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5510.5150 STEP TWO.

If the supervisor has not been able to resolve the grievance or has not responded in writing within the time period provided in part 5510.5140 (step one), a written grievance may be served on the next appropriate level of supervision by the exclusive representative. The written grievance shall provide a concise statement outlining the nature of the grievance, the provisions of the contract or the just cause situation in dispute, and a statement of the relief or remedy requested. The written grievance must be served on the employer's representative within 15 days after the immediate supervisor's response was due under part 5510.5140 (step one). The employer's representative shall meet with the agent of the exclusive representative within five days after service of the written grievance and both parties shall attempt to resolve the grievance. The employer's representative shall serve a written response to the grievance on the agent of the exclusive representative within five days of the meeting. The response shall contain a concise statement of the employer's position on the grievance and the remedy or relief the employer is willing to provide, if any.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 179A.04


11 SR 2077

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008