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14 Documents Found in 2020, 1st Special Session
for Authors of "Dibble"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF0163 2 06/19/2020 Text icon Rarick Pine Technical and Community College and Minneapolis Community and Technical College bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0160 2 06/19/2020 Text icon Hayden Minneapolis Powderhorn Park homeless encampment task force convening by the commissioner of human services to develop an immediate solution to relocate and reduce the encampment and to develop medium-term and long-term solutions to homelessness and appropriating money
Senate SF0159 2 06/19/2020 Text icon Torres Ray Property, casualty and liability insurance claims commissioner of commerce assistance requirement
Senate SF0158 2 06/19/2020 Text icon Torres Ray Metropolitan area redevelopment corporation establishment
Senate SF0157 2 06/19/2020 Text icon Torres Ray Commercial and residential tenants lease assistance in areas of unrest
Senate SF0156 2 06/19/2020 Text icon Torres Ray Eminent domain use limitation and development moratorium authorization
Senate SF0155 2 06/19/2020 Text icon Torres Ray Properties destroyed or damaged during protests and unrest in May and June 2020 sales tax exemptions and property tax relief authorization
Senate SF0134 2 06/19/2020 Text icon Dibble Minneapolis and St. Paul peace officers residency requirements authorization
Senate SF0120 2 06/15/2020 Text icon Dibble Law enforcement citizen oversight councils establishment
Senate SF0114 2 06/15/2020 Text icon Torres Ray State and local officials cooperation with federal immigration enforcement efforts restrictions
Senate SF0109 2 06/15/2020 Text icon Hayden Discrimination against unemployed individuals prohibition
Senate SF0108 2 06/15/2020 Text icon Hayden Racial impact screening of legislation requirement
Senate SF0097 2 06/15/2020 Text icon Hayden Identification cards for offenders released from incarceration authorization
Senate SF0060 2 06/12/2020 Text icon Dibble Assisted living provisions modification