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Subpart 1.

Required policy.

The chief law enforcement officer must ensure that the agency adopts, implements, and enforces the required policies listed in items A and B.


Each agency must adopt, implement, and enforce policies listed below that are based on the board's model policy. An agency may incorporate additional agency specific requirements or more stringent requirements in its adopted policy, but must include the identical or substantially similar provisions of the board's model policy. The board is not responsible for enforcing any agency specific provisions of a required policy:


use of force policy;


eyewitness identification procedures policy;


officer conduct complaint policy;


professional conduct of officers policy;


domestic abuse policy;


racial profiling policy;


investigation of sexual assault policy;


public assembly-first amendment activity policy;


missing and endangered persons policy;


community notification of predatory offender policy;


vehicle pursuit and emergency vehicle operations policy;


criminal conduct on school buses policy;


lighting exemption of law enforcement vehicles policy;


administrative forfeiture policy;


supervision of part-time licensed peace officers policy, applicable only if the agency employs a part-time officer under Minnesota Statutes, section 626.8468; and


any other required agency policy as established by the legislature or the board addressing critical public safety and law enforcement procedures.


Each agency must adopt and implement a policy as listed below if the agency uses that equipment or device. The agency policy must include any requirements identified in statute:


automated license plate reader policy, applicable only if plate readers are used by the agency under Minnesota Statutes, section 626.8472;


portable recording systems adoption policy, applicable only if the agency uses applicable recording systems under Minnesota Statutes, section 626.8473; and


use of unmanned aerial vehicles policy, applicable only if the agency uses drones or other applicable aerial devices under Minnesota Statutes, section 626.19.

Subp. 2.

Chief law enforcement officer.

The chief law enforcement officer must ensure that:


the current version of each required policy is posted on the law enforcement agency's website. If the agency does not have a website, the policy must be posted in the public area of the agency's physical premises;


a copy of the current version of each required policy is provided on request by an individual or organization;


a copy of the current version of each required policy is provided to each peace officer employed by the agency;


each required policy is reviewed at least annually with each officer;


the agency's adopted policy is enforced at all levels of the agency;


violations of a required policy are reported to the board; and


the policy and training compliance form provided by the board is completed and submitted to the board no later than March 1 of each year.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 626.843


47 SR 1120

Published Electronically:

July 26, 2023

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes