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SF 3298

3rd Engrossment - 80th Legislature (1997 - 1998) Posted on 12/15/2009 12:00am

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - 3rd Engrossment

  1.1                          A bill for an act 
  1.2             relating to the organization and operation of state 
  1.3             government; appropriating money for transportation, 
  1.4             public safety, and other purposes; requiring studies 
  1.5             and reports; establishing a task force on dealer 
  1.6             licensing and motor vehicle registration enforcement 
  1.7             in the state patrol; requiring wheel flaps on 
  1.8             truck-tractors; regulating weight restrictions on 
  1.9             vehicle axles; providing an exemption from aircraft 
  1.10            registration; regulating state air transportation 
  1.11            charges; distributing five percent of the highway user 
  1.12            tax distribution fund to town road account, town 
  1.13            bridge account, and flexible highway account; 
  1.14            modifying calculation of mileage for city streets and 
  1.15            county roads; establishing midtown planning and 
  1.16            coordination board; amending Minnesota Statutes 1996, 
  1.17            sections 161.081, subdivision 1, and by adding a 
  1.18            subdivision; 161.082, subdivisions 1 and 2a; 162.081, 
  1.19            subdivision 1; 162.09, subdivision 1; 169.733, 
  1.20            subdivision 1; 169.825, subdivision 8; 360.024; and 
  1.21            360.653; Laws 1997, chapter 159, article 1, section 2, 
  1.22            subdivision 2; proposing coding for new law in 
  1.23            Minnesota Statutes, chapter 473. 
  1.25                             ARTICLE 1 
  1.28     The sums in the columns headed "APPROPRIATIONS" are 
  1.29  appropriated from the general fund, or another named fund, to 
  1.30  the agencies and for the purposes specified to be available for 
  1.31  the fiscal years indicated for each purpose. 
  1.32                          SUMMARY BY FUND
  1.33                                            1998         1999 
  1.34  General Fund                      $      -0-     $      344,000 
  2.1   Trunk Highway Fund                       200,000     50,637,000 
  2.2   Highway User Tax
  2.3   Distribution Fund                        -0-             50,000 
  2.4                                              APPROPRIATIONS 
  2.5                                          Available for the Year 
  2.6                                              Ending June 30 
  2.7                                             1998         1999 
  2.9   SAFETY                            $      200,000 $    4,170,000 
  2.10                Summary by Fund
  2.11  General                 -0-           294,000
  2.12  Trunk Highway           200,000     3,826,000
  2.13  Highway User Tax 
  2.14  Distribution Fund       -0-            50,000 
  2.15  (a) State Patrol
  2.16                Summary by Fund
  2.17  General                 -0-           294,000
  2.18  Trunk Highway           -0-         3,591,000
  2.19  Highway User Tax
  2.20  Distribution Fund       -0-            50,000 
  2.21  These appropriations are added to the 
  2.22  appropriation in Laws 1997, chapter 
  2.23  159, article 1, section 4, subdivision 
  2.24  3. 
  2.25  $50,000 from the highway user tax 
  2.26  distribution fund is for the vehicle 
  2.27  registration and insurance study. 
  2.28  $294,000 from the general fund for 
  2.29  fiscal year 1999 is for additional 
  2.30  capitol complex security staff. 
  2.31  $200,000 from the trunk highway fund 
  2.32  for fiscal year 1998 is for additional 
  2.33  state patrol flight time to enhance law 
  2.34  enforcement efforts through airborne 
  2.35  enforcement. 
  2.36  $2,697,000 from the trunk highway fund 
  2.37  for fiscal year 1999 is for 29 
  2.38  additional state troopers and related 
  2.39  support staff. 
  2.40  $694,000 from the trunk highway fund 
  2.41  for fiscal year 1999 is for replacement 
  2.42  and maintenance of state patrol 
  2.43  communications equipment. 
  2.44  (b) Driver and Vehicle Services
  2.45         200,000        235,000 
  2.46  $200,000 for fiscal year 1998 and 
  2.47  $235,000 for fiscal year 1999 are added 
  2.48  to the appropriations in Laws 1997, 
  2.49  chapter 159, article 1, section 4, 
  2.50  subdivision 4, for driver's license and 
  3.1   identification card cost increases.  
