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158 Documents Found in Legislative Session 91 (2019-2020)
for Authors of "Latz"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF4624 2 05/16/2020 Text icon Latz Juvenile risk assessments provisions modification; law enforcement hiring information access expansion; department of public safety grant funding authorization
Senate SF4530 4 04/30/2020 Text icon Latz Sexual assault examination kits, battleground checks and board of public defense provisions modification; supreme court, corrections, sentencing guidelines and public safety appropriations
Senate SF4332 3 03/26/2020 Text icon Latz Crimes motivated by bias reporting expansion; crime of property damage motivated by bias modification; Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) board training update in recognizing, responding to, and reporting crimes of bias requirement; law enforcement agencies adoption of standard policies regarding crimes motivated by bias requirement; appropriating money
Senate SF4321 2 03/12/2020 Text icon Latz Safe at Home provisions modifications
Senate SF4260 4 03/16/2020 Text icon Abeler Nonviolent offenders who are primary caretaker of a child probationary sentences provision
Senate SF4235 2 03/11/2020 Text icon Dziedzic Emerging entrepreneur loan program fund transfer authorization
Senate SF4234 2 03/11/2020 Text icon Dziedzic Legal assistance for tenants appropriation
Senate SF4218 2 03/09/2020 Text icon Dziedzic Employers or prospective employers requiring or using credit information as a condition of employment or for employment purposes prohibition
Senate SF4192 2 03/09/2020 Text icon Hayden Employers inquiring about past pay prohibition
Senate SF4087 2 03/05/2020 Text icon Hawj Postconviction relief petition court hearing provisions modifications
Senate SF4075 3 03/12/2020 Text icon Dziedzic Prorated rent required for final tenancy month; early lease renewal for leases of less than 12 months
Senate SF4063 2 03/05/2020 Text icon Latz Indeterminate Sentence Release Board establishment
Senate HF4044 9 05/13/2020 83 Text icon Latz Revisor's bill
Senate SF4042 2 03/05/2020 Text icon Dibble Identification cards provided for offenders released from incarceration authorization
Senate SF4034 2 03/05/2020 Text icon Johnson Uniform Registration of Canadian Money Judgement Act
Senate SF4014 3 03/09/2020 Text icon Johnson Community Corrections Act subsidy and county probation officers reimbursement appropriations
Senate SF3948 4 05/11/2020 Text icon Limmer Revisor's bill
Senate SF3947 2 03/04/2020 Text icon Latz Peace officer training reimbursement appropriation
Senate SF3945 2 03/04/2020 Text icon Latz Human Rights Act contracting provisions penalty clause establishment
Senate SF3898 2 03/02/2020 Text icon Marty Catalytic converter sales to scrap metal dealers regulation
Senate SF3836 2 03/02/2020 Text icon Bigham Public safety peer support activity and critical incident stress management services admissibility of statements limitations
Senate SF3832 4 03/09/2020 Text icon Dziedzic Marriage license application race data removal
Senate SF3802 2 03/02/2020 Text icon Chamberlain Sentencing for aiding and abetting felony murder task force establishment
Senate SF3756 2 02/27/2020 Text icon Rest Medina to Minneapolis Trunk Highway #55 bus rapid transit corridor alternatives analysis appropriation
Senate SF3688 2 02/27/2020 Text icon Limmer Parental rights termination, custody, and parenting time provisions modification
Senate SF3684 2 02/27/2020 Text icon Latz Public safety department grant funding acceptance authorization
Senate SF3534 2 02/24/2020 Text icon Latz DWI offenders not required to take specified examination as condition of driver's license reinstatement
Senate SF3524 2 02/24/2020 Text icon Dziedzic Automatic sprinkler system installation in certain existing hi-rise buildings requirement
Senate SF3460 2 02/20/2020 Text icon Dziedzic Minneapolis Downtown Commons Park, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and Boom Island Park liquor licenses issuance authorization
Senate SF3427 2 02/20/2020 Text icon Latz Extended jurisdiction juvenile convictions statistics report requirement
Senate SF3426 2 02/20/2020 Text icon Latz Firearms transfers criminal background checks requirement
Senate SF3393 3 03/09/2020 Text icon Clausen Prekindergarten through grade 12 education policy and technical provisions modifications
Senate SF3384 2 02/20/2020 Text icon Marty Private Correctional Facilities Moratorium Act
Senate SF3379 2 02/20/2020 Text icon Latz Peace officers accused of sexual assault bureau of criminal apprehension (BCA) investigation requirement
