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HF 1726

as introduced - 80th Legislature (1997 - 1998) Posted on 12/15/2009 12:00am

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

Bill Text Versions

Introduction Posted on 03/19/1997

Current Version - as introduced

  1.1                          A bill for an act
  1.2             relating to retirement; providing that certain 
  1.3             employees are covered by the Minnesota state 
  1.4             retirement system; amending Minnesota Statutes 1996, 
  1.5             section 352.01, subdivisions 2a and 2b. 
  1.7      Section 1.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 352.01, 
  1.8   subdivision 2a, is amended to read: 
  1.9      Subd. 2a.  [INCLUDED EMPLOYEES.] (a) "State employee" 
  1.10  includes: 
  1.11     (1) employees of the Minnesota historical society; 
  1.12     (2) employees of the state horticultural society; 
  1.13     (3) employees of the Disabled American Veterans, Department 
  1.14  of Minnesota, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Minnesota, 
  1.15  if employed before July 1, 1963; 
  1.16     (4) employees of the Minnesota crop improvement 
  1.17  association; 
  1.18     (5) employees of the adjutant general who are paid from 
  1.19  federal funds and who are not covered by any federal civilian 
  1.20  employees retirement system; 
  1.21     (6) employees of the state universities employed under the 
  1.22  university activities program; 
  1.23     (7) currently contributing employees covered by the system 
  1.24  who are temporarily employed by the legislature during a 
  1.25  legislative session or any currently contributing employee 
  2.1   employed for any special service as defined in clause (8) of 
  2.2   subdivision 2b; 
  2.3      (8) employees of the armory building commission; 
  2.4      (9) permanent employees of the legislature and persons 
  2.5   employed or designated by the legislature or by a legislative 
  2.6   committee or commission or other competent authority to conduct 
  2.7   a special inquiry, investigation, examination, or installation; 
  2.8      (10) trainees who are employed on a full-time established 
  2.9   training program performing the duties of the classified 
  2.10  position for which they will be eligible to receive immediate 
  2.11  appointment at the completion of the training period; 
  2.12     (11) employees of the Minnesota safety council; 
  2.13     (12) any employees on authorized leave of absence from the 
  2.14  transit operating division of the former metropolitan transit 
  2.15  commission who are employed by the labor organization which is 
  2.16  the exclusive bargaining agent representing employees of the 
  2.17  transit operating division; 
  2.18     (13) employees of the metropolitan council, metropolitan 
  2.19  parks and open space commission, metropolitan sports facilities 
  2.20  commission, metropolitan mosquito control commission, or 
  2.21  metropolitan radio board unless excluded or covered by another 
  2.22  public pension fund or plan under section 473.415, subdivision 
  2.23  3; 
  2.24     (14) judges of the tax court; and 
  2.25     (15) personnel employed on June 30, 1992, by the University 
  2.26  of Minnesota in the management, operation, or maintenance of its 
  2.27  heating plant facilities, whose employment transfers to an 
  2.28  employer assuming operation of the heating plant facilities, so 
  2.29  long as the person is employed at the University of Minnesota 
  2.30  heating plant by that employer or by its successor organization; 
  2.31  and 
  2.32     (16) seasonal help in the classified service employed by 
  2.33  the department of revenue. 
  2.34     (b) Employees specified in paragraph (a), clause (15), are 
  2.35  included employees under paragraph (a) providing that employer 
  2.36  and employee contributions are made in a timely manner in the 
  3.1   amounts required by section 352.04.  Employee contributions must 
  3.2   be deducted from salary.  Employer contributions are the sole 
  3.3   obligation of the employer assuming operation of the University 
  3.4   of Minnesota heating plant facilities or any successor 
  3.5   organizations to that employer. 
  3.6      Sec. 2.  Minnesota Statutes 1996, section 352.01, 
  3.7   subdivision 2b, is amended to read: 
