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Minnesota Legislature

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175 Documents Found in Legislative Session 91 (2019-2020)
for Authors of "Hayden"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF2910 3 05/19/2019 Text icon Dibble Housing stabilization projects housing infrastructure bonds use authorization; bond issue authorization; appropriation
Senate SF2877 3 05/19/2019 Text icon Hayden Financial aid information provided to high school students requirement
Senate SF2865 2 05/06/2019 Text icon Dibble Geographic feature containing the word Calhoun name change by the commissioner of natural resources authorization
Senate SF2848 2 04/25/2019 Text icon Hayden Resolution calling for an end to the cold genocide and forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China
Senate SF2840 2 04/24/2019 Text icon Pappas Cannabis and cannabis infused products legalization establishment; cannabis sales regulation and taxation authorization; fees and penalties establishment; crime expungement authorization; Clean Indoor Air Act modification
Senate SF2824 2 04/10/2019 Text icon Anderson, P. Healthy eating, here at home grants appropriation
Senate SF2819 2 04/10/2019 Text icon Pappas Pillsbury United Communities appropriation
Senate SF2791 2 04/04/2019 Text icon Hayden East Phillips Neighborhood Institute appropriation
Senate SF2790 2 04/04/2019 Text icon Hayden Village Arms grant appropriation
Senate SF2789 2 04/04/2019 Text icon Hayden Child care providers emergency closures payment authorization and tracking absences requirements clarification
Senate SF2788 2 04/04/2019 Text icon Hayden Community Stabilization Project grant appropriation
Senate SF2771 2 04/03/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Somali women's entrepreneurship and economic empowerment (SWEE) pilot project grant appropriation
Senate SF2750 2 04/01/2019 Text icon Hayden Child protection cases relative notification and placement requirements modification; kinship navigator models commissioner of human services review and guidance; appropriation
Senate SF2746 2 04/01/2019 Text icon Hayden Culturally competent mental health provider grants appropriation
Senate SF2734 3 04/03/2019 Text icon Dibble Noncompliant driver's license (consular identification) or state identification card requirements and provisions modifications and appropriation
Senate SF2711 2 03/27/2019 Text icon Hayden Biomass as an eligible energy technology definition modification; energy from renewable sources proportion increase and target dates for achievement specification
Senate SF2689 3 05/19/2019 Text icon Hayden Teacher candidates of color financial aid and appropriations
Senate SF2688 2 03/26/2019 Text icon Hayden KALY-FM East African radio station appropriation
Senate SF2687 2 03/26/2019 Text icon Hayden Child care assistance program maximum reimbursement rates modification and appropriation
Senate SF2682 2 03/25/2019 Text icon Hayden Life House and The Link grants appropriation
Senate SF2654 2 03/25/2019 Text icon Hayden Marijuana offenses thresholds adjustments
Senate SF2642 2 03/21/2019 Text icon Abeler Health disparities grant program modification
Senate SF2609 2 03/20/2019 Text icon Senjem Advance care planning on end-of-life care choices appropriation
Senate SF2607 2 03/20/2019 Text icon Hayden Community health workers medical assistance (MA) coverage modification; doula services medical assistance (MA) reimbursement rates modification; high-risk pregnancies integrated care grant program establishment; appropriation
Senate SF2585 3 03/21/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Renter's property tax refund calculation modification
Senate SF2577 2 03/20/2019 Text icon Utke American Indian Opportunities and Industrialization Center grant appropriation
Senate SF2559 2 03/18/2019 Text icon Housley First Children's Finance child care site assistance grant appropriation
Senate SF2545 2 03/18/2019 Text icon Hayden Medical resource control centers grants appropriation
Senate SF2515 2 03/14/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Public employees retirement association (PERA) employer supplemental and state contributions revision to the former MERF division
Senate SF2483 3 03/20/2019 Text icon Champion Workforce training and entrepreneurship investments to help close opportunity gaps for Minnesotans of color appropriations
Senate SF2462 2 03/14/2019 Text icon Hayden MinnesotaCare provider taxes repealer repeal
Senate SF2461 2 03/14/2019 Text icon Hayden MAD DADS (Men Against Destruction, Defending Against Drugs and Social Disorder) appropriation
Senate SF2434 2 03/13/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Hennepin county Cedar Riverside partnership grant appropriation
Senate SF2430 2 03/13/2019 Text icon Frentz Secure treatment facility voluntary readmission provisions modification
Senate SF2424 2 03/13/2019 Text icon Eken Ranked-choice voting local election jurisdictions option to adopt authorization and procedures for adoption, implementation and use establishment; municipalities use of electronic voting systems with a reallocation feature authorization; rulemaking
Senate SF2403 3 03/25/2019 Text icon Simonson Fathers Rise Together grant appropriation for a Duluth Iron Range African heritage hub study
Senate SF2402 2 03/13/2019 Text icon Hayden Hennepin county supportive housing provider supplemental rate authorization
