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Any POTW designated by the agency shall develop a federal delegated pretreatment program approvable under parts 7049.0800 to 7049.1020 according to the schedule contained in the respective POTWs national pollutant discharge elimination system permit. Schedules for the development of the POTW pretreatment program shall not exceed one year. A POTW shall be designated to develop a delegated pretreatment program if it has a design flow of five million gallons per day or more and has one or more significant industrial users, or when the agency finds that the nature or volume of the industrial influent, treatment process upsets, violations of POTW effluent limitations, contamination of municipal sludge, or other circumstances warrant in order to prevent interference with the POTW or pass-through.


POTWs with federal delegated pretreatment programs meeting the requirements of parts 7049.0810 to 7049.0870 and approved as provided by parts 7049.0880 to 7049.0960 shall maintain and operate their pretreatment programs as approved. The authorities and procedures in the approved program shall at all times be fully and effectively exercised and implemented. The POTW authority is responsible for administering national categorical pretreatment standards, as well as pretreatment standards implementing the requirements of parts 7049.0140 and 7049.0850.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 115.03


33 SR 696

Published Electronically:

November 6, 2008