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2010 Minnesota Statutes Index (topics)


Business corporations, see Advances of money under BUSINESS CORPORATIONS

City funds and accounts, see Funds and accounts under CITIES

Cooperative associations, advances of money

Corporate powers, Minn. Statutes 2010 308A.201, 2010 308B.301, 2010 308B.471

County funds and accounts, see Funds and accounts under COUNTIES

Definitions, Commercial Code, Minn. Statutes 2010 336.2-104

Descendants of donees, advancements

Powers of appointment, effect, Minn. Statutes 2010 502.74

Financing agencies, Commercial Code, defined, Minn. Statutes 2010 336.2-104

Future advances, secured transactions

Security interests, Minn. Statutes 2010 336.9-204, 2010 336.9-323

Intestate succession, advancements, Minn. Statutes 2010 524.2-109

Limited liability companies, Minn. Statutes 2010 322B.20, 2010 322B.696, 2010 322B.699

Mortgages, see Mortgagees under MORTGAGES

Nonprofit corporations, see Advances of money under NONPROFIT CORPORATIONS

Partnerships, advances to partnership, Minn. Statutes 2010 323A.0401

State agencies, claims against the state, Minn. Statutes 2010 16A.41

Warehouse receipts, Minn. Statutes 2010 336.7-202, 2010 336.7-209