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126 Documents Found in Legislative Session 91 (2019-2020)
for Authors of "Isaacson"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF2868 2 05/06/2019 Text icon Marty School-linked mental health services grants, full-service community schools, support our students grants, homework starts with home program, and collaborative educator program funding provisions; appropriations
Senate SF2853 2 04/29/2019 Text icon Hawj Minneapolis affordable housing project appropriation
Senate SF2832 2 04/23/2019 Text icon Isaacson Shoreview tax increment pilot project extension
Senate SF2827 2 04/11/2019 Text icon Isaacson Private drinking well owners reimbursement for mitigation of agricultural chemicals authorization; agricultural chemical response compensation board membership modification; private well mitigation appropriation
Senate SF2817 2 04/10/2019 Text icon Draheim Workforce development programs biannual inventory mandate and appropriation
Senate SF2750 2 04/01/2019 Text icon Hayden Child protection cases relative notification and placement requirements modification; kinship navigator models commissioner of human services review and guidance; appropriation
Senate SF2682 2 03/25/2019 Text icon Hayden Life House and The Link grants appropriation
Senate SF2665 3 03/26/2019 Text icon Isaacson Workforce development programs biannual inventory requirement and appropriation
Senate SF2660 2 03/25/2019 Text icon Howe Insurance proceeds checks to be promptly countersigned requirement
Senate SF2645 2 03/25/2019 Text icon Isaacson Resolution calling for an end to the cold genocide and forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China
Senate SF2525 2 03/18/2019 Text icon Pappas Constitutional amendment allowing political subdivisions to lower the voting age for local elections
Senate SF2506 2 03/14/2019 Text icon Rest Working family income tax credit calculation modification
Senate SF2404 2 03/13/2019 Text icon Isaacson Good reason to quit modification; unemployment insurance equity working group establishment
Senate SF2397 2 03/13/2019 Text icon Isaacson Urban youth agricultural education and urban agriculture community development grants appropriation
Senate SF2357 3 04/24/2019 Text icon Eaton Watercraft surcharge increase; invasive species research account creation and receipts dedication
Senate SF2356 2 03/11/2019 Text icon Isaacson Substance use disorder and alcohol abuse prevention account creation, uses and appropriation
Senate SF2323 2 03/11/2019 Text icon Isaacson Child care basic sliding fee funding priorities and allocation formula modification
Senate SF2307 7 05/02/2019 Text icon Chamberlain Trichloroethylene (TCE) emissions response account and stakeholder group creation; TCE emissions fines disposition
Senate SF2291 2 03/11/2019 Text icon Anderson, B. Student Data Privacy Act
Senate SF2277 2 03/11/2019 Text icon Pappas Fossil Fuel Divestment Act
Senate SF2276 2 03/11/2019 Text icon Pappas Investment board risks of investments in fossil fuel companies impact on climate change report mandate
Senate SF2257 3 03/21/2019 Text icon Abeler Office of higher education requirement to notify students with disabilities of postsecondary education options; Minnesota Independence College and Community grant appropriation
Senate SF2253 2 03/11/2019 Text icon Wiger Environmental hazards data accessibility modification
Senate SF2233 3 03/21/2019 Text icon Isaacson Constitutional amendment establishing a redistricting commission to adopt congressional and legislative boundaries following each decennial census
Senate SF2229 2 03/11/2019 Text icon Isaacson Conservation materials containing plastics use prohibition and appropriation
Senate SF2215 2 03/07/2019 Text icon Isaacson Minnesota investment fund and Minnesota job creation fund projects required wage levels modification
Senate SF2159 3 03/11/2019 Text icon Isaacson Parenting time for child care modification
Senate SF2142 2 03/07/2019 Text icon Klein Rusty patched bumble bee as official state bee declaration and appropriation
Senate SF2120 5 03/28/2019 Text icon Rosen Correctional facility employees administration of opiate antagonists authorization
Senate SF2105 2 03/07/2019 Text icon Laine Expressly advocating definition modification; electioneering communications disclosure authorization; prorating method for contributions or use of general treasury money modification
Senate SF2087 2 03/07/2019 Text icon Anderson, P. Hennepin and Ramsey counties motor vehicle sales tax revenue allocation authorization
Senate SF2077 2 03/07/2019 Text icon Isaacson Gas fireplaces disclosures requirement
Senate SF2075 5 04/04/2019 Text icon Chamberlain Trichloroethylene in products and in manufacturing processes ban
Senate SF1929 2 02/28/2019 Text icon Isaacson State employee salaries appropriation in the event of nonappropriation
Senate SF1927 2 02/28/2019 Text icon Isaacson AmeriCorps Promise Fellows program appropriation
Senate SF1827 2 02/27/2019 Text icon Laine Jake's Law; substance misuse prevention; For Jake's Sake Foundation appropriation
Senate SF1811 2 02/27/2019 Text icon Abeler Adequate care requirement in nursing homes provisions modifications
Senate SF1800 2 02/27/2019 Text icon Clausen Student loan refinancing program eligibility expansion and appropriation
Senate SF1774 2 02/27/2019 Text icon Wiger Resolution memorializing the President and Congress to uphold the federal government pledge to fund forty percent of special education costs
Senate SF1741 3 03/25/2019 Text icon Isaacson Little Canada intermediate care facility for persons with developmental disabilities (ICF/DD) rate increase authorization
Senate SF1700 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Isaacson Turtle taking provisions modification
Senate SF1665 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Rosen Shelter-linked youth mental health grant program to provide mental health services to youth experiencing homelessness or sexual exploitation establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1657 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Eaton Manure pits property tax exemption repeal
Senate SF1614 3 03/04/2019 Text icon Lang Drivers hauling utility construction materials hours of service restrictions exemption
