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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Anchorage, residential code, Minn. Rules 1309.0403, 1309.0404

Anhydrous ammonia, storage systems, Minn. Rules 1513.0340, 1513.0420

Damproofing and waterproofing, Minn. Rules 1305.1805

Definitions, manufactured home building code, Minn. Rules 1350.0100

Depth, frost protection

Residential code, Minn. Rules 1309.0301

State Building Code, Minn. Rules 1303.1600

Drain discharge, Minn. Rules 1305.1805

Frost protection

International Building Code, Minn. Rules 1305.1809

Residential code, Minn. Rules 1309.0403

Gas piping, installation, Minn. Rules 1346.5404

Insulation, residential energy code, Minn. Rules 1322.0402

Manufactured homes

Clearance, Minn. Rules 1350.2700

Concrete slabs, Minn. Rules 1350.2900

Continuous, anchor load transfer, Minn. Rules 1350.2900

Installation, instructions, Minn. Rules 1350.2700

Load-bearing capacity, Minn. Rules 1350.2600, 1350.2700

Requirements, Minn. Rules 1350.2600, 1350.2700

Soil requirements, Minn. Rules 1350.2700

State Building Code, compliance, Minn. Rules 1350.2600

Radon control, passive systems, Minn. Rules 1303.2402

Railroad traffic signs and signals, active warning devices, Minn. Rules 8830.1600

Shallow foundations, frost protection, Minn. Rules 1305.1809


Concrete and masonry, water- and dampproofing, residential code, Minn. Rules 1309.0406

State Building Code, Minn. Rules 1303.1600