Senate SF3350 2 02/20/2020 Text icon Latz Reproductive health services and facilities access interference prohibition
Senate SF3326 2 02/20/2020 Text icon Clausen Identity theft crime penalty technical modifications authorization
Senate SF3245 3 02/20/2020 Text icon Mathews Child protection cases court-appointed counsel requirements modification and appropriation
Senate SF3144 3 02/20/2020 Text icon Rosen Violent crime enforcement teams appropriation
Senate SF3074 5 02/20/2020 Text icon Limmer Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) law enforcement agencies use regulation and data classification
Senate SF2986 5 02/17/2020 Text icon Rest Presidential primary voter data access regulation; voters allowed to request exclusion from political party lists
Senate SF2978 4 02/24/2020 Text icon Newman Appeals court opinions criteria for publishing modification
Senate SF2960 2 02/11/2020 Text icon Latz Golden Valley street and highway intersection improvement bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2956 3 02/24/2020 Text icon Chamberlain Individuals subject to human services background checks with expunged criminal records disqualification prohibition
Senate SF2914 5 02/20/2020 Text icon Johnson Transfer to minors provisions modifications
Senate SF2903 4 03/16/2020 Text icon Nelson Policy provisions in appropriation bills expiration authorization
Senate SF2902 4 03/04/2020 Text icon Relph Civil commitment provisions modifications; engagement services pilot project establishment
Senate SF2883 3 05/17/2019 Text icon Limmer Revisor's bill
Senate SF2850 2 04/25/2019 Text icon Newman Prerecognition petition for offenders seeking state occupational licensing authorization
Senate SF2804 2 04/08/2019 Text icon Hall Insurer application for motor vehicle title authorization
Senate SF2792 2 04/04/2019 Text icon Latz Life without release for juveniles modification
Senate SF2761 2 04/01/2019 Text icon Latz Clemency review commission establishment; board of pardons procedures modification; clarifying changes
Senate SF2713 2 03/27/2019 Text icon Latz Teachers Retirement Association (TRA) coverage election authority for a certain state employee authorization
Senate SF2654 2 03/25/2019 Text icon Hayden Marijuana offenses thresholds adjustments
Senate SF2652 2 03/25/2019 Text icon Latz Light rail (LRT) operating and capital maintenance costs state funds use authorization
Senate SF2625 2 03/21/2019 Text icon Latz Public safety, courts, corrections, criminal, and firearm transfer and possession provisions modifications; reporting; penalties; appropriations
Senate SF2624 2 03/21/2019 Text icon Latz Real and personal property taxes defense or objection filing and service provisions modification
Senate SF2568 2 03/18/2019 Text icon Latz Indeterminate sentence release board establishment
Senate SF2530 5 03/16/2020 Text icon Latz Guardians and conservators national criminal history record check requirement; licensing agency data quarterly review requirement
Senate SF2495 4 03/04/2020 Text icon Hawj Postconviction relief petition hearings procedures modification
Senate SF2469 2 03/14/2019 Text icon Latz Interpretive centers construction sales and use tax exemption
Senate SF2468 4 03/28/2019 Text icon Latz Predatory offender registration provisions modifications
Senate SF2449 2 03/14/2019 Text icon Bigham Local correctional officers discipline procedures establishment
Senate SF2394 2 03/13/2019 Text icon Latz Unredacted information to parties in closed cases authorization
Senate SF2393 2 03/13/2019 Text icon Latz Individuals with disabilities interactive process for reasonable accommodation requirements
Senate SF2346 4 04/23/2019 Text icon Wiklund Pediatric autoimmune disorders associated with streptococcal infections (PANDAS) and pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS) treatment health plan coverage requirement
Senate SF2309 2 03/11/2019 Text icon Latz Correctional facilities additional support and clinical staff appropriation
Senate SF2155 4 03/26/2019 Text icon Newman Criminal forfeiture establishment; federal equitable sharing program participation limitation; administrative forfeiture elimination
Senate SF2076 3 03/28/2019 Text icon Latz Hopkins tax increment financing (TIF) special rules modification
Senate SF2057 2 03/07/2019 Text icon Kent Student journalism speech and press rights in grades 6 through 12
Senate SF2034 2 03/04/2019 Text icon Limmer Supplemental nonprofit security grant program extension and appropriation