  3.2   This appropriation is from the trunk 
  3.3   highway fund. 
  3.4   Sec. 3.  DEPARTMENT OF 
  3.5   TRANSPORTATION                           -0-         46,861,000 
  3.6                 Summary by Fund
  3.7   General                 -0-            50,000
  3.8   Trunk Highway           -0-        46,811,000
  3.9   (a) State Road Construction  
  3.10         -0-         40,000,000 
  3.11  $40,000,000 is appropriated from the 
  3.12  trunk highway fund for state road 
  3.13  construction in fiscal year 1999 and is 
  3.14  added to the appropriation in Laws 
  3.15  1997, chapter 159, article 1, section 
  3.16  2, subdivision 7, clause (a).  The 
  3.17  commissioner shall report to the 
  3.18  legislature by January 2, 1999, on 
  3.19  actual and planned expenditures of this 
  3.20  appropriation.  
  3.21  The commissioner shall consider 
  3.22  utilizing fibrous matting products 
  3.23  manufactured in this state, in the 
  3.24  course of highway construction, 
  3.25  maintenance, and improvement, when 
  3.26  these products are similar in price and 
  3.27  quality to fibrous matting products 
  3.28  manufactured outside this state. 
  3.29  (b) Design Engineering
  3.30  and Construction Engineering
  3.31         -0-          6,800,000 
  3.32  $6,800,000 is appropriated in fiscal 
  3.33  year 1999 from the trunk highway fund 
  3.34  for design engineering and construction 
  3.35  engineering and is added to the 
  3.36  appropriations in Laws 1997, chapter 
  3.37  159, article 1, section 2, subdivision 
  3.38  7, clauses (d) and (e), as needed. 
  3.39  (c) Aeronautics              
  3.40         -0-             61,000 
  3.41                Summary by Fund
  3.42  General                 -0-            50,000
  3.43  Trunk Highway           -0-            11,000
  3.44  $50,000 from the general fund and 
  3.45  $11,000 from the trunk highway fund for 
  3.46  fiscal year 1999 are appropriated for 
  3.47  transfer to the state airports fund to 
  3.48  reimburse the fund for air 
  3.49  transportation services. 
  3.51     (a) The commissioner of public safety shall study the 
  4.1   feasibility and desirability of allowing emergency vehicles to 
  4.2   display blue lights to the front and rear of the vehicles, and 
  4.3   shall make recommendations concerning the types of vehicles that 
  4.4   should be allowed to display or be prohibited from displaying 
  4.5   blue lights.  The study must include: 
  4.6      (1) the safety implications of allowing blue lights to the 
  4.7   front and rear of emergency vehicles; 
  4.8      (2) the safety implications of various lighting 
  4.9   configurations for emergency vehicles and road maintenance 
  4.10  equipment; and 
  4.11     (3) the cost to the department of transportation and local 
  4.12  road authorities of complying with the commissioner's 
  4.13  recommendation concerning the use of blue lights on road 
  4.14  maintenance equipment.  
  4.15     (b) The commissioner shall report to the governor and 
  4.16  legislature on the results of the study not later than January 
  4.17  15, 1999. 
  4.20     Subdivision 1.  [ESTABLISHED IN DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC 
  4.21  SAFETY.] The dealer licensing and motor vehicle registration 
  4.22  enforcement task force is established in the department of 
  4.23  public safety.  In consultation with the chief of the state 
  4.24  patrol, the commissioner of public safety shall designate four 
  4.25  members of the patrol to carry out the investigatory 
  4.26  responsibilities of the task force.  The commissioner shall 
  4.27  provide the task force with necessary staff and equipment 
  4.28  support.  
  4.29     Subd. 2.  [INVESTIGATIONS.] The task force shall 
  4.30  investigate activity by persons engaged in the sale and 
  4.31  registration of motor vehicles in violation of Minnesota law, 
  4.32  specifically Minnesota Statutes, sections 168.27; 168A.30; 
  4.33  297B.035, subdivision 3; and 325F.664 to 325F.6643. 
  4.34     Subd. 3.  [EXPIRATION OF TASK FORCE.] The task force 
  4.35  expires July 1, 2000. 
