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2006 Minnesota Statutes

Table of Chapters, 59A to 79A

Chapters Title
59AInsurance Premium Finance Companies
59BRegulation of Service Contracts
60Insurance Division
60AGeneral Insurance Powers
60BInsurers Rehabilitation and Liquidation
60CInsurance Guaranty Association
60DInsurance Holding Company Systems
60ERisk Retention Groups
60FJoint Self-insurance Plans
60GAdministrative Supervision
60HManaging General Agents
60JBusiness Transacted with Producer Controlled Insurer
60KInsurance Producers
60LInvestments of Insurers
61Life Insurance
61ALife Insurance
61BLife and Health Guaranty Association
62Accident and Health Insurance
62AAccident and Health Insurance
62BCredit Insurance
62CNonprofit Health Service Plan Corporations
62DHealth Maintenance Organizations
62EComprehensive Health Insurance
62FMedical Practice Insurance
62GNonprofit Legal Service Plan
62HCertain Employer Health Coverage Arrangements
62IJoint Underwriting Association
62JHealth Care Cost Containment
62LSmall Employer Insurance Reform
62MUtilization Review of Health Care
62NMinnesota Community Integrated Service Network Act
62PRegulated All-payer Option
62QRequirements for Health Plan Companies
62RHealth Care Cooperatives
62SQualified Long-term Care Insurance Policies
62TCommunity Purchasing Arrangements
63Assessment Benefit Associations
64Fraternal Beneficiary Associations
64AFraternal Beneficiary Associations
64BFraternal Benefit Societies
65Fire Insurance Companies
65AFire and Related Insurance
65BAutomobile Insurance
66Mutual Companies
66AMutual Companies
67Township Mutual Companies
67ATownship Mutual Companies
68Title Insurance Companies
68ATitle Insurance Companies
69Fire and Police Department Aid; Relief Associations
70Rate Regulations
70AInsurance Rate Regulation
71Foreign Companies; Mutual Companies; Hail Insurance; Fidelity and Surety Companies
71AReciprocals or Interinsurance Contract Exchange
72Prohibitions; Penalties; Regulation of Trade Practices
72ARegulation of Trade Practices
72BInsurance Adjusters
72CReadability of Insurance Policies
73State Fire Marshal
74Protection of Buildings and Occupants
75Theaters and Halls
76Dry Cleaning and Dyeing Establishments
79Workers' Compensation Insurance
79AWorkers' Compensation Self-insurance

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