Senate SF2401 2 03/13/2019 Text icon Hayden In the Heart of the Beast theater May Day celebration appropriation
Senate SF2400 2 03/13/2019 Text icon Hayden Inmates health care decisions by corrections department medical director authorization
Senate SF2399 2 03/13/2019 Text icon Hayden Body scanners in correctional facilities and jails health laws exemption
Senate SF2370 3 03/20/2019 Text icon Champion Close the opportunity gap appropriations
Senate SF2340 2 03/11/2019 Text icon Weber Child care assistance provider reimbursement rates modification
Senate SF2301 2 03/11/2019 Text icon Eaton Omnibus health and human services budget bill (governor's)
Senate SF2285 2 03/11/2019 Text icon Abeler Direct support services providers workforce negotiations rate modification
Senate SF2273 3 03/14/2019 Text icon Hayden Network for the Development of Children of African Descent literacy-based programming grant appropriation
Senate SF2235 2 03/11/2019 Text icon Hayden Voting instructions and sample ballots in languages other than English for certain designated precincts requirement; multilingual election judges in certain precincts requirement
Senate SF2143 4 04/10/2019 Text icon Mathews Metastatic cancers step therapy protocols health plan enrollee requirement prohibition
Senate SF2118 2 03/07/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Lease termination upon infirmity of tenant establishment
Senate SF2044 2 03/07/2019 Text icon Hayden Community solutions for healthy child development grant program establishment; community solutions advisory council establishment; appropriation
Senate SF1985 3 03/18/2019 Text icon Hayden Nonprofit health maintenance organizations (HMOs) net earnings use requirements establishment
Senate SF1984 3 04/23/2019 Text icon Hayden Nonprofit health care entities conversion to for profit entities attorney General review and approval requirement; nonprofit health maintenance organization net earnings use for nonprofit purposes requirement; conversion transactions moratorium extension
Senate SF1920 2 02/28/2019 Text icon Pappas Skin lightening creams containing mercury use public awareness campaign creation and appropriation
Senate SF1873 2 02/28/2019 Text icon Housley Students in foster care school enrollment requirement
Senate SF1868 2 02/28/2019 Text icon Nelson Sexually exploited youth and youth at risk of sexual exploitation shelter and services appropriations
Senate SF1867 2 02/28/2019 Text icon Hayden Peace of Hope, Inc. transit rides for families of incarcerated offenders pilot project establishment and grant appropriation
Senate SF1864 2 02/28/2019 Text icon Utke Homeless youth, emergency services, housing supports for persons with serious mental illness, and long-term homeless supportive services housing grants appropriations
Senate SF1804 2 02/27/2019 Text icon Hayden Minnesota family investment program (MFIP) sanctions and hardship extensions modifications
Senate SF1790 2 02/27/2019 Text icon Hawj Latino Communities United in Service (CLUES) appropriation
Senate SF1785 2 02/27/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Right to counsel in certain public housing eviction actions authorization
Senate SF1751 2 02/27/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Discretionary and mandatory expungements for eviction case court files eligibility expansion; public access to pending eviction case court actions limitation
Senate SF1745 3 05/14/2019 Text icon Anderson, P. Black Men Teach Twin Cities grants appropriation
Senate SF1734 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Hoffman Prescription drug purchasing program establishment
Senate SF1730 4 03/13/2019 Text icon Dibble Homeless youth access to vital records without fees authorization; Minnesota identification card issuance to homeless youth establishment; homeless youth state training and systems alignment task force establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1711 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Dibble Minneapolis central city storm tunnel expansion bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1694 4 03/11/2019 Text icon Abeler Human services background study set aside criteria modification
Senate SF1680 4 03/07/2019 Text icon Utke Supplemental Medicare coverage federally conforming changes
Senate SF1678 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Latz State and local jail and prison inmates housed in publicly owned and operated jails requirement; private prisons contracting prohibition
Senate SF1670 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Latz Correctional officer positions additional appropriation
Senate SF1665 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Rosen Shelter-linked youth mental health grant program to provide mental health services to youth experiencing homelessness or sexual exploitation establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1656 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Minneapolis park and recreation board youth employment program Learn to Earn/Teen Teamworks appropriation
Senate SF1648 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Hayden Consumer short-term and small loans interest rates regulation
Senate SF1640 4 03/25/2019 Text icon Draheim Prescription Drug Pricing Transparency Act
