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Generally, Minn. Rules 1309.0100

Procedures, Minn. Rules 1309.0030

Ceilings, minimum height, Minn. Rules 1309.0305

Crawl spaces, ceiling height, Minn. Rules 1309.0305


Amendments, Minn. Rules 1309.0202

Undefined terms, Merriam-Webster collegiate dictionary, Minn. Rules 1309.0201

Design criteria, tables, Minn. Rules 1309.0301


Exterior, Minn. Rules 1309.0202, 1309.0703

Installation, Minn. Rules 1309.0613

Landings, Minn. Rules 1309.0311

Enforcement of law, procedures, Minn. Rules 1309.0030

Exterior coverings, Minn. Rules 1309.0703

Flashings, exterior coverings, Minn. Rules 1309.0703

Floodproofing, Minn. Rules 1309.0010

Floors, dwellings, Minn. Rules 1309.0317

Foam insulation, sill plates and headers, Minn. Rules 1309.0314

Footings and foundations, see FOOTINGS AND FOUNDATIONS (STRUCTURES)

Foundation walls, Minn. Rules 1309.0404, 1309.0406

Incorporation by reference

International Residential Code, Minn. Rules 1309.0010

Undefined terms, Merriam-Webster collegiate dictionary, Minn. Rules 1309.0201

International Residential Code

Generally, Minn. Rules 1309.0010

References to, Minn. Rules 1309.0020

Landings, exterior doors, Minn. Rules 1309.0311

Live loads, tables, Minn. Rules 1309.0301

Retaining walls, Minn. Rules 1309.0404

Siding, Minn. Rules 1309.0703

Smoke detectors, Minn. Rules 1309.0313, 1309.0317

Sound insulation, Minn. Rules 1309.0317

Standards, IRC 42, modifications, Minn. Rules 1309.4300

Vapor retarders, Minn. Rules 1309.0318

Violations and penalties, generally, misdemeanor, Minn. Rules 1309.0040

Walls, Minn. Rules 1309.0317

Water-resistive barriers, exterior coverings, Minn. Rules 1309.0703

Waterproofing, Minn. Rules 1309.0010

Windows, exterior windows, Minn. Rules 1309.0613, 1309.0703

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