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Signs Next must not be located in, project into, or overhang a public right-of-way or dedicated public easement in any district, with the following exceptions:


city, county, state, or federal Previous signs Next ;


transit benches or shelters allowed under Minnesota Statutes, section 160.27;


temporary banners allowed under item F; or


projecting Previous signs Next allowed under item D.


On buildings up to two stories in height, Previous signs Next attached to a building must not project above the highest point used to measure the building height of any structure. On buildings of three stories or more in height, Previous signs Next must not be placed on the exterior façade on or above the floor level of the third story.

Previous Signs Next attached to buildings must be positioned so that they are an integral design feature of the building and to complement and enhance the building's architectural features. Previous Signs Next must not obscure or destroy architectural details such as stone arches, glass transom panels, or decorative brickwork.


Previous Signs Next mounted parallel to the wall or face of a building or structure may project a maximum of 18 inches horizontally beyond the wall or face of that building or structure.


Projecting Previous signs Next , where allowed, may extend a maximum of four feet from the property line, and must be located at least two feet from the curb line and at least ten feet above ground level.


Freestanding pylon Previous signs Next , where allowed, must not exceed 15 feet in height. Monument Previous signs Next must not exceed 12 feet in height. Monument Previous signs Next must include a masonry base with materials and design similar to the principal building.


Temporary Previous signs Next , where allowed, must meet the criteria of one of the following categories:


for all uses, one sign not exceeding 40 square feet in area may be used to identify an engineer, architect, or contractors engaged in the construction of a building during the construction period;


for religious, civic, or other community organizations, the following temporary Previous signs Next directly related to events on the premises are permitted for a maximum of three times per calendar year per organization, for a maximum of five consecutive days at any one event:


portable or temporary Previous signs Next , with a gross surface display area not exceeding 60 square feet and a height not exceeding six feet; and


banners advertising an event on the premises, to include banners placed on or between buildings or within the street right-of-way, provided that they do not interfere with the visibility of any traffic control sign or signal. Banners shall not exceed 120 square feet in area and shall provide at least 20 feet of clearance from ground level. Banners must be approved by the city of St. Paul Department of Safety and Inspections.

Previous Signs Next that span a public roadway cannot be attached to city light poles or traffic signal poles.


Sidewalk Previous signs, where allowed, are limited to two feet in width and 3-1/2 feet in height, including the support members. No sign may have more than two faces. Changeable copy is permitted except for plastic letters. The sign may be placed only in front of the business advertised, without significantly limiting the normal pedestrian use of the sidewalk. One sign is permitted for each building or land frontage, and it must be removed from the sidewalk at the end of each business day. No sidewalk sign may be lighted.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 15B.06


34 SR 900

Published Electronically:

January 15, 2010

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes