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Minnesota Rules Index (topics)


Bottled water, Minn. Rules 1550.3200 to 1550.3320

Catastrophic failure, emergency remediation, notice requirements, Minn. Rules 4720.9055

Child care centers, Minn. Rules 9503.0145


Agricultural chemical incidents, Minn. Rules 1512.0100 to 1512.1100

Emergency remediation, notice, Minn. Rules 4720.9055

Generally, see WATER POLLUTION

Harmful substance claims, eligible losses, Minn. Rules 7190.1190

Toxic pollutant levels, Minn. Rules 7050.0217 to 7050.0219


Food code, Minn. Rules 4626.0020

Public Facilities Authority loans and grants, Minn. Rules 7380.0250

Drinking water revolving fund projects

Borrowers, duties, Minn. Rules 4720.9070

Definitions, Minn. Rules 4720.9005

Eligibility, Minn. Rules 4720.9010

Generally, Minn. Rules 7380.0252 to 7380.0297

Loans, Minn. Rules 7380.0250, 7380.0265

Priority point assignments, Minn. Rules 4720.9020, 4720.9025, 4720.9030, 4720.9035, 4720.9045

Drinking water supply management areas

Agricultural water quality certification, Minn. Rules 1573.0080

Alternative management tools, Minn. Rules 1573.0090

Animal feedlot construction, Minn. Rules 4410.4300, 4410.4600

Definitions, Minn. Rules 4720.5100

Delineation, Minn. Rules 4717.7000, 4720.5310, 4720.5330, 4720.5580

Fertilizer application, Minn. Rules 1573.0030

Nitrogen mitigation levels, Minn. Rules 1573.0040

Vulnerability assessments, Minn. Rules 4720.5210, 4720.5310, 4720.5330

Water resource protection orders, Minn. Rules 1573.0050 to 1573.0070

Wellhead protection plans, see under WELLS

Food and beverage service establishments, see Drinking water under FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS

Ice made from, food and beverage service establishments, Minn. Rules 4626.0195

Lead (mineral)

Hazard reduction, see Abatement under LEAD (MINERAL)

Standard, Minn. Rules 4761.2510

Municipal drinking water system, defined, Minn. Rules 7380.0250

Pesticide treatment, aquatic plant control, restrictions, Minn. Rules 6280.0250

Plumbing, see Potable water under PLUMBING

Purified water, see PURIFIED WATER

Storm shelters, manufactured home parks, not required, Minn. Rules 1370.0230


Vending machines, see Water vending machines under VENDING MACHINES

Water haulers, see WATER HAULERS

Water quality standards, Minn. Rules 7050.0217 to 7050.0221

Water supply, animal feedlots located near, Minn. Rules 4410.4300, 4410.4600, 7020.2100

Water wells, see WELLS