  5.1      Subdivision 1.  [PURPOSE OF STUDY.] The commissioner of 
  5.2   public safety, in conjunction with the dealer licensing and 
  5.3   motor vehicle registration enforcement task force, and with 
  5.4   representatives of the insurance industry, shall conduct a study 
  5.5   to determine: 
  5.6      (1) the incidence of private passenger vehicles domiciled 
  5.7   in this state but registered in other states in violation of 
  5.8   Minnesota vehicle registration laws; and 
  5.9      (2) the number of uninsured motorists in this state. 
  5.10     Subd. 2.  [STUDY ELEMENTS.] The study must include an 
  5.11  evaluation of the cost effectiveness and feasibility of: 
  5.12     (1) exchanging tax, vehicle registration, and driver's 
  5.13  license information with other states; 
  5.14     (2) utilizing a private vendor computer database to enforce 
  5.15  the state's vehicle registration and mandatory automobile 
  5.16  insurance laws; and 
  5.17     (3) ensuring that vehicles domiciled in this state are 
  5.18  registered in this state. 
  5.19     Subd. 3.  [REPORT.] The commissioner shall report to the 
  5.20  governor and legislature by February 15, 1999. 
  5.21     Sec. 7.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 169.733, 
  5.22  subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
  5.23     Subdivision 1.  [VEHICLES GENERALLY.] Every truck, 
  5.24  truck-tractor, trailer, semitrailer, pole trailer, and rear-end 
  5.25  dump truck, excepting rear-end dump farm trucks and military 
  5.26  vehicles of the United States, shall be provided with wheel 
  5.27  flaps or other suitable protection above and behind the rearmost 
  5.28  wheels of the vehicle or combination of vehicles to prevent, as 
  5.29  far as practicable, such wheels from throwing dirt, water, or 
  5.30  other materials on the windshields of vehicles which follow.  
  5.31  Such flaps or protectors shall be at least as wide as the tires 
  5.32  they are protecting and shall have a ground clearance of not 
  5.33  more than one-fifth of the horizontal distance from the center 
  5.34  of the rearmost axle to the flap under any conditions of loading 
  5.35  or operation of the motor vehicle.  
  5.36     Sec. 8.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 169.825, 
  6.1   subdivision 8, is amended to read: 
  6.2      Subd. 8.  [PNEUMATIC-TIRED VEHICLES.] No vehicle or 
  6.3   combination of vehicles equipped with pneumatic tires shall be 
  6.4   operated upon the highways of this state:  
  6.5      (a) Where the gross weight on any wheel exceeds 9,000 
  6.6   pounds, except that on designated local routes and state trunk 
  6.7   highways the gross weight on any single wheel shall not exceed 
  6.8   10,000 pounds; 
  6.9      (b) Where the gross weight on any single axle exceeds 
  6.10  18,000 pounds, except that on designated local routes and state 
  6.11  trunk highways the gross weight on any single axle shall not 
  6.12  exceed 20,000 pounds; 
  6.13     (c) Where the maximum wheel load: 
  6.14     (1) on the foremost and rearmost steering axles, exceeds 
  6.15  600 pounds per inch of tire width or the manufacturer's 
  6.16  recommended load, whichever is less; or 
  6.17     (2) on other axles, exceeds 500 pounds per inch of tire 
  6.18  width or the manufacturer's recommended load, whichever is less; 
  6.19     Clause (2) applies to new vehicles manufactured after 
  6.20  August 1, 1991.  For vehicles manufactured before August 2, 
  6.21  1991, the maximum weight per inch of tire width is 600 pounds 
  6.22  per inch or the manufacturer's recommended load, whichever is 
  6.23  less, until August 1, 1996.  After July 31, 1996, clause (2) 
  6.24  applies to all vehicles regardless of date of manufacture. 
  6.25     (d) Where the gross weight on any axle of a tridem exceeds 
  6.26  15,000 pounds, except that for vehicles to which an additional 
  6.27  axle has been added prior to June 1, 1981, the maximum gross 
  6.28  weight on any axle of a tridem may be up to 16,000 pounds 
  6.29  provided the gross weight of the tridem combination does not 
  6.30  exceed 39,900 pounds where the first and third axles of the 
  6.31  tridem are spaced nine feet apart.  