  3.8      Subd. 2b.  [EXCLUDED EMPLOYEES.] "State employee" does not 
  3.9   include: 
  3.10     (1) elective state officers; 
  3.11     (2) students employed by the University of Minnesota, the 
  3.12  state universities, and community colleges unless approved for 
  3.13  coverage by the board of regents, the state university board, or 
  3.14  the state board for community colleges, as the case may be; 
  3.15     (3) employees who are eligible for membership in the state 
  3.16  teachers retirement association except employees of the 
  3.17  department of children, families, and learning who have chosen 
  3.18  or may choose to be covered by the Minnesota state retirement 
  3.19  system instead of the teachers retirement association; 
  3.20     (4) employees of the University of Minnesota who are 
  3.21  excluded from coverage by action of the board of regents; 
  3.22     (5) officers and enlisted personnel in the national guard 
  3.23  and the naval militia who are assigned to permanent peacetime 
  3.24  duty and who under federal law are or are required to be members 
  3.25  of a federal retirement system; 
  3.26     (6) election officers; 
  3.27     (7) persons engaged in public work for the state but 
  3.28  employed by contractors when the performance of the contract is 
  3.29  authorized by the legislature or other competent authority; 
  3.30     (8) officers and employees of the senate and house of 
  3.31  representatives or a legislative committee or commission who are 
  3.32  temporarily employed; 
  3.33     (9) receivers, jurors, notaries public, and court employees 
  3.34  who are not in the judicial branch as defined in section 43A.02, 
  3.35  subdivision 25, except referees and adjusters employed by the 
  3.36  department of labor and industry; 
  4.1      (10) patient and inmate help in state charitable, penal, 
  4.2   and correctional institutions including the Minnesota veterans 
  4.3   home; 
  4.4      (11) persons employed for professional services where the 
  4.5   service is incidental to regular professional duties and whose 
  4.6   compensation is paid on a per diem basis; 
  4.7      (12) employees of the Sibley House Association; 
  4.8      (13) the members of any state board or commission who serve 
  4.9   the state intermittently and are paid on a per diem basis; the 
  4.10  secretary, secretary-treasurer, and treasurer of those boards if 
  4.11  their compensation is $5,000 or less per year, or, if they are 
  4.12  legally prohibited from serving more than three years; and the 
  4.13  board of managers of the state agricultural society and its 
  4.14  treasurer unless the treasurer is also its full-time secretary; 
  4.15     (14) state troopers; 
  4.16     (15) temporary employees of the Minnesota state fair 
  4.17  employed on or after July 1 for a period not to extend beyond 
  4.18  October 15 of that year; and persons employed at any time by the 
  4.19  state fair administration for special events held on the 
  4.20  fairgrounds; 
  4.21     (16) emergency employees in the classified service; except 
  4.22  that if an emergency employee, within the same pay period, 
  4.23  becomes a provisional or probationary employee on other than a 
  4.24  temporary basis, the employee shall be considered a "state 
  4.25  employee" retroactively to the beginning of the pay period; 
  4.26     (17) persons described in section 352B.01, subdivision 2, 
  4.27  clauses (2) to (5); 
  4.28     (18) temporary employees in the classified service, and 
  4.29  temporary employees in the unclassified service appointed for a 
  4.30  definite period of not more than six months and employed less 
  4.31  than six months in any one-year period and seasonal help in the 
  4.32  classified service employed by the department of revenue; 
  4.33     (19) trainee employees, except those listed in subdivision 
  4.34  2a, clause (10); 
  4.35     (20) persons whose compensation is paid on a fee basis; 
  4.36     (21) state employees who in any year have credit for 12 
  5.1   months service as teachers in the public schools of the state 
  5.2   and as teachers are members of the teachers retirement 
  5.3   association or a retirement system in St. Paul, Minneapolis, or 
  5.4   Duluth; 
  5.5      (22) employees of the adjutant general employed on an 
  5.6   unlimited intermittent or temporary basis in the classified and 
