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Subpart 1.

License renewal term.

The license renewal term is 24 months beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30. The term of renewal begins on July 1 in odd-numbered years for a licensee whose license number is an odd number and in even-numbered years for a licensee whose license number is an even number.

Subp. 1a.

First license renewal following licensure.

For the first renewal period following the initial licensure period, the fee and continuing education requirements for renewal of the license are that fraction of the license renewal fee and continuing education hours, to the nearest dollar and hour, respectively, that is represented by the ratio of the number of days the license is held in the initial licensure period to 730 days.

Subp. 1b.

Submission of license renewal application.

A licensee must submit to the board a license renewal application on a form provided by the board, together with the license renewal fee, postmarked no later than June 30 in the year of renewal. The application form must be signed by the licensee in the place provided for the renewal applicant's signature and include evidence of participation in approved continuing education programs, as described in part 6900.0300, and any other information as the board may reasonably require.

Subp. 1c.

Renewal application postmarked after June 30.

A renewal application postmarked after June 30 in the renewal year shall be returned to the licensee for addition of the late renewal fee. A license renewal application postmarked after June 30 in the renewal year is not complete until the late renewal fee has been received by the board.

Subp. 2.

Failure to submit renewal application.

The procedures in subparts 3 to 6 will be followed by the board for licensees who have failed to submit the renewal application as provided in subparts 1b and 1c.

Subp. 3.


Any time after July 1 of the applicable year, the board will send to the last address on file with the board, a notice to a licensee who has not completed and submitted a license renewal application. The notice will state that the licensee has failed to make application for renewal; the amount of renewal and late fees and information about continuing education that must be submitted in order for the license to be renewed; that the licensee may voluntarily terminate the license by notifying the board; and that failure to respond to the notice by the date specified, which date must be at least 30 days after the notice is sent by the board, either by applying for license renewal as provided in subpart 1b or by notifying the board that the licensee has voluntarily terminated the license, will result in expiration of the license and terminating the right to practice.

Subp. 4.


If the application for renewal as provided in subpart 1 or notice of voluntary termination is not received by the board by the date specified in the notice, the license will expire and the licensee's right to practice terminates on the date specified in the notice. The expiration and termination will not be considered a disciplinary action against the licensee.

Subp. 5.


A license that has expired under this part may be reinstated under part 6900.0210.

Subp. 6.

Disciplinary action.

The board, in lieu of the procedure in subpart 3, may initiate disciplinary action against any licensee for failure to submit fees or provide documentation of completion of continuing education requirements, and may add such failure to other grounds specified in Minnesota Statutes, sections 153.01 to 153.25, in any contested case proceeding initiated by the board against the licensee on the other grounds.

Subp. 7.

Name and address change.

A podiatrist who has changed names must notify the board in writing as soon as possible and request a revised renewal certificate. The board may require substantiation of the name change by requiring official documentation.

A podiatrist must maintain with the board a correct mailing address to receive board communications and notices. A podiatrist who has changed addresses must notify the board in writing as soon as possible. Placing a notice in first class United States mail, postage prepaid and addressed to the licensee at the licensee's last known address, constitutes valid service.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 16A.128; 153.02; 153.16; 214.06; 214.12


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Published Electronically:

July 11, 2013