Senate SF1601 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Isaacson Wage deductions for credit card charges modification
Senate SF1576 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Abeler Violence against health care workers health commissioner and hospitals duties establishment; civil and criminal penalties modification
Senate SF1557 3 03/04/2019 Text icon Kent Teacher licensure requirements modifications
Senate SF1555 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Marty Parenting with disability support services pilot project establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1547 6 03/28/2019 Text icon Rarick Unemployment insurance provisions modifications previously recommended by the Unemployment Insurance Advisory Committee adoption
Senate SF1515 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Pappas Public employment relations board data treatment classification; open meeting law nonapplicability; appropriation
Senate SF1499 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Cwodzinski Education licensure requirements provisions modifications
Senate SF1486 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Isaacson Roseville Guidant John Rose Minnesota OVAL renovation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1485 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Isaacson Roseville tax increment financing (TIF) hazardous substance subdistrict time extension for expenditure of captured increment
Senate SF1484 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Franzen Student loan ombudsperson establishment; student loan servicers licensure requirement and certain servicing practices prohibition; reporting
Senate SF1361 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Isaacson Graduation fees prohibition; school district fees report requirement
Senate SF1360 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Hawj Corn or soybean seed coated or treated with a neonicotinoid pesticide additional label statement requirement
Senate SF1359 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Hawj Farmed cervidae regulatory duties and powers transfer to department of natural resources (DNR)
Senate SF1348 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Eichorn International Institute of Minnesota new Americans workforce training appropriation
Senate SF1327 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Isaacson Minnesota licensing and registration system (MNLARS) appropriations and reimbursements to deputy registrars authorization
Senate SF1318 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Abeler School contractors unemployment insurance eligibility requirements modification
Senate SF1288 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Isaacson People posing a significant danger by firearm possession; law enforcement and family members court petition to prohibit possession authorization
Senate SF1280 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Hoffman Minnesota inclusion initiative grant program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1265 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Anderson, P. Youth skills training program modification and appropriation
Senate SF1229 7 05/17/2019 Text icon Utke Parity between mental health benefits and other medical benefits requirement; health and commerce commissioners accountability requirement
Senate SF1224 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Draheim 180 Degrees job readiness training program expansion grant appropriation
Senate SF1182 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Little Pharmaceutical manufacturer advertisement of prescription drugs on radio or television prohibition
Senate SF1163 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Isaacson Roseville municipal golf course liquor license authorization
Senate SF1156 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Wiger Metro transit service from downtown St. Paul to Maplewood Mall transit center and appropriation
Senate SF1142 2 02/11/2019 Text icon Laine Data Practices Act and Open Meeting Law expansion to include legislative branch
Senate SF1137 2 02/11/2019 Text icon Dibble PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and nPEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) medications drug assistance program establishment
Senate SF1136 2 02/11/2019 Text icon Dibble HIV/AIDS drug assistance program health care coverage modification
Senate SF1130 2 02/11/2019 Text icon Chamberlain Individuals with mental illness on probation, parole, supervised release, or pretrial status enhanced community supervision pilot project establishment; multidisciplinary caseload management team to provide mental health treatment alternatives to incarceration; appropriation for Anoka county grant
Senate SF1126 2 02/11/2019 Text icon Pappas Minnesota health plan, health board, health fund, office of health quality and planning, ombudsman for patient advocacy, and auditor general for the Minnesota health plan establishment
Senate SF1017 3 02/14/2019 Text icon Draheim Mental health services at Minnesota state colleges appropriation
Senate SF0987 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Isaacson Ramsey county district court formula for distribution of fine proceeds modification
Senate SF0956 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Isaacson Community and technical college grant program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0937 4 02/18/2019 Text icon Draheim Public buildings accessibility requirements modification
Senate SF0927 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Eaton Open season for taking wolves prohibition
Senate SF0916 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Eichorn Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs youth job skills and career development statewide project grant appropriation
Senate SF0908 3 02/11/2019 Text icon Draheim Twin Cities R!SE appropriation
Senate SF0905 5 03/20/2019 Text icon Relph Minnesota family investment program (MFIP) transitional standard increase
Senate SF0883 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Isaacson Environment and natural resources scientific advisers council establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0828 2 02/04/2019 Text icon Clausen Higher education state grant amounts calculation regulation