  6.32     (e) Where the gross weight on any group of axles exceeds 
  6.33  the weights permitted under this section with any or all of the 
  6.34  interior axles disregarded, and with an exterior axle 
  6.35  disregarded if the exterior axle is a variable load axle that is 
  6.36  not carrying its intended weight, and their gross weights 
  7.1   subtracted from the gross weight of all axles of the group under 
  7.2   consideration. 
  7.3      Sec. 9.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 360.024, is 
  7.4   amended to read: 
  7.7      The commissioner shall charge users of air transportation 
  7.8   services provided by the commissioner for all direct operating 
  7.9   costs, including salaries and acquisition of excluding pilot 
  7.10  salary and aircraft acquisition costs.  All receipts for these 
  7.11  services shall be deposited in the air transportation services 
  7.12  account in the state airports fund and are appropriated to the 
  7.13  commissioner to pay all these direct air service operating costs 
  7.14  , including salaries.  Receipts to cover the cost of acquisition 
  7.15  of aircraft must be transferred and credited to the account or 
  7.16  fund whose assets were used for the acquisition. 
  7.17     Sec. 10.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 360.653, is 
  7.18  amended to read: 
  7.19     360.653 [AIRCRAFT, EXEMPTIONS.] 
  7.20     The following aircraft, under the conditions specified, 
  7.21  shall be exempt from the registration and the tax provided by 
  7.22  sections 360.511 to 360.67. 
  7.23     (1) Any aircraft held by a dealer listed and used as 
  7.24  provided in section 360.63, except that aircraft held by dealers 
  7.25  on October 1, of each year, shall be registered and the entire 
  7.26  tax provided by sections 360.511 to 360.67 shall be paid for the 
  7.27  portion of the fiscal year, prorated on a monthly basis 
  7.28  remaining after the aircraft came into the possession of the 
  7.29  dealer.  It is further provided that a dealer who has previously 
  7.30  had aircraft on withholding may register such aircraft in 
  7.31  September of each fiscal year by payment of an amount equal to 
  7.32  one-third of the annual tax, which tax shall be applicable for 
  7.33  the months of September through December and in January the 
  7.34  dealer may again list these aircraft on the dealer's withholding 
  7.35  form.  
  7.36     (2) Aircraft remaining in the possession of aircraft 
  8.1   manufacturers ten months after completion shall become subject 
  8.2   to the tax provided by sections 360.511 to 360.67.  The tax 
  8.3   shall be computed from the expiration of the ten months period 
  8.4   and shall be prorated on a monthly basis.  
  8.5      (3) Aircraft while in the hands of aircraft refitters for 
  8.6   the purpose of being refitted or modified or both, and while 
  8.7   being refitted or modified or both.  
  8.8      (4) Aircraft licensed under section 144E.12 and used 
  8.9   exclusively to provide air ambulance service. 
  8.10     Sec. 11.  Laws 1997, chapter 159, article 1, section 2, 
  8.11  subdivision 2, is amended to read: 
  8.12  Subd. 2.  Aeronautics                 18,296,000     17,958,000
  8.13                Summary by Fund
  8.14  Airports             17,896,000     17,958,000
  8.15  General                 400,000        -0-
  8.16  The amounts that may be spent from this 
  8.17  appropriation for each activity are as 
  8.18  follows:  
  8.19  (a) Airport Development and Assistance 
  8.20        1998           1999
  8.21      12,948,000     12,948,000
  8.22  $12,846,000 the first year and 
  8.23  $12,846,000 the second year are for 
  8.24  navigational aids, construction grants, 
  8.25  and maintenance grants.  If the 
  8.26  appropriation for either year is 
  8.27  insufficient, the appropriation for the 
  8.28  other year is available for it. 
  8.29  These appropriations must be spent in 
  8.30  accordance with Minnesota Statutes, 
  8.31  section 360.305, subdivision 4. 
  8.32  $12,000 the first year and $12,000 the 
  8.33  second year are for maintenance of the 
  8.34  Pine Creek Airport.  
  8.35  $90,000 the first year and $90,000 the 
  8.36  second year are for air service 
  8.37  grants.  If the appropriation for 
  8.38  either year is insufficient, the 
  8.39  appropriation for the other year is 
  8.40  available for it. 
  8.41  (b) Aviation Support 
  8.42       4,880,000      4,941,000
  8.43  $65,000 the first year and $65,000 the 
  8.44  second year are for the civil air 
  8.45  patrol. 
