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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

HF 3981

1st Committee Engrossment - 85th Legislature (2007 - 2008) Posted on 12/22/2009 12:39pm

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.
1.1A bill for an act
1.2relating to appropriations; appropriating money for veterans affairs, military
1.3affairs, and the Board of Animal Health; reducing and adjusting appropriations
1.4for agriculture; providing for disposition of certain funds; discontinuing
1.5certain ethanol producer payments;amending Minnesota Statutes 2006,
1.6sections 168.1255, by adding a subdivision; 190.19, subdivision 1, by adding a
1.7subdivision; Laws 2007, chapter 45, article 2, section 1.


1.12    The sums shown in the columns marked "Appropriations" are added to or, if shown
1.13in parentheses, subtracted from the appropriations in Laws 2007, chapter 45, articles 1 to
1.143, to the agencies and for the purposes specified in this act. The appropriations are from
1.15the general fund or another named fund and are available for the fiscal years indicated for
1.16each purpose. The figures "2008" and "2009" used in this article mean that the addition
1.17to or subtraction from the appropriation listed under them is available for the fiscal year
1.18ending June 30, 2008, or June 30, 2009, respectively. Supplemental appropriations and
1.19reductions to appropriations for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2008, are effective the
1.20day following final enactment.
Available for the Year
Ending June 30

2.1$302,000 is a reduction in fiscal year 2009.
2.2The commissioner shall make a reduction
2.3of $100,000 from agricultural marketing,
2.4$100,000 shall come from efficiencies gained
2.5by the merger of the Agriculture Resources
2.6Management and Development Division and
2.7the Agriculture Finance Division, and the
2.8remainder shall come from a reduction in
2.9administrative services.
2.10$2,385,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for grants
2.11to livestock producers via the livestock
2.12investment grant program in Minnesota
2.13Statutes, section 17.118, if enacted. This is a
2.14onetime appropriation and is available until
2.16The $200,000 appropriation in Laws 2007,
2.17chapter 45, article 1, section 3, subdivision
2.184, for a grant to the Elk River Economic
2.19Development Authority for a bioenergy
2.20project is canceled to the general fund.
2.21$60,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for a grant
2.22to the Washington Center for Internships
2.23and Academic Seminars. The center must
2.24use the funds for an agricultural renewable
2.25energy internship pilot program that awards
2.26scholarships to students enrolling in a
2.27Minnesota four-year college or university
2.28beginning in the spring semester of 2009.
2.29This appropriation must be matched
2.30two-to-one by funding from the United
2.31States Department of Agriculture. The center
2.32must work with Minnesota colleges and
2.33universities and the Minnesota Department
2.34of Agriculture to achieve racial, ethnic,
2.35and gender diversity, as well as rural-urban
3.1balance among scholarship recipients,
3.2and must award the scholarships to
3.3Minnesota students who are economically
3.4disadvantaged, who demonstrate need
3.5of financial assistance, and who are
3.6underrepresented in higher education. This
3.7is a onetime appropriation.
3.8$310,000 is a reduction in fiscal year 2009
3.9of the appropriation for ethanol producer
3.10payments in Laws 2007, chapter 45, article
3.111, section 3, subdivision 2. This reduction
3.12is onetime only.
3.13$310,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for increased
3.14ground water monitoring activities. This
3.15appropriation is onetime only.

