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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Aircraft, maintenance and repair services, Minn. Rules 8800.3900

Airports and landing fields, Minn. Rules 8800.1600 to 8800.2100

Ambulances, Minn. Statutes 2019 144E.103

Automatic fire extinguishing systems, work areas, amendments to IEBC, Minn. Rules 1311.0407

Boats, Minn. Statutes 2019 86B.211, 2019 86B.531

Child care centers, Minn. Rules 9503.0005 to 9503.0170

Cosmetology salons, Minn. Rules 2105.0360

Esthetician salons, Minn. Rules 2105.0360

Manufactured homes

Recreational manufactured home parks, Minn. Statutes 2019 327.27

Safety features, compliance, in park sales, Minn. Statutes 2019 327C.07

Motor carriers, lightweight vehicles, Minn. Statutes 2019 221.0314

Nail salons, Minn. Rules 2105.0360


Building code requirements, Minn. Rules 1305.0906

Fire code requirements, Minn. Rules 7511.0906

Servicing, halon, recycling, Minn. Statutes 2019 116.732

Special transportation services

Drivers and attendants, training, Minn. Rules 8840.6100

Requirements, Minn. Rules 8840.5925

Systems, inspection and testing, Minn. Rules 7511.0901

Tampering, Minn. Statutes 2019 609.686

Vessels (boats), Minn. Rules 5225.6500