  9.1   $200,000 the first year and $200,000 
  9.2   the second year are for the air service 
  9.3   marketing program under Minnesota 
  9.4   Statutes, section 360.0151. 
  9.5   (c) Air Transportation Services 
  9.6          468,000         69,000 
  9.7                 Summary by Fund
  9.8   Airports                 68,000         69,000
  9.9   General                 400,000           -0-
  9.10  $400,000 the first year is from the 
  9.11  general fund for refurbishing a federal 
  9.12  surplus jet airplane for state 
  9.13  ownership and use. 
  9.14     Sec. 12.  [EFFECTIVE DATE.] 
  9.15     Section 11 and all provisions appropriating money for the 
  9.16  fiscal year ending June 30, 1998, are effective the day 
  9.17  following final enactment. 
  9.18                             ARTICLE 2 
  9.19                     TRANSPORTATION DEVELOPMENT 
  9.20     Section 1.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 161.081, 
  9.21  subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
  9.22     Subdivision 1.  [DISTRIBUTION OF FIVE PERCENT.] Pursuant to 
  9.23  article 14, section 5, of the constitution, five percent of the 
  9.24  net highway user tax distribution fund is set aside, and 
  9.25  apportioned as follows: 
  9.26     (1) 28 percent to the trunk highway fund; 
  9.27     (2) 64 percent to a separate account in the county 
  9.28  state-aid highway fund to be known as the county turnback 
  9.29  account, which account in the state treasury is hereby created; 
  9.30     (3) 8 percent to a separate account in the municipal 
  9.31  state-aid street fund to be known as the municipal turnback 
  9.32  account, which account in the state treasury is hereby created. 
  9.33     That apportionment is further distributed as follows: 
  9.34     (1) 30.5 percent to the town road account created in 
  9.35  section 162.081; 
  9.36     (2) 16 percent to the town bridge account, which is created 
  9.37  in the state treasury; and 
  9.38     (3) 53.5 percent to the flexible highway account created in 
  9.39  subdivision 3. 
 10.1      Sec. 2.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 161.081, is 
 10.2   amended by adding a subdivision to read: 
 10.4   The flexible highway account is created in the state treasury.  
 10.5   Money in the account may be used either for the restoration of 
 10.6   former trunk highways that have reverted to counties or to 
 10.7   statutory or home rule charter cities or for regular trunk 
 10.8   highway purposes. 
 10.9      (b) For purposes of this subdivision, "restoration" means 
 10.10  the level of effort required to improve the route that will be 
 10.11  turned back to an acceptable condition as determined by 
 10.12  agreement made between the commissioner and the county or city 
 10.13  before the route is turned back. 
 10.14     (c) The commissioner shall review the need for funds to 
 10.15  restore highways that have been or will be turned back and the 
 10.16  need for funds for the trunk highway system.  The commissioner 
 10.17  shall determine, on a biennial basis, the percentage of this 
 10.18  flexible account to be used for county turnbacks, for municipal 
 10.19  turnbacks, and for regular trunk highway projects.  The 
 10.20  commissioner shall make this determination only after meeting 
 10.21  and holding discussions with committees selected by the 
 10.22  statewide associations of both county commissioners and 
 10.23  municipal officials. 
 10.24     (d) Money that will be used for the restoration of trunk 
 10.25  highways that have reverted or that will revert to cities must 
 10.26  be deposited in the municipal turnback account, which is created 
 10.27  in the state treasury.  
 10.28     (e) Money that will be used for the restoration of trunk 
 10.29  highways that have reverted or that will revert to counties must 
 10.30  be deposited in the county turnback account, which is created in 
 10.31  the state treasury. 
 10.32     (f) As part of each biennial budget submission to the 
 10.33  legislature, the commissioner shall describe how the money in 
 10.34  the flexible highway account will be apportioned among the 
 10.35  county turnback account, the municipal turnback account, and the 
 10.36  trunk highway fund.  
 11.1      (g) Money apportioned from the flexible highway account to 
 11.2   the trunk highway fund must be used for state road construction 
 11.3   and engineering costs. 
