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HR 11

as introduced - 92nd Legislature (2021 - 2022) Posted on 04/22/2022 01:02pm

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A House resolution
recognizing the first Thursday in May as a day of statewide prayer, fasting, and
repentance in Minnesota.

WHEREAS, the citizens of the state of Minnesota have roots in many cultures, with nearly
every nationality represented, and honor a variety of religious traditions; and

WHEREAS, the history of our state is replete with leaders who voluntarily called upon God,
whether the need was great or small; and

WHEREAS, civic and national days of prayer have a long and venerable history in our
constitutional republic, dating back to the First Continental Congress in 1775; and

WHEREAS, the Declaration of Independence, our first statement of national purpose and
identity as Americans, made "the laws of Nature and of Nature's God" the foundation of our United
States of America and asserted that people have inalienable rights that are God-given; and

WHEREAS, in 1988, legislation setting aside the first Thursday in May in each year as a
National Day of Prayer was passed unanimously by both houses of Congress and signed by the
President; and

WHEREAS, the National Day of Prayer is an opportunity for Americans of all faiths to join
in united prayer to acknowledge our dependence on God's grace, to give thanks for blessings
received, to request healing from diseases like COVID-19 and for wounds endured, and to ask God
to guide our leaders, bless our troops, uplift all to see God's glory, and bring wholeness to the United
States and its citizens; and

WHEREAS, May 5, 2022, marks the 71st consecutive observance of the National Day of
Prayer in cities and towns throughout the United States and provides us with a powerful opportunity
to humble ourselves; and

WHEREAS, over 40,000 prayer gatherings will occur this year at churches, capitols,
courthouses, mosques, synagogues, temples, and schools, allowing millions to pray; and

WHEREAS, we continue to pray for American armed services members and their families,
for the families of loved ones who have died, and for all who suffer because of various diseases,
illnesses, and addictions; and

WHEREAS, this year we also pray for the citizens of Ukraine, for those who remain trapped
in their cities and towns or who are transient within Ukraine, and for the millions who have fled
for their lives to nearby countries, and to whom we are grateful for their love, compassion, and
assistance. We are thankful as well for all persons and organizations that provide medical care and
food distribution within Ukraine. We pray that the conflict ends soon and that "WE EXALT THE

WHEREAS, in his 1863 proclamation of a national day of prayer, President Abraham Lincoln
noted that the Congress had called upon him to appoint such a day "devoutly recognizing the
supreme authority and just government of Almighty God in all the affairs of men and of nations";

WHEREAS, Lincoln noted further in this proclamation that "It behooves us then, to humble
ourselves before the offended Power to confess our national sins and to pray for clemency and
forgiveness"; NOW, THEREFORE,

BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Minnesota that it affirms
the sentiments of President Lincoln and commends them to Minnesotans to be applied to their daily
lives and that it recognizes May 5, 2022, as a Day of Prayer in the state of Minnesota and commends
this observance to all citizens.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives is
directed to prepare an enrolled copy of this resolution, to be authenticated by his signature and that
of the Speaker, and transmit it to the National Prayer Committee.