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2009 Minnesota Statutes

Table of Chapters, 500 to 515B

Chapters Title
500Estates in Real Property
501Uses and Trusts
501AStatutory Rule Against Perpetuities
502Powers of Appointment
503Official Trustees for Conveying Townsite Lands
504Landlords and Tenants
504ALandlords and Tenants
504BLandlord and Tenant
505Plats; Coordinates; Surveys
507Recording and Filing Conveyances
508Registration, Torrens
508ARegistration Without Court Proceedings
509Registration; Marks, Names or Devices
510Homestead Exemptions
511Chattel Mortgages; Conditional Sales; Pledges; Seed Loans
512Sales of Goods
514Liens; Labor, Material
515AUniform Condominium Act
515BCommon Interest Ownership

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