 11.4      Sec. 3.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 161.082, 
 11.5   subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
 11.6      Subdivision 1.  [RULES.] Except as hereinafter provided in 
 11.7   this section and in section 161.081, all money accruing to the 
 11.8   county turnback account shall be expended in accordance with 
 11.9   rules of the commissioner of transportation in paying a county 
 11.10  for the restoration of former trunk highways, or portions 
 11.11  thereof, that have reverted to the county in accordance with 
 11.12  law, and have become a part of the county state-aid highway 
 11.13  system. 
 11.14     Sec. 4.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 161.082, 
 11.15  subdivision 2a, is amended to read: 
 11.17  An amount equal to 25 percent of the county turnback (a) Money 
 11.18  in the town bridge account must be expended on town road bridge 
 11.19  structures that are ten feet or more in length and on town road 
 11.20  culverts that replace existing town road bridges.  In addition, 
 11.21  if the present bridge structure is less than ten feet in length 
 11.22  but a hydrological survey indicates that the replacement bridge 
 11.23  structure or culvert must be ten feet or more in length, then 
 11.24  the bridge or culvert is eligible for replacement funds. 
 11.25     (b) In addition, if a culvert that replaces a deficient 
 11.26  bridge is in a county comprehensive water plan approved by the 
 11.27  board of water and soil resources and the department of natural 
 11.28  resources, the costs of the culvert and roadway grading other 
 11.29  than surfacing are eligible for replacement funds up to the cost 
 11.30  of constructing a replacement bridge. 
 11.31     (c) The expenditures on bridge structures and culverts may 
 11.32  be on a matching basis, and if on a matching basis, not more 
 11.33  than 90 percent of the cost of a bridge structure or culvert may 
 11.34  be paid from the county turnback account. and may be for 100 
 11.35  percent of the cost of the replacement structure or culvert or 
 11.36  for 100 percent of the cost of rehabilitating the existing 
 12.1   structure. 
 12.2      (d) The town bridge account may be used to pay the costs to 
 12.3   abandon an existing bridge that is deficient and in need of 
 12.4   replacement, but where no replacement will be made.  It may also 
 12.5   be used to pay the costs to construct a road or street to 
 12.6   facilitate the abandonment of an existing bridge determined by 
 12.7   the commissioner to be deficient, if the commissioner determines 
 12.8   that construction of the road or street is more cost efficient 
 12.9   than replacing the existing bridge. 
 12.10     (e) When bridge approach construction work exceeds $10,000 
 12.11  in costs, or when the county engineer determines that the cost 
 12.12  of the replacement culverts alone will not exceed $20,000, the 
 12.13  town shall be eligible for financial assistance from the town 
 12.14  bridge account.  Financial assistance shall be requested by 
 12.15  resolution of the county board and shall be limited to: 
 12.16     (1) 100 percent of the cost of the bridge approach work 
 12.17  that is in excess of $10,000; or 
 12.18     (2) 100 percent of the cost of the replacement culverts 
 12.19  when the cost does not exceed $20,000 and the town board agrees 
 12.20  to be responsible for all the other costs, which may include 
 12.21  costs for structural removal, installation, and permitting.  The 
 12.22  replacement structure design and costs shall be approved and 
 12.23  certified by the county engineer, but need not be subsequently 
 12.24  approved by the department of transportation. 
 12.25     An amount equal to 47.5 percent of the county turnback 
 12.26  account must be set aside as a town road account and (f) Money 
 12.27  in the town road account must be distributed as provided in 
 12.28  section 162.081. 
 12.29     Sec. 5.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 162.081, 
 12.30  subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
 12.31     Subdivision 1.  [ACCOUNT CREATED.] A town road account is 
 12.32  created in the county state-aid highway fund, consisting of the 
 12.33  amounts transferred from the county turnback account as provided 
 12.34  in section 161.082. 
