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Minnesota Rules Index (topics)


Acting administrators, permits, Minn. Rules 6400.6770

Appointment, Minn. Rules 4658.0050

Certificates and certification, Minnesota license, verification, Minn. Rules 6400.6760

Continuing education

Course content, Minn. Rules 6400.6800

Credits, Minn. Rules 6400.6850

Evidence of completion, Minn. Rules 6400.6800

Requirements, license renewal, Minn. Rules 6400.6800

Sponsors, program approval, duties, Minn. Rules 6400.6870

Courses of study

Academic programs, review and approval, Minn. Rules 6400.6660

Course requirements

Completion, evidence, Minn. Rules 6400.6570

General course requirements, Minn. Rules 6400.6400

Specific course requirements, Minn. Rules 6400.6500, 6400.6550

Practicum courses

Generally, Minn. Rules 6400.6600

Length, Minn. Rules 6400.6650, 6400.6655

Preceptors, Minn. Rules 6400.6600, 6400.6850

Disciplinary action, Minn. Rules 6400.6900

Disclosure, condition for licensure, Minn. Rules 4658.0025

Education and training

Continuing education, Minn. Rules 6400.6800, 6400.6850, 6400.6870

Courses of study, see same under this topic

Licensed nursing home administrators, use of title, restrictions, Minn. Rules 6400.5200


Duties, generally, Minn. Rules 6400.6710


Display, Minn. Rules 6400.6720

Generally, see Licenses under this topic

Notice given, Minn. Rules 6400.6710



Licensed in foreign jurisdictions, Minn. Rules 6400.6700

Procedural requirements, Minn. Rules 6400.6100

Qualifications, Minn. Rules 6400.6000

Applications, Minn. Rules 6400.6100

Course requirements, Minn. Rules 6400.6400, 6400.6500, 6400.6550, 6400.6570

Display, Minn. Rules 6400.6720

Duplicate licenses, obtaining, Minn. Rules 6400.6730

Foreign jurisdictions, reciprocity, Minn. Rules 6400.6700

Issuance, Board of Executives for Long Term Services and Supports, duties, Minn. Rules 6400.6000

Reinstatement, Minn. Rules 6400.6750


Continuing education, Minn. Rules 6400.6800, 6400.6850, 6400.6870

Requirements, Minn. Rules 6400.6740

Restrictions, Church of Christ Scientist nursing facilities, Minn. Rules 6400.6560

Waivers, course requirements, Minn. Rules 6400.6560

LNHA, use of title after name, restrictions, Minn. Rules 6400.5200

Memberships, quality assessment and assurance committee, Minn. Rules 4658.0070

Preceptors, practicum courses

Continuing education credits, Minn. Rules 6400.6850

Qualifications, Minn. Rules 6400.6600