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A resolution memorializing Congress to fund the Amtrak system to enable it to continue
to serve Minnesota.
WHEREAS, the national railroad passenger corporation, known as Amtrak, provides vitally
important service to the people of Minnesota; and
WHEREAS, over 162,000 persons arrive and depart from points in Minnesota using the
Amtrak system; and
WHEREAS, Amtrak provides necessary rail connections between Minnesota and the rest
of the country; and
WHEREAS, Amtrak makes significant contributions to the Minnesota economy through
a payroll of over $3,000,000 in the state and purchase of nearly $5,000,000 in supplies and
equipment; and
WHEREAS, budget reductions for Amtrak now being discussed in the Congress threaten
the existence of Amtrak as a national rail system; and
WHEREAS, these budget reductions would harm Minnesota through drastic reductions in
service and lost contributions to the state's economy; NOW, THEREFORE,
BE IT RESOLVED, by the legislature of the state of Minnesota, that Congress should
provide funding for the Amtrak system that would allow it to continue as a true national system
and continue to serve the people of Minnesota.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Secretary of State of Minnesota transmit enrolled
copies of this memorial to the President of the United States, the President and Secretary of the
United States Senate, the Speaker and Clerk of the United States House of Representatives, and to
Minnesota's Senators and Representatives in Congress.
    Presented to the governor April 27, 1995
    Signed by the governor April 28, 1995, 3:10 p.m.

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