3.17For monitoring, testing, eradication,
3.18education, and outreach, and other activities
3.19the board is required to undertake to
3.20comply with federal regulations concerning
3.21cattle, bison, goats, and farmed cervidae
3.22under a USDA modified accredited status.
3.23$2,252,000 is added to the base in each of
3.24fiscal years 2010 and 2011.
3.25Up to $12,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for
3.26a onetime grant to a beef cattle producer
3.27located outside of a bovine tuberculosis
3.28containment area who purchased certified
3.29tuberculosis-free cattle yet sustained financial
3.30losses beyond the producer's control due to
3.31restrictions imposed by the Board of Animal
3.32Health that effectively denied the producer
3.33the ability to sell the tuberculosis-free
3.34cattle during favorable market conditions.
4.1Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes,
4.2section 35.085, the board shall make this
4.3grant from the $100,000 appropriation for
4.4reimbursements in Laws 2007, chapter 45,
4.5article 1, section 4.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
Appropriations by Fund
Special Revenue
4.13The amounts that may be spent for each
4.14purpose are specified in the following
Subd. 2.Appropriations by Purpose
4.17$500,000 in fiscal year 2009 is added to
4.18the base for grants to counties for veterans
4.19service offices as provided under Laws 2007,
4.20chapter 45, article 2, section 1, paragraph (b).
4.21By January 15, 2009, the commissioner shall
4.22report to the chair and ranking minority
4.23member of each committee in the senate and
4.24house of representatives with jurisdiction
4.25over the policy and finance of veterans affairs
4.26regarding activities and expenditures under
4.27this program during fiscal years 2008 and
4.282009, including an explanation of the role of
4.29staff of the Department of Veterans Affairs in
4.30administering this program.
4.31$3,500,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for state
4.32soldiers assistance under Minnesota Statutes,
4.33section 197.05. Of this amount, $2,000,000
4.34is added to the base for this activity. This
4.35appropriation is available until spent.
5.1By January 15, 2009, the commissioner shall
5.2report to the chair and ranking minority
5.3member of each committee in the senate and
5.4house of representatives with jurisdiction
5.5over the policy and finance of veterans affairs
5.6regarding activities and expenditures under
5.7this program during fiscal years 2008 and
5.82009, including an explanation of the role of
5.9staff of the Department of Veterans Affairs in
5.10administering this program.
5.11$1,000,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for casework
5.12services for veterans. The commissioner,
5.13in consultation with the Department of
5.14Administration, shall use the request for
5.15proposal process in Minnesota Statutes,
5.16chapter 16C, to solicit bids for the provision
5.17of these services. The casework services
5.18provided should be community-based,
5.19available statewide, and include in-home
5.21By January 15, 2009, the commissioner shall
5.22report to the chair and ranking minority
5.23member of each committee in the senate and
5.24house of representatives with jurisdiction
5.25over the policy and finance of veterans affairs
5.26regarding activities and expenditures under
5.27this program during fiscal years 2008 and
5.29$220,000 in fiscal year 2009 is added to
5.30the base for operations of the LinkVET
5.31telephone line service for veterans.
5.32For purposes of efficiency, the commissioner
5.33must combine the services available through
5.34the toll-free higher education call center
6.1for veterans with those available through
6.3$250,000 in fiscal year 2009 is added to
6.4the base for the Veterans Claims Office for
6.5outreach and training to improve services
6.6and benefits to veterans. This appropriation
6.7includes money to add a female veterans
6.8service officer/coordinator position.
6.9$50,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for designing
6.10a treatment program for veterans with
6.11traumatic brain injuries within the state
6.12veterans homes. By January 15, 2009, the
6.13commissioner must report to the chair and
6.14ranking minority member of each committee
6.15in the senate and house of representatives
6.16with jurisdiction over the policy and finance
6.17of veterans affairs regarding the requirements
6.18and feasibility of implementing this program
6.19within existing and future veterans homes.
6.20This is a onetime appropriation.
6.21$250,000 in fiscal year 2009 is added to the
6.22base for a grant to the Minnesota Assistance
6.23Council for Veterans for their work in
6.24helping veterans and their families affected
6.25by homelessness.
6.26By January 15, 2009, the commissioner shall
6.27report to the chair and ranking minority
6.28member of each committee in the senate and
6.29house of representatives with jurisdiction
6.30over the policy and finance of veterans affairs
6.31regarding activities and expenditures under
6.32this program during fiscal years 2008 and
6.34$200,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for:
7.1(1) an intergovernmental and veterans
7.2strategic planning study for the Minnesota
7.3veterans homes, with special emphasis
7.4on exploring alternative models for the
7.5Minneapolis veterans home; and
7.6(2) a study of the feasibility of partnering
7.7for home-based services for veterans with
7.8nongovernmental, nonprofit, or faith-based
7.9social service and health care delivery
7.10organizations, as a means of enabling
7.11veterans to live more independently, as an
7.12alternative to the projected sharply increasing
7.13needs for domiciliary and skilled nursing
7.14beds in state veterans homes. This is a
7.15onetime appropriation.
7.16No staff may be hired for or allocated to
7.17any new veterans cemetery without explicit
7.18legislative approval.
7.19Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, section
7.2016A.62, on June 30, 2008, all money in
7.21the permanent trust account in the special
7.22revenue fund of the state veterans cemetery
7.23must be transferred to the permanent
7.24development and maintenance account in
7.25that fund.
7.26$1,000,000 is a reduction in fiscal year 2009
7.27for the Veterans Homes Board. The base
7.28appropriation for fiscal years 2010 and 2011
7.29is reduced by $1,320,000 in each year. This
7.30reduction is made possible by the enhanced
7.31efficiency in administration of the homes
7.32associated with the transfer of governing
7.33authority from the Veterans Homes Board to
7.34the commissioner of veterans affairs.
8.1$600,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for the state
8.2GI bill program in Minnesota Statutes,
8.3section 197.791. The base for this program is
8.4increased by $800,000 in each of fiscal years
8.52010 and 2011.
8.6$5,250,000 in fiscal year 2008 and
8.7$5,000,000 in fiscal year 2009 are reductions
8.8from the appropriation made in Laws 2007,
8.9chapter 144, article 1, section 7. The base for
8.10the program in fiscal year 2010 is reduced by
8.12$100,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for a grant
8.13to the Minnesota Ambulance Association
8.14to implement a veterans paramedic
8.15apprenticeship program for the purpose of
8.16reintegrating qualified returning military
8.17medics into Minnesota's workforce in the
8.18field of paramedic and emergency services.
8.19This is a onetime appropriation.
8.20$25,000 in fiscal year 2009 is to develop a
8.21pilot program for peer-to-peer counseling
8.22among combat veterans. This is a onetime
8.24By January 15, 2009, the commissioner shall
8.25report to the chair and ranking minority
8.26member of each committee in the senate and
8.27house of representatives with jurisdiction
8.28over the policy and finance of veterans affairs
8.29regarding activities and expenditures under
8.30this program.
8.31$1,000,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for
8.32improvements to the medication distribution
8.33system in the Minnesota veterans homes.
8.34This is a onetime appropriation.
9.1By January 15, 2009, the commissioner shall
9.2report to the chair and ranking minority
9.3member of each committee in the senate and
9.4house of representatives with jurisdiction
9.5over the policy and finance of veterans affairs
9.6regarding activities and expenditures under
9.7this program, including an explanation of the
9.8role of staff of the Department of Veterans
9.9Affairs in administering this program.
9.10$338,000 is a reduction in fiscal year
9.112009 from the special revenue fund
9.12appropriation from the account established
9.13in Minnesota Statutes, section 190.19. The
9.14base appropriation in fiscal years 2010 and
9.152011 is $0.