 12.35     Sec. 6.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 162.09, 
 12.36  subdivision 1, is amended to read: 
 13.1      Subdivision 1.  [CREATION; MILEAGE LIMITATION; RULES.] 
 13.2   There is created a municipal state-aid street system within 
 13.3   statutory and home rule charter cities having a population of 
 13.4   5,000 or more.  The extent of the municipal state-aid street 
 13.5   system for a city shall not exceed:  (1) 20 percent of the total 
 13.6   miles of city streets and county roads within the jurisdiction 
 13.7   of that city, plus (2) the mileage of all trunk highways 
 13.8   reverted or turned back to the jurisdiction of the city pursuant 
 13.9   to law on and after July 1, 1965, plus (3) the mileage of county 
 13.10  highways reverted or turned back to the jurisdiction of the city 
 13.11  pursuant to law on or after May 11, 1994.  For purposes of this 
 13.12  subdivision, the total miles of city streets and county roads 
 13.13  within the jurisdiction of a city includes all miles of county 
 13.14  highways turned back to that city's jurisdiction on or after May 
 13.15  11, 1994.  The system shall be established, located, 
 13.16  constructed, reconstructed, improved, and maintained as public 
 13.17  highways within such cities under rules, not inconsistent with 
 13.18  this section, made and promulgated by the commissioner as 
 13.19  hereinafter provided. 
 13.20     Sec. 7.  [473.910] [MIDTOWN PLANNING AND COORDINATION 
 13.21  BOARD.] 
 13.22     Subdivision 1.  [ESTABLISHED.] The midtown planning and 
 13.23  coordination board is established. 
 13.24     Subd. 2.  [PURPOSE.] The purpose of the board is to do 
 13.25  planning for the Lake Street corridor area along with and 
 13.26  including neighborhoods one-half mile on either side of Lake 
 13.27  Street in Minneapolis from the western city limits to the 
 13.28  Mississippi river, and to do planning and coordination for 
 13.29  economic development, transportation, and residential renewal, 
 13.30  with the cooperation of affected government, civic, business, 
 13.31  and neighborhood entities. 
 13.32     Subd. 3.  [MEMBERSHIP.] The board shall be composed of 13 
 13.33  members.  Three members must be appointed by the Minneapolis 
 13.34  city council from among its members; three by the Hennepin 
 13.35  county board, from among its members; one by the Minneapolis 
 13.36  park board, from among its members; one by the metropolitan 
 14.1   council, from among its members; two members of the public 
 14.2   appointed by the Minneapolis city council; two members of the 
 14.3   public appointed by the Hennepin county board; and one member 
 14.4   appointed by the member of Congress from the fifth district or 
 14.5   the member's designee.  The public members must reside or do 
 14.6   business in the affected area. 
 14.7      Subd. 4.  [OFFICERS.] The chair of the board shall be 
 14.8   elected by, and from among, the members of the board for a 
 14.9   one-year term.  The chair shall preside at meetings of the 
 14.10  board, if present, and shall perform all other duties assigned 
 14.11  by the board or by law.  The board shall elect officers in 
 14.12  addition to the chair as it deems necessary for the conduct of 
 14.13  its duties. 
 14.14     Subd. 5.  [MEMBERSHIP TERMS.] The terms of the members 
 14.15  shall be three years with the terms ending on June 30, 2001. 
 14.16     Subd. 6.  [COMPENSATION AND MEMBERSHIP.] Compensation of 
 14.17  members, removal of members, and filling of membership vacancies 
 14.18  is governed by section 15.0575, if not covered in this section. 
 14.19     Subd. 7.  [DURATION.] The board continues to exist until 
 14.20  expressly abolished by law. 
 14.21     Sec. 8.  [473.912] [POWERS OF BOARD.] 
 14.22     Subdivision 1.  [GENERAL POWERS.] The board has all powers 
 14.23  that may be necessary or convenient to enable it to perform the 
 14.24  duties and responsibilities imposed on it by law.  The powers 
 14.25  include the specific powers enumerated in this section. 
 14.26     Subd. 2.  [GIFTS AND APPROPRIATIONS.] The board may accept 
 14.27  gifts; apply for and use grants of money or other property from 
 14.28  the United States, the state, or any person for any board 
 14.29  purpose, and may enter into agreements required in connection 
 14.30  therewith; and may hold, use, and dispose of the money or 
 14.31  property in accordance with the terms of the gift, grant, or 
 14.32  agreement relating to it. 
 14.33     Sec. 9.  [EFFECTIVE DATE.] 
 14.34     Sections 1 to 5 are effective July 1, 1999.  Section 6 is 
 14.35  effective August 1, 1998, for municipal state-aid apportionments 
 14.36  in calendar year 1999 and subsequent years.  Sections 7 and 8 
 15.1   are effective July 1, 1998.