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An application for a Class A license must disclose with respect to the pari-mutuel horse racing facility it will own and operate:


The address of the facility, its size, and geographical location, including reference to county and municipal boundaries.


A site map which reflects current and proposed highways and streets adjacent to the facility.


The types of racing for which the facility is designed, whether thoroughbred, harness, quarterhorse, Arabian, or other breeds.


Racetrack dimensions by circumference, width, banking, location of chutes, length of stretch, distance from judges' stand to first turn and type of surface. If the facility has more than one racetrack, the applicant must provide a description of each.


A description of horse stalls at the facility, giving the dimensions of stalls, separation, location, and total number of stalls.


A description of the grandstand, giving total seating capacity, total reserved seating capacity, indoor and outdoor seating capacity, configuration of grandstand seating and pari-mutuel and concession facilities within the grandstand; the number and location of men's and women's restrooms, drinking fountains, and medical facilities available to patrons; and a description of public pedestrian traffic patterns throughout the grandstand.


A description of the detention barn, giving distance from detention barn to track and paddock, number of sampling stalls, placement of viewing ports on each stall, location of postmortem floor, number of wash stalls with hot and cold water and drains and availability of video monitors; and a description of the walking ring.


A description of the paddock, number of stalls in the paddock, height from the floor to lowest point of the stall ceiling and entrance, and paddock public address and telephone services.


A description of the jockeys' and drivers' quarters, giving changing areas, a listing of equipment to be installed in each, and the location of the jockeys' quarters in relation to the paddock.


A description of the pari-mutuel totalizator and related pari-mutuel equipment, giving approximate location of bettors' windows and cash security areas, and a description of related pari-mutuel equipment, including the provider if known.


A description of the parking, giving detailed attention to access to parking from surrounding streets and highways. Number of parking spaces available, distinguishing between public and other; a description of the road surface on parking areas and the distance between parking and the grandstand; and a road map of the area showing the relationship of parking to surrounding streets and highways.


A description of the height, type of construction, and materials of perimeter fence; whether the perimeter fence is topped by a barbed wire apron at least two feet wide and directed outward at a 45-degree angle; and whether there is a clear zone at least four feet wide around the outside of the entire perimeter fence.


A description of improvements and equipment at the racetrack for security purposes in addition to perimeter fence, including the provider of equipment if known.


A description of starting, timing, photo finish, and photo-patrol or video equipment, including the provider if known.


A description of work areas for the commission members, officers, employees, and agents.


A description of access of the facility to public transportation, specifics of the type of transportation and schedules, road maps of area indicating pickup and dropoff points.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 240.23


8 SR 1823; 16 SR 2684; 23 SR 1540

Published Electronically:

April 25, 2016