9.18$500,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for military
9.19reservist economic injury loans under
9.20Minnesota Statutes, section 116J.996, if
9.22$500,000 in fiscal year 2009 is for
9.23expenditures related to dislocated workers
9.24who are eligible veterans under Minnesota
9.25Statutes, section 116L.17, subdivision 1,
9.26paragraph (c), clause (6), if enacted.


9.29    Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 168.1255, is amended by adding a
9.30subdivision to read:
9.31    Subd. 6. World War II memorial donation match account. Money remaining
9.32in the World War II memorial donation match account after the state share of the
9.33construction costs of the World War II memorial has been paid in full is appropriated to the
9.34commissioner of veterans affairs for services and programs for veterans and their families.

10.1    Sec. 2. Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 190.19, subdivision 1, is amended to read:
10.2    Subdivision 1. Establishment. The Minnesota "Support Our Troops" account is
10.3established in the special revenue fund. The account shall consist of contributions from
10.4private sources and appropriations. Money in the account is appropriated in equal shares
10.5to the Department of Military Affairs and the Department of Veterans Affairs.
10.6EFFECTIVE DATE.Notwithstanding Laws 2007, chapter 45, articles 2, section 1,
10.7and 3, section 2, subdivision 3, this section is effective for distribution of the Minnesota
10.8"Support Our Troops" account the day following final enactment.

10.9    Sec. 3. Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 190.19, is amended by adding a subdivision
10.10to read:
10.11    Subd. 2a. Uses; veterans. Money appropriated to the Department of Veterans
10.12Affairs from the Minnesota "Support Our Troops" account may be used for:
10.13    (1) grants to veterans service organizations; and
10.14    (2) outreach to underserved veterans.

