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Minnesota Rules Index (topics)


Alcoholic beverages

Consumption and display set up permits, Minn. Rules 7515.1200 to 7515.1230

Generally, Minn. Rules 7515.0100 to 7515.1480

Arts Board, see ARTS BOARD

Definitions, lawful gambling, Minn. Rules 7861.0210

Disabled hunters, organized hunts, Minn. Rules 6232.2500

Drinking water revolving fund, loans, Minn. Rules 7380.0252 to 7380.0297

Federal surplus property, eligibility to receive, Minn. Rules 1260.0300

Gambling organizations, generally, see Organizations under GAMBLING

Regional arts councils, Minn. Rules 1900.2310 to 1900.4110

Sales and use taxes, permits, Minn. Rules 8130.2500

Senior companion program, grants, Minn. Rules 9555.0400

Supplemental educational services providers, Minn. Rules 3512.5400

Trusts and trustees, Minn. Rules 4501.0200