Senate SF1606 3 03/28/2019 Text icon Chamberlain Probation length for certain offenses modification; court granting of early termination and discharge of probation clarification
Senate SF1564 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Mathews Licensed foster home providers liability insurance coverage expansion requirement
Senate SF1563 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Mathews Youth in foster care social service agency assistance to obtain drivers licenses; automobile insurance plan coverage of youth in long-term foster care at no cost
Senate SF1562 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Hayden Minneapolis American Indian Center renovation expansion continuation appropriation
Senate SF1561 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Hayden Cultural and ethnic communities leadership council compensation modification
Senate SF1544 4 03/11/2019 Text icon Franzen Resolution applying to Congress for a limited national convention for the exclusive purpose of proposing an amendment to the United States Constitution that will restore the balance and integrity to our elections
Senate SF1542 3 04/04/2019 Text icon Senjem Medical assistance (MA) coverage of adult dental services expansion to include nonsurgical treatment for periodontal disease
Senate SF1521 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Kent Support our students grant program appropriation
Senate SF1488 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Kent Autism spectrum disorder Phoenix Residence grant appropriation
Senate SF1415 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Draheim Medical assistance (MA) enrollees duplicate personal identification (ID) numbers corrective plan to eliminate requirement
Senate SF1398 3 03/21/2019 Text icon Torres Ray Velodrome for track cycling appropriation
Senate SF1383 3 02/21/2019 Text icon Housley Breastfeeding disparities study and report requirement
Senate SF1371 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Marty Opiate drug manufacturers and wholesale drug distributors practitioner gifts prohibition
Senate SF1293 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Marty Family planning grants appropriation
Senate SF1266 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Hayden Nonemergency medical transportation services medical assistance (MA) payment rates increase
Senate SF1259 3 03/28/2019 Text icon Jensen Medical assistance (MA) reimbursement rate for critical mental health services provided by certain providers increase
Senate SF1254 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Hoffman Enhanced asthma care services benefit for medical assistance (MA) establishment; medical assistance (MA) coverage of certain products to reduce asthma triggers authorization
Senate SF1219 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Eichorn Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe child welfare services appropriation
Senate SF1217 3 03/11/2019 Text icon Hayden Child foster care provisions modifications
Senate SF1208 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Marty Health maintenance organizations (HMO's) required to be nonprofit corporations
Senate SF1158 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Emergency responders training to respond to persons with autism spectrum disorder grants appropriation
Senate SF1153 3 02/25/2019 Text icon Chamberlain Military veteran offenders restorative justice sentence
Senate SF1137 2 02/11/2019 Text icon Dibble PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and nPEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) medications drug assistance program establishment
Senate SF1136 2 02/11/2019 Text icon Dibble HIV/AIDS drug assistance program health care coverage modification
Senate SF1127 2 02/11/2019 Text icon Torres Ray Minnesota health plan, health board, health fund, office of health quality and planning, ombudsman for patient advocacy, and auditor general for the Minnesota health plan establishment
Senate SF1111 3 03/07/2019 Text icon Weber Child care assistance for homeless people
Senate SF1080 3 02/14/2019 Text icon Klein MinnesotaCare purchase option income expansion federal waiver application request requirement
Senate SF1069 2 02/11/2019 Text icon Jasinski Big Brothers and Big Sisters grant appropriation
Senate SF1053 2 02/11/2019 Text icon Rosen Blue Earth Green Giant museum appropriation
Senate SF1029 3 02/25/2019 Text icon Hayden Litigation proceeds to be appropriated to the commissioner of health for tobacco use prevention activities
Senate SF1027 3 02/14/2019 Text icon Relph East African community economic development pilot program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1026 2 02/11/2019 Text icon Utke Step therapy override procedures application to state public care programs requirement
Senate SF0973 15 05/20/2019 65 Text icon Miller University of Minnesota (U of M) advisory council on rare diseases establishment request and appropriation
Senate SF0968 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Relph Personal care assistance services payment rate methodology establishment; commissioner of human services methodology study requirement; workforce data submission by providers requirement
Senate SF0966 5 03/14/2019 Text icon Nelson X-ray practice of cardiovascular technologists education requirements authorization
Senate SF0958 4 03/14/2019 Text icon Mathews Child welfare training system replacement proposal requirement by the commissioner of human services; study and reporting requirements and appropriation
