court Rules Civ 30.07, Civ 37.04

Failure to serve subpoena on witness, Court Rules Civ 30.07


Failure to comply with court order compelling, Court Rules Civ 37.02

Failure to make, Court Rules Civ 37.01

Requests, responses, and objections signed in violation of rule, Court Rules Civ 26.07

Enforcement of judgment for specific acts or performance, Court Rules Civ 70

Expert witnesses, fees, taxation, Court Rules Gen Prac 127

Grievances, review, Court Rules Civ 54.04

In forma pauperis proceedings, see IN FORMA PAUPERIS PROCEEDINGS

Interpreters, compensation, Court Rules Civ 43.07

Interrogatories, failure to answer, Court Rules Civ 37.04

Judgments, insertion of costs in, Court Rules Civ 54.04

Judicial Standards Board, public expense, Court Rules Jud Stand 12


Statement of grounds, Court Rules Civ 54.04


Failure to make timely objection, effect, Court Rules App 139.04

Written objections, Court Rules App 139.04

Pleadings, signed in violation of rule, Court Rules Civ 11.03

Pretrial conferences, failure of party or attorney to attend or obey orders, Court Rules Civ 16.06

Prevailing parties


Certiorari, Court Rules App 115.05, App 116.05

Disallowance, grounds, Court Rules App 139.05

Dismissal, Court Rules App 139.01

Time limits, Court Rules App 139.03

Upon judgment, Court Rules App 139.01


Certiorari, Court Rules App 115.05, App 116.05

Necessarily paid or incurred, briefs, preparation, exception, Court Rules App 139.02

Notice given, notice of taxation, Court Rules App 139.03

Previously dismissed actions, Court Rules Civ 41.04

Proceedings to determine, settlement offers, nonacceptance, effect, Court Rules Civ 68.03

Requests for production of documents or things, failure to respond, Court Rules Civ 37.04

Settlement offers, payment by offeree, Court Rules Civ 68

Summary judgment, affidavits made in bad faith or solely for purpose of delay, Court Rules Civ 56.07

Supreme Court

Disciplinary proceedings, generally, Court Rules Prof Resp 24

Taxation of, Court Rules Civ 54.04


Appeal from, Court Rules App 139.04

Certiorari, Court Rules App 115.05, App 116.05

Court administrators, duties, Court Rules App 139.03

Failure to tax, effect, Court Rules App 139.03

Notice requirements, Court Rules App 139.03

Petitions for rehearing, Court Rules App 140.03


Court administrators, duties, Court Rules App Spec R Prac 7

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