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Aggregate material deposits, cooperation, identification and classification, Minn. Statutes 2013 84.94


Appointments by, Wells and Borings Advisory Council, members, Minn. Statutes 2013 103I.105

Memberships, Minn. Statutes 2013 93.0015, 2013 116C.711

Groundwater plans, Minn. Statutes 2013 103B.255

Groundwater protection, consulting, Minn. Statutes 2013 103H.101

Low-level radioactive waste, Facility Siting Policy Development Committee, Minn. Statutes 2013 116C.842

Water information system, cooperation, Minn. Statutes 2013 103A.401

Wells or borings, sealing, Minn. Statutes 2013 103I.205

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