Senate SF0948 4 02/14/2019 Text icon Mathews Building and construction contracts requirements modification and clarification
Senate SF0940 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Hayden Affordability for families with access to employer-subsidized insurance for purposes of MinnesotaCare eligibility definition modification
Senate SF0905 5 03/20/2019 Text icon Relph Minnesota family investment program (MFIP) transitional standard increase
Senate SF0898 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Klein Medical assistance (MA) rates for dental services increase; uniform credentialing process for dental providers and a uniform prior authorization criteria for dental services authorization
Senate SF0897 3 03/13/2019 Text icon Hayden Cannabis task force establishment
Senate SF0867 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Hayden Minneapolis YWCA job and career assistance appropriation
Senate SF0855 3 03/27/2019 Text icon Abeler Prenatal care services programs provisions modifications and appropriation; doula services medical assistance (MA) reimbursement rates establishment; prenatal substance use reporting requirements modification
Senate SF0853 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Marty Primary Care Case Management program establishment; direct state payments to health care providers authorization
Senate SF0820 2 02/04/2019 Text icon Wiklund Great Start For All Minnesota Children Act; home visiting for pregnant women and families with young children; early learning and care; child care provider grants appropriations
Senate SF0787 3 03/11/2019 Text icon Rosen Officer-involved community-based care coordination grant program establishment and planning grants; medical assistance (MA) coverage for community-based care coordination modification to include tribes; appropriation
Senate SF0786 2 02/04/2019 Text icon Champion Minneapolis upper harbor terminal redevelopment project special tax increment financing (TIF) rules authorization
Senate SF0779 2 02/04/2019 Text icon Tomassoni KidsPeace Mesabi Academy renovation for mental health, child welfare and other services to children and families appropriation
Senate SF0778 3 02/14/2019 Text icon Anderson, P. Hennepin county Avivo regional career and employment center renovation and expansion bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0745 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Isaacson Children with disabilities services parental contribution amounts modification
Senate SF0744 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Hayden Children with disabilities services parental contribution amounts modification
Senate SF0730 3 03/04/2019 Text icon Hayden Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act; African American welfare oversight council creation and appropriation
Senate SF0722 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Hayden For-profit health maintenance organizations two percent premium revenue tax payment clarification
Senate SF0720 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Klein MinnesotaCare Buy-In Option establishment
Senate SF0719 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Klein MinnesotaCare purchase option for individuals whose income is greater that the income eligibility limit federal waiver request
Senate SF0711 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0701 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Hayden St. Paul Family Tree Clinic capital improvements grant appropriation
Senate SF0684 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Klein MinnesotaCare Buy-In Option health plans establishment
Senate SF0671 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Wiklund Great start for all Minnesota Children Act; home visiting; early learning and care; child care availability; appropriations
Senate SF0610 2 01/28/2019 Text icon Anderson, P. Summit Academy OIC appropriation
Senate SF0609 4 04/01/2019 Text icon Koran Goodwill Easter Seals appropriation
Senate SF0559 2 01/28/2019 Text icon Hawj Emergency medical services (EMT) culturally specific training appropriation
Senate SF0555 2 01/28/2019 Text icon Franzen Advance care planning resource organization grant
Senate SF0547 2 01/28/2019 Text icon Anderson, P. Children's Theatre Company bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0543 2 01/28/2019 Text icon Eichorn County child protection grant allocation modifications
Senate SF0507 2 01/28/2019 Text icon Wiger Area learning centers (ALC) funding increase and appropriation
Senate SF0494 4 02/04/2019 Text icon Abeler MNsure website medical assistance (MA) applicant enrollment process disclosure of TEFRA option content development by commissioner of human services requirement
Senate SF0465 5 04/03/2019 Text icon Hayden Restrictive covenants related to protected classes discharge provisions; real property recording and filing conveyances statutory short form creation
Senate SF0464 3 02/21/2019 Text icon Hayden Taylor Hayden Gun Violence Prevention Act; appropriation
Senate SF0434 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Latz Firearms transfers and private party firearms transfers criminal background checks requirement
