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Minnesota Rules Index (topics)


Clean Indoor Air Act, see SMOKING

Definitions, clean indoor air, Minn. Rules 4620.0100

Deliveries, licensed warehouses, records, Minn. Rules 8120.1800


Licenses, Minn. Rules 8120.1500

Records and record keeping, Minn. Rules 8120.1900

Unstamped packages, shipping or transporting, Minn. Rules 8120.0300

Environmental tobacco smoke, defined, Minn. Rules 4620.0100

Forms, license applications, Minn. Rules 8120.1500

Inventories, accounting and bookkeeping, Minn. Rules 8120.1900

Licenses, applications, Minn. Rules 8120.1500

Purchases, invoices, Minn. Rules 8120.1900

Records and record keeping

Distributors' invoices and inventory, Minn. Rules 8120.1900

Licensed warehouses, Minn. Rules 8120.1800

Sales, invoices, Minn. Rules 8120.1900

Shipments, licensed warehouses, records, Minn. Rules 8120.1800

Smoking, see SMOKING

Subjobbers, licenses, Minn. Rules 8120.1500

Tax stamps, Minn. Rules 8120.0300 to 8120.1200, 8120.1900

Taxes, Minn. Rules 8120.0300 to 8120.5200