Senate SF0787 3 03/11/2019 Text icon Rosen Officer-involved community-based care coordination grant program establishment and planning grants; medical assistance (MA) coverage for community-based care coordination modification to include tribes; appropriation
Senate SF0783 3 02/25/2019 Text icon Simonson Mining promotion responsibilities modification
Senate SF0747 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Isaacson Career and technical education equipment, staffing, and innovation grants appropriations
Senate SF0746 6 04/08/2019 Text icon Isaacson Drivers license applications emergency contacts disclosure authorization
Senate SF0745 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Isaacson Children with disabilities services parental contribution amounts modification
Senate SF0744 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Hayden Children with disabilities services parental contribution amounts modification
Senate SF0730 3 03/04/2019 Text icon Hayden Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act; African American welfare oversight council creation and appropriation
Senate SF0691 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Cohen Ramsey county regional railroad authority Riverview Corridor transitway grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0681 3 02/18/2019 Text icon Clausen Dual training competency grants eligibility expansion and appropriation
Senate SF0680 3 02/18/2019 Text icon Clausen Dual training competency grants eligibility expansion and appropriation
Senate SF0679 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Clausen Minnesota reconnect persistence incentives creation requirement
Senate SF0678 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Clausen Minnesota reconnect persistence incentives creation requirement
Senate SF0677 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Clausen Adult learner 360 assessment requirement and appropriation
Senate SF0676 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Clausen Postsecondary institutions student retention and attraction incentives report requirement
Senate SF0675 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Clausen Higher education reverse credit transfer agreement creation requirement
Senate SF0582 5 04/11/2019 Text icon Rest Redistricting advisory commission appointment authorization; districting principles establishment; Legislative Coordinating Commission redistricting duties establishment
Senate SF0434 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Latz Firearms transfers and private party firearms transfers criminal background checks requirement
Senate SF0432 3 02/04/2019 Text icon Rest Constitutional amendment to provide gender equality under the law
Senate SF0426 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Isaacson Income tax rates for married individuals filing joint returns and surviving spouses modification
Senate SF0387 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Hawj School credit for trainee election judge service authorization; bilingual high school students recruitment requirement; appropriation
Senate SF0378 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Bigham Higher education institutions eligibility for the state grant program modification
Senate SF0375 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Hawj State general tax refund for certain businesses establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0373 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Hawj Civics class for high school graduation requirement
Senate SF0372 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Hawj Natural resources department staff inclusion of members of communities traditionally underrepresented appropriation
Senate SF0361 3 02/07/2019 Text icon Laine Dangerous dog statewide database creation; microchip implant requirement
Senate SF0320 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Isaacson State budget forecast inflation adjustment requirement
Senate SF0307 12 04/03/2019 6 Text icon Limmer Disaster contingency account funds transfer
Senate SF0293 3 02/07/2019 Text icon Nelson Construction and skilled trades career counseling commissioner of education collaboration requirement; safety of youth in skilled trades report requirement
Senate SF0280 3 01/24/2019 Text icon Hoffman Advanced digital technology center for orthotics and prosthetics appropriation
Senate SF0273 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Rosen Medical assistance (MA) coverage expansion to community-based service coordination in jails
Senate SF0261 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Isaacson Conversion therapy with children or vulnerable adults prohibition and medical assistance (MA) coverage for conversion therapy prohibition; misrepresentation prohibition
Senate SF0209 3 01/24/2019 Text icon Bigham Internet service contracts adherence to net neutrality
Senate SF0196 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Clausen Teacher preparation programs instruction on dyslexia requirement
Senate SF0170 3 01/22/2019 Text icon Laine New Brighton aquatic invasive species control and education grant appropriation
Senate SF0169 3 01/22/2019 Text icon Laine Aquatic invasive species grants appropriation
Senate SF0158 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Koran Single entity cocktail room and taproom license ownership permission
Senate SF0130 4 04/01/2019 Text icon Draheim Affordable textbooks Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) requirement
Senate SF0124 3 01/17/2019 Text icon Isaacson Automatic voter registration of applicants for a driver's license, instruction permit, or state identification card requirement
Senate SF0121 2 01/14/2019 Text icon Dibble Older and Vulnerable Adults Rights and Protection Act of 2019; assisted living licensing task force creation; appropriations
Senate SR0111 2 05/17/2019 Text icon Isaacson A Senate resolution honoring the memory of Julie Campbell of the Office of the Revisor of Statutes
Senate SF0109 2 01/14/2019 Text icon Rest School boards expiring referendums renewal authorization
Senate SF0107 3 01/17/2019 Text icon Isaacson Council on LGBTQI Minnesotans establishment
Senate SF0019 4 01/31/2019 Text icon Cwodzinski Personal finance course for high school graduation requirement