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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Ambulance services, assigned radio frequency, Minn. Rules 4690.1900

Bob-white quail, recapture of released birds, Minn. Statutes 2018 97B.701

Boundaries, Minn. Statutes 2018 2.01

Court commissioners, Minn. Statutes 2018 517.041

Designated trout streams, list, Minn. Rules 6264.0050

Development region, Minn. Statutes 2018 462.385

Floods, 2007, property tax relief, agricultural homesteads, Minn. Statutes 2018 273.124

Footings and foundations (structures), depth, State Building Code, Minn. Rules 1303.1600

Historic Forestville, historic site, Minn. Statutes 2018 138.662

Judicial district, Minn. Statutes 2018 2.722

Medical assistance, quality assurance system, Minn. Statutes 2018 256B.095

Public safety radio communication system, see ALLIED RADIO MATRIX FOR EMERGENCY RESPONSE (ARMER)

South Zone, Minnesota Coordinate System, Minn. Statutes 2018 505.18

Volunteer first responders, retention stipends, Minn. Statutes 2018 69.022

Wetlands, presettlement wetlands, Minn. Rules 8420.0117