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Minnesota Rules Index (topics)


Academic and behavioral strategists, Minn. Rules 8710.5050

Autism spectrum disorders, Minn. Rules 8710.5850

Blind or visually impaired, Minn. Rules 8710.5100

Career and technical education accommodation specialists for students with disabilities, Minn. Rules 8710.5900

Caseloads, Minn. Rules 3525.2340, 3525.2380

Compensation and salaries, state aid, Minn. Rules 3525.1310

Contracts, Minn. Rules 3525.1550

Deaf or hard of hearing, Minn. Rules 8710.5200, 8710.5250

Definitions, children with a disability, Minn. Rules 3525.0210

Developmental adapted physical education, Minn. Rules 8710.5300

Developmental disabilities, Minn. Rules 8710.5400

Early childhood health screening, Minn. Rules 3530.3300

Early childhood, Minn. Rules 8710.5500

Education and training

Interpreters/transliterators, standards, Minn. Rules 3525.2385

Total special education system (TSES) plans, Minn. Rules 3525.1100

Emotional behavioral disorders, Minn. Rules 8710.5600

Generally, Minn. Rules 8710.5000

Individualized education program (IEP) managers, Minn. Rules 3525.0550

Interviews, children with other health disabilities, Minn. Rules 3525.1335

Learning disabilities, Minn. Rules 8710.5700


Contract requirements, Minn. Rules 3525.1550

Emotionally disturbed children, Minn. Rules 8710.5600

Multidisability teams, Minn. Rules 3525.2350

Multidisability teams, Minn. Rules 3525.2350

Notice received, residential facilities and programs placements, Minn. Rules 3525.2325

Oral/aural deaf education, Minn. Rules 8710.5250

Paraprofessionals, see under SPECIAL EDUCATION

Physical and health disabilities, Minn. Rules 3525.1337, 8710.5800

Representation, IEP teams, Minn. Rules 3525.2810

Self-protection, emergencies, Minn. Rules 3525.0210


Defined, Minn. Rules 3525.0210

Limits, school district policy, Minn. Rules 3525.2340