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SF 949

as introduced - 89th Legislature (2015 - 2016) Posted on 02/20/2015 09:07am

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.
Line numbers 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5
1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16
1.17 1.18 1.19 1.20 1.21 1.22 1.23 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8

A bill for an act
relating to agriculture; providing exemptions from and modifying definitions for
the Minnesota seed law; amending Minnesota Statutes 2014, sections 21.81,
subdivision 26; 21.87.


Section 1.

Minnesota Statutes 2014, section 21.81, subdivision 26, is amended to read:

Subd. 26.


"Sell," when applying to agricultural, vegetable, flower, tree or
shrub seed, and seed samples, includes:

(a) selling or transferring ownership;

(b) offering and exposing for sale, exchange, distribution, deleted text begingiving away,deleted text end and
transportation in or into this state;

(c) having in possession with intent to sell, exchange, distribute, deleted text begingive away,deleted text end or
transport in or into this state;

(d) storing, carrying, and handling in aid of traffic in seeds, whether done in person
or through an agent, employee, or other person; and

(e) receiving, accepting, and holding on consignment for sale.

Sec. 2.

Minnesota Statutes 2014, section 21.87, is amended to read:


Sections 21.82 and 21.83 do not apply:

(a) to seed or grain not intended for sowing purposes;

(b) new text beginto a religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational organization that
receives less than $5,000 in gross receipts in a calendar year from the sale of seeds for use
in the state or to interpersonal sharing of seeds;
new text end

new text begin (c) new text endto seed in storage in or being transported or consigned to a conditioning
establishment for conditioning, provided that the invoice or label accompanying any
shipment of the seeds bears the statement "seeds for conditioning," and provided that any
labeling or other representation which may be made with respect to the unconditioned
seed is subject to the provisions of sections 21.82 and 21.83; or

deleted text begin (c)deleted text endnew text begin (d)new text end to any carrier with respect to seed transported or delivered for transportation
in the ordinary course of its business as a carrier, provided that the carrier is not engaged
in producing, conditioning, or marketing seeds subject to sections 21.82 and 21.83.