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HF 347

as introduced - 91st Legislature (2019 - 2020) Posted on 05/02/2019 03:43pm

KEY: stricken = removed, old language.
underscored = added, new language.

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Introduction Posted on 01/24/2019

Current Version - as introduced

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A bill for an act
relating to liquor; permitting a single entity to own a cocktail room and taproom
license; amending Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 340A.22, subdivision 2.


Section 1.

Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 340A.22, subdivision 2, is amended to read:

Subd. 2.

Cocktail room license.

(a) A municipality, including a city with a municipal
liquor store, may issue the holder of a microdistillery license under this chapter a
microdistillery cocktail room license. A microdistillery cocktail room license authorizes
on-sale of distilled liquor produced by the distiller for consumption on the premises of or
adjacent to one distillery location owned by the distiller. Notwithstanding section 340A.504,
subdivision 3
, a cocktail room may be open and may conduct on-sale business on Sundays
if authorized by the municipality. Nothing in this subdivision precludes the holder of a
microdistillery cocktail room license from also holding a license to operate a restaurant at
the distillery. Section 340A.409 shall apply to a license issued under this subdivision. All
provisions of this chapter that apply to a retail liquor license shall apply to a license issued
under this subdivision unless the provision is explicitly inconsistent with this subdivision.

(b) A distiller may only have one cocktail room license under this subdivision, and may
not have an ownership interest in a distillery licensed under section 340A.301, subdivision
6, clause (a).

(c) The municipality shall impose a licensing fee on a distiller holding a microdistillery
cocktail room license under this subdivision, subject to limitations applicable to license fees
under section 340A.408, subdivision 2, paragraph (a).

(d) A municipality shall, within ten days of the issuance of a license under this
subdivision, inform the commissioner of the licensee's name and address and trade name,
and the effective date and expiration date of the license. The municipality shall also inform
the commissioner of a license transfer, cancellation, suspension, or revocation during the
license period.

(e) deleted text beginNodeleted text endnew text begin Anew text end single entity may hold both a cocktail room new text beginlicense new text endand new text begina new text endtaproom license, and
new text begin colocate new text enda cocktail room and taproom deleted text beginmay not be colocateddeleted text endnew text begin if the cocktail room license fee
is equivalent to the municipality's on-sale liquor license fee
new text end.