10.15    Sec. 4. Laws 2007, chapter 45, article 2, section 1, is amended to read:
Appropriations by Fund
Special Revenue
10.21(a) $1,000,000 each year is added to the
10.22base for state soldier's assistance under
10.23Minnesota Statutes, section 197.05. If the
10.24appropriation for this purpose for either year
10.25is insufficient, the appropriation for the other
10.26year is available for it.
10.27(b) $750,000 the first year and $750,000
10.28the second year are added to the base for
10.29grants to counties under the terms of this
10.30section. The commissioner shall issue a
10.31request for proposals for grants to enhance
10.32the benefits, programs, and services provided
10.33to veterans. The request must specify that
11.1priority will be given to proposals that meet
11.2the programmatic goals established by the
11.3commissioner, including proposals that will:
11.4(1) provide the most effective outreach to
11.6(2) reintegrate combat veterans into society;
11.7(3) collaborate with other social service
11.8agencies, educational institutions, and other
11.9relevant community resources;
11.10(4) reduce homelessness among veterans;
11.12(5) provide measurable outcomes.
11.13The commissioner may provide incentives
11.14to encourage, and may give priority to
11.15proposals that foster, regional collaboration
11.16for service delivery. The grants may be for a
11.17term of up to two years. The commissioner
11.18shall ensure that grants are made throughout
11.19all regions of the state and shall develop a
11.20description of best practices for the use of
11.21these grants. A county may not reduce its
11.22county veterans service officer budget by any
11.23amount received as a grant under this section.
11.24Grants made under this section are in addition
11.25to and not subject to the requirements for
11.26grants made under Minnesota Statutes,
11.27section 197.608. The Minnesota Association
11.28of County Veterans Service Officers may
11.29apply for grants under this section beginning
11.30July 1, 2007. Any balance remaining after
11.31the first year does not cancel and is available
11.32in the second year. This appropriation must
11.33be included in the appropriation base through
11.34fiscal year 2011.
12.1(c) $750,000 each year is for tribal veterans
12.2services offices.
12.3(d) $750,000 each year is for a grant to the
12.4Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans.
12.5This is a onetime appropriation.
12.6(e) $200,000 each year is for marketing
12.7veterans outreach programs. This is a
12.8onetime appropriation.
12.9(f) $250,000 each year is added to the base
12.10for grants to Disabled American Veterans,
12.11Military Order of the Purple Heart, Veterans
12.12of Foreign Wars, Vietnam Veterans of
12.13America, and other congressionally chartered
12.14veterans service organizations designated by
12.15the commissioner.
12.16(g) $450,000 the first year and $450,000
12.17the second year are for the higher education
12.18veterans assistance program under Minnesota
12.19Statutes, section 197.585. This appropriation
12.20must be included in the agency appropriation
12.21base through fiscal year 2011.
12.22(h) $100,000 each year is for information
12.24(i) $75,000 each year is for operations at the
12.25Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery in Little
12.27(j) $250,000 each year is for administration
12.28of veterans programming. This appropriation
12.29includes money for the biennium for
12.30an ombudsman for residents and family
12.31members of residents at the Minneapolis
12.32Veterans' Home. The ombudsman must
12.33attend all meetings of the Veterans Homes
12.34Board and provide a report at each
13.1meeting regarding the status of concerns
13.2communicated to the ombudsman.
13.3(k) $100,000 each year is for compensation
13.4for honor guards at the funerals of veterans
13.5in accordance with the program established
13.6in Minnesota Statutes, section 197.231. This
13.7is a onetime appropriation.
13.8(l) $52,000 the first year is for spousal
13.9education benefits in accordance with
13.10Minnesota Statutes, section 197.75. This
13.11appropriation is available until June 30, 2009.
13.12(m) $100,000 each year is for information
13.13and outreach regarding the availability of
13.14depleted uranium testing. The commissioner
13.15shall collaborate with the adjutant general
13.16to identify service members and veterans
13.17who may have been exposed to expended
13.18depleted uranium and to provide them with
13.19information regarding depleted uranium
13.20screening services provided by the federal
13.21government. This is a onetime appropriation.
13.22(n) $250,000 the first year is for grants to
13.23assist World War II veterans in attending the
13.24dedication of the Minnesota World War II
13.25Memorial in St. Paul on June 9, 2007, and for
13.26other expenses of the dedication event. The
13.27commissioner may spend only that portion
13.28of this sum for which a matching amount,
13.29whether in cash or in kind, is donated by
13.30nongovernmental sources for this purpose.
13.31This appropriation is available immediately.
13.32(o) $80,000 the first year is for suicide
13.33prevention and psychological support for
13.34veterans. Of this amount, $50,000 is for a
13.35study by the commissioner and the adjutant
14.1general of the psychological status and
14.2needs of returning Minnesota veterans,
14.3and $30,000 is for a telephone hotline to
14.4refer veterans to available psychological
14.5counseling services. The commissioner
14.6may use this appropriation to supplement
14.7an existing informational hotline service
14.8within the department, or may collaborate
14.9with any other provider of compatible,
14.10existing hotline services for this purpose.
14.11The referral hotline must be available to
14.12veterans statewide at all practicable hours.
14.13The commissioner must broadly publicize
14.14the availability of the telephone hotline
14.15and any local, state, and federal counseling
14.16services for Minnesota veterans using all
14.17practicable means available, including but
14.18not limited to: the agency Web site; local
14.19media announcements; announcements in
14.20service and trade publications; and any other
14.21practical means of communication.
14.22The commissioner may spend up to two
14.23percent of this appropriation for development
14.24of special informational materials, such
14.25as refrigerator magnets, wallet cards, and
14.26other devices on which hotline numbers
14.27may be kept for immediate use. The
14.28commissioner also may accept and spend
14.29other contributions from nongovernmental
14.30sources for this purpose. This is a onetime
14.32(p) $338,000 each year is from the account
14.33in the special revenue fund established in
14.34Minnesota Statutes, section 190.19, for (1)
14.35grants to veterans service organizations; and
14.36(2) outreach to underserved veterans. Any
15.1balance in the first year does not cancel and
15.2is available in the second year.

15.4    Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, the commissioner of agriculture shall
15.5discontinue payments under Minnesota Statutes, section 41A.09, including deficiency
15.6payments, to any ethanol producer that ceased operations and declared bankruptcy in 2004.