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HF 873

Conference Committee Report - 82nd Legislature (2001 - 2002) Posted on 12/15/2009 12:00am

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Current Version - Conference Committee Report

  1.1             CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORT ON H.F. NO. 873 
  1.2                          A bill for an act 
  1.3             relating to public lands; allowing private easements 
  1.4             across tax-forfeited land; changing certain exchange 
  1.5             requirements; modifying county lease terms for 
  1.6             tax-forfeited land; authorizing a conveyance of 
  1.7             certain Benton county land; authorizing public and 
  1.8             private sales and conveyances of certain tax-forfeited 
  1.9             lands in Aitkin, Cook, Hubbard, Lake, Meeker, Ramsey, 
  1.10            St. Louis, and Washington counties; amending Minnesota 
  1.11            Statutes 2000, section 282.04, subdivision 1, and by 
  1.12            adding a subdivision; Laws 1998, chapter 389, article 
  1.13            16, section 31, subdivisions 2, as amended, and 4, as 
  1.14            amended. 
  1.15                                                 May 15, 2001
  1.16  The Honorable Steve Sviggum 
  1.17  Speaker of the House of Representatives
  1.19  The Honorable Don Samuelson 
  1.20  President of the Senate
  1.22     We, the undersigned conferees for H.F. No. 873, report that 
  1.23  we have agreed upon the items in dispute and recommend as 
  1.24  follows: 
  1.26     That the Senate recede from its amendments and that H.F. No.
  1.27  873 be further amended as follows: 
  1.28     Page 8, after line 33, insert: 
  1.29     "Sec. 4.  Laws 1998, chapter 389, article 16, section 31, 
  1.30  subdivision 3, as amended by Laws 1999, chapter 180, section 2, 
  1.31  is amended to read: 
  1.32     Subd. 3.  [COUNTY SALE.] Notwithstanding Minnesota 
  2.1   Statutes, section 282.018, or any other law to the contrary, a 
  2.2   county board must offer land that it has acquired through an 
  2.3   exchange under this section for sale to the lessee of the land 
  2.4   within 90 days from the date of acquisition for the value of the 
  2.5   land as determined by the county board.  The county board may 
  2.6   include the cost of appraisal, abstract, and survey for the 
  2.7   purposes of this section in the value of the land.  If the 
  2.8   lessee does not elect to purchase the land within 90 days from 
  2.9   the date of the offer by the county, the county board shall sell 
  2.10  the land by public sale no later than four years from the date 
  2.11  the county acquires the land through an exchange under this 
  2.12  section for no less than the value of the land as determined by 
  2.13  the county board, including the cost of appraisal required by 
  2.14  this section, any survey or abstract costs, and the value of 
  2.15  improvements to the land.  The county may sell the land with a 
  2.16  directed sale to adjacent landowners within four years from the 
  2.17  date of acquisition, if the lessee does not elect to purchase 
  2.18  the lot within the 90-day period and if the county board 
  2.19  determines that a lot cannot be brought into substantial 
  2.20  compliance with official controls absent such a sale.  The 
  2.21  county board must reimburse the lessee for the value of the 
  2.22  improvements to the land and the county may retain a sum from 
  2.23  the proceeds of the sale equivalent to the cost of appraisal, 
  2.24  abstract, and survey.  The county board must reimburse the 
  2.25  commissioner of natural resources for the costs of appraisal 
  2.26  under subdivision 2, paragraph (c), survey, and abstract from 
  2.27  the proceeds of the sale. 
  2.28     Scheduled lease rate increases shall be suspended for lots 
  2.29  when the county certifies that the lessee has elected to 
  2.30  purchase the lot within 90 days from the date of the offer by 
  2.31  the county. 
  2.32     Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, section 284.28, 
  2.33  subdivision 8, or any other law to the contrary, land acquired 
  2.34  through an exchange under this section is exempt from payment of 
  2.35  three percent of the sales price required to be collected by the 
  2.36  county auditor at the time of sale for deposit in the state 
  3.1   treasury." 
  3.2      Page 22, after line 14, insert: 
  3.5      Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, sections 92.45 and 
  3.6   103F.535, the commissioner of transportation may acquire the 
  3.7   following described trust fund land, except minerals and mineral 
  3.8   rights, by eminent domain: 
  3.9      Those parts of Government Lots 1 and 2 of Section 36, 
  3.10     Township 147 North, Range 34 West of the Fifth Principal 
  3.11     Meridian lying southwesterly of Minnesota department of 
  3.12     transportation right-of-way plat no. 04-23, plat of which 
  3.13     is on file and of record in the office of the county 
  3.14     recorder in and for Beltrami county, Minnesota, bounded as 
  3.15     follows:  southeasterly of the southwesterly projection of 
  3.16     the northwesterly line of said plat, northwesterly of the 
  3.17     southwesterly projection of the southeasterly line of said 
  3.18     plat, southwesterly of the southwesterly line of said plat, 
  3.19     and northeasterly of the shoreline of Grass Lake. 
  3.20     The above described tract contains 12.5 acres." 
  3.21     Page 22, line 16, delete "2 and 10" and insert "1 to 26" 
  3.22     Page 22, line 17, delete "14" and insert "15" 
  3.23     Renumber the sections in sequence 
  3.24     Amend the title as follows: 
  3.25     Page 1, line 9, after the semicolon, insert "authorizing 
  3.26  the commissioner of transportation to exercise the power of 
  3.27  eminent domain for acquisition of certain trust fund land 
  3.28  bordering public waters;" 
  3.29     Page 1, line 12, after "amended," insert "3, as amended," 
  4.1      We request adoption of this report and repassage of the 
  4.2   bill. 
  4.5      House Conferees: 
  4.8   .........................     .........................
  4.9   Larry Howes                   Howard Swenson 
  4.12  .........................     
  4.13  Thomas Bakk                    
  4.18     Senate Conferees: 
  4.21  .........................     .........................
  4.22  Anthony G. Kinkel             David J. Tomassoni 
  4.25  .........................     
  4.26  Pat Pariseau