  5.7   unclassified service for the support of army and air national 
  5.8   guard training facilities; 
  5.9      (23) chaplains and nuns who are excluded from coverage 
  5.10  under the federal Old Age, Survivors, Disability, and Health 
  5.11  Insurance Program for the performance of service as specified in 
  5.12  United States Code, title 42, section 410(a)(8)(A), as amended, 
  5.13  if no irrevocable election of coverage has been made under 
  5.14  section 3121(r) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended 
  5.15  through December 31, 1992; 
  5.16     (24) examination monitors employed by departments, 
  5.17  agencies, commissions, and boards to conduct examinations 
  5.18  required by law; 
  5.19     (25) persons appointed to serve as members of fact-finding 
  5.20  commissions or adjustment panels, arbitrators, or labor referees 
  5.21  under chapter 179; 
  5.22     (26) temporary employees employed for limited periods under 
  5.23  any state or federal program for training or rehabilitation 
  5.24  including persons employed for limited periods from areas of 
  5.25  economic distress except skilled and supervisory personnel and 
  5.26  persons having civil service status covered by the system; 
  5.27     (27) full-time students employed by the Minnesota 
  5.28  historical society intermittently during part of the year and 
  5.29  full-time during the summer months; 
  5.30     (28) temporary employees, appointed for not more than six 
  5.31  months, of the metropolitan council and of any of its statutory 
  5.32  boards, if the board members are appointed by the metropolitan 
  5.33  council; 
  5.34     (29) persons employed in positions designated by the 
  5.35  department of employee relations as student workers; 
  5.36     (30) members of trades employed by the successor to the 
  6.1   metropolitan waste control commission with trade union pension 
  6.2   plan coverage under a collective bargaining agreement first 
  6.3   employed after June 1, 1977; 
  6.4      (31) persons employed in subsidized on-the-job training, 
  6.5   work experience, or public service employment as enrollees under 
  6.6   the federal Comprehensive Employment and Training Act after 
  6.7   March 30, 1978, unless the person has as of the later of March 
  6.8   30, 1978, or the date of employment sufficient service credit in 
  6.9   the retirement system to meet the minimum vesting requirements 
  6.10  for a deferred annuity, or the employer agrees in writing on 
  6.11  forms prescribed by the director to make the required employer 
  6.12  contributions, including any employer additional contributions, 
  6.13  on account of that person from revenue sources other than funds 
  6.14  provided under the federal Comprehensive Employment and Training 
  6.15  Act, or the person agrees in writing on forms prescribed by the 
  6.16  director to make the required employer contribution in addition 
  6.17  to the required employee contribution; 
  6.18     (32) off-duty peace officers while employed by the 
  6.19  metropolitan council; 
  6.20     (33) persons who are employed as full-time police officers 
  6.21  by the metropolitan council and as police officers are members 
  6.22  of the public employees police and fire fund; 
  6.23     (34) persons who are employed as full-time firefighters by 
  6.24  the department of military affairs and as firefighters are 
  6.25  members of the public employees police and fire fund; 
  6.26     (35) foreign citizens with a work permit of less than three 
  6.27  years, or an H-1b/JV visa valid for less than three years of 
  6.28  employment, unless notice of extension is supplied which allows 
  6.29  them to work for three or more years as of the date the 
  6.30  extension is granted, in which case they are eligible for 
  6.31  coverage from the date extended; and 
  6.32     (36) persons who are employed by the board of trustees of 
  6.33  the Minnesota state colleges and universities and who elect to 
  6.34  remain members of the public employees retirement association or 
  6.35  the Minneapolis employees retirement fund, whichever applies, 
  6.36  under section 136C.75. 
  7.1      Sec. 3.  [EFFECTIVE DATE.] 
  7.2      Sections 1 and 2 are effective on the first day of the 
  7.3   first full payroll period beginning on or after July 1, 1997.