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Minnesota Statutes 2013
Chapter 347.    DOGS AND CATS

Copyright © 2013 by the Office of Revisor of Statutes, State of Minnesota.

Section 347.01 Owner's Liability; Penalty
Section 347.02 Keeping after Notice; Penalty
Section 347.03 Dogs May Be Killed
Section 347.04 Public Nuisance
Section 347.05 Owner Not Known
Section 347.06 Hearing; Judgment; Execution
Section 347.07 Costs
Section 347.08 County Board May License
Section 347.09 Licenses
Section 347.10 Owners of Dogs and Kennels; Licenses
Section 347.11 Dog Collars to Be Tagged
Section 347.12 Fees Paid to County Treasurer Monthly
Section 347.13 Fees, Dog License Fund; Disbursal; Accounting
Section 347.14 Unlicensed Dogs
Section 347.15 Persons Damaged, Claims Filed
Section 347.16 Claims, Hearings, Notice
Section 347.17 Killing Dogs in Certain Cases
Section 347.18 Tags; Restrictions, Prohibitions
Section 347.19 Failure to Obtain License
Section 347.20 Exemptions
Section 347.21 Interpretation
Section 347.22 Damages, Owner Liable
Section 347.23 Renumbered 343.40
Section 347.31 Definitions
Section 347.32 License for Kennel or Dealer
Section 347.33 Licensing Procedures; Inspections; Administration
Section 347.34 Licenses Required
Section 347.35 Board of Animal Health Rules
Section 347.36 Advertising
Section 347.37 Public Access; Notice; Inspection; Enforcement
Section 347.38 Revocation of License
Section 347.39 Penalties
Section 347.40 Exceptions
Section 347.50 Definitions
Section 347.51 Dangerous Dogs; Registration
Section 347.515 Microchip Identification
Section 347.52 Dangerous Dogs; Requirements
Section 347.53 Potentially Dangerous and Dangerous Dogs
Section 347.54 Confiscation
Section 347.541 Disposition of Seized Animals
Section 347.542 Restrictions
Section 347.55 Penalty
Section 347.56 Destruction of Dog in Certain Circumstances
Section 347.565 Applicability