Senate SF0430 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Hayden Disparity impact analysis of proposed legislation establishment; state agencies biannual report of actions to address disparities requirement; governor's budget proposal change items disparity analysis inclusion requirement
Senate SF0408 5 02/28/2019 Text icon Champion Public notification by law enforcement upon a predatory offender no longer in an area
Senate SF0406 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Champion Residential tenant report eviction action disclosure condition definition
Senate SF0405 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Champion Individuals subject to human services background studies with expunged criminal records disqualification prohibition
Senate SF0399 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Hayden MinnesotaCare provider taxes repeal
Senate SF0398 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Hayden Mental health treatment for communities of color appropriation
Senate SF0383 3 02/27/2019 Text icon Chamberlain Indian tribal land property tax exemption expansion for pharmacies
Senate SF0364 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Little Insulin products commissioner of health costs review authorization; excess costs determination; maximum reimbursement level establishment; appropriation
Senate SF0360 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Hayden Links of Care program model at West Side Community Health Services colon cancer screening grants appropriation
Senate SF0359 4 02/21/2019 Text icon Hayden Nonprofit health service plans and health maintenance organizations (HMO) conversions attorney general review and approval
Senate SF0358 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Relph Home care service start of care evaluations medical assistance (MA) coverage authorization
Senate SF0348 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Champion Legal parent right to petition for reestablishment of the legal parent and child relationship
Senate SF0342 7 04/10/2019 Text icon Champion Parent petition for reestablishment of the legal parent and child relationship authorization
Senate SF0338 3 02/11/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Tenant notice of grounds for eviction before action may be brought requirement
Senate SF0322 9 05/20/2019 36 Text icon Utke Medical assistance (MA) waiver customized living services provider authorization to transfer capacity to up to three other housing services located in Hennepin county
Senate SF0309 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Minneapolis Cedar-Riverside and Seward neighborhoods pedestrian and bike bridge demolition and construction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0308 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Minneapolis public housing renovation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0289 3 02/11/2019 Text icon Clausen Cultural competency training for teacher licensure definition
Senate SF0276 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Relph Medical assistance (MA) expanding the scope of rate increase for ambulance services
Senate SF0273 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Rosen Medical assistance (MA) coverage expansion to community-based service coordination in jails
Senate SF0271 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Hayden Alternative open enrollment period for individual health plans within the individual market and MinnesotaCare federal approval request
Senate SF0270 3 01/22/2019 Text icon Hayden Little Earth of United Tribes housing corporation appropriation
Senate SF0269 3 01/22/2019 Text icon Hayden Driver education programs access for low-income students expansion and appropriation; driver education working group establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0240 3 01/22/2019 Text icon Clausen DFE products abuse and sale to persons under 21 prohibition
Senate SF0232 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Dibble Peace officer-initiated use of force cases prosecuted by a special prosecutor requirement; special prosecution board and special prosecutorial office establishment and appropriation; grand jury use in certain peace-officer initiated uses of force prohibition
Senate SF0231 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Dibble State and local officials scope of cooperation with federal immigration enforcement efforts modification
Senate SF0223 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Klein Prescription drug repository program establishment
Senate SF0203 3 01/24/2019 Text icon Hayden HIV/AIDS spread prevention grants and appropriation
Senate SF0190 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Hennepin County grant funds to recruit foster families authorization and appropriation
Senate SF0083 3 01/14/2019 Text icon Dibble Conversion therapy for children or vulnerable adults, medical assistance (MA) coverage, and services or products misrepresentation prohibitions
Senate SF0060 2 01/10/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Residential rental property sales tenant notice and right of first refusal requirements
Senate HF0051 7 05/18/2019 45 Text icon Hayden Restrictive covenants related to protected classes discharge provisions; real property recording and filing conveyances statutory short form creation
Senate SR0010 2 01/10/2019 Text icon Hayden A Senate resolution recognizing the 10th Annual Community Empowerment Through Black Men Healing Conference