Senate SF1898 2 02/28/2019 Text icon Nelson Homestead and commercial-industrial property improvements valuation exclusion authorization
Senate SF1855 2 02/28/2019 Text icon Clausen DWI provisions consolidation; DWI committed with recreational vehicles fine distribution modification
Senate SF1720 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Relph Uniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act
Senate SF1710 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Limmer Global positioning service or cell-site location information service inclusion in local tracking practices
Senate SF1683 3 05/12/2020 Text icon Dziedzic Domestic abuse transformation program account creation and appropriation
Senate SF1678 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Latz State and local jail and prison inmates housed in publicly owned and operated jails requirement; private prisons contracting prohibition
Senate SF1670 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Latz Correctional officer positions additional appropriation
Senate SF1648 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Hayden Consumer short-term and small loans interest rates regulation
Senate SF1638 4 04/04/2019 Text icon Hall 911 dispatchers cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction training requirement and appropriation
Senate SF1624 2 02/25/2019 Text icon Anderson, P. Plymouth Creek Center bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1606 4 02/13/2020 Text icon Chamberlain Probation length for certain offenses modification; court granting of early termination and discharge of probation clarification
Senate SF1605 3 02/24/2020 Text icon Latz Reproductive health services and facilities access interference prohibition and criminal penalties establishment
Senate SF1553 2 02/21/2019 Text icon Latz Telecommunication service providers compliance with internet privacy requirements; express approval of disclosure of personally identifiable information requirement; civil liability threshold increase
Senate SF1432 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Dibble Employee username and password privacy protection from employers requirement
Senate SF1431 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Dibble Minnesota Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Senate SF1430 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Dibble Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) use by law enforcement agencies regulation
Senate SF1413 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Bigham Correctional officers discipline procedures revision
Senate SF1376 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Hall Drivers license suspension authority modification and retroactive drivers license reinstatement authorization under certain conditions
Senate SF1375 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Hall Criminal and traffic surcharges reduction or waiver authorization; indigency or hardship court consideration requirement prior to fine imposition; notice requirement
Senate SF1356 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Latz Sholom nursing homes health care worker pilot project appropriation
Senate SF1343 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Johnson Nonprofit organizations as alternatives to juvenile detention grants appropriation
Senate SF1328 2 02/18/2019 Text icon Latz Ignition interlock program participants noncancelable insurance requirement modification
Senate SF1308 3 02/18/2019 Text icon Dziedzic College promise grant program creation; Minnesota accelerated study in associates programs development and implementation requirement; appropriation
Senate SF1307 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Sexual harassment definition clarification
Senate SF1290 5 05/16/2019 Text icon Latz Revisor's bill
Senate SF1263 11 05/17/2019 Text icon Limmer Omnibus data practices bill
Senate SF1256 8 05/13/2020 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Eyewitness identification policies best practices for law enforcement requirement
Senate SF1252 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Cohen Inactive criminal investigative data classification as private data
Senate SF1190 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Champion Voter registration information provided to tenants by landlords requirement
Senate SF1150 2 02/14/2019 Text icon Pappas Crimes of harassment and stalking clarification
Senate SF1149 4 03/04/2019 Text icon Pappas Domestic abuse no contact orders violations addition to list of conduct admissible as evidence in legal proceedings
Senate SF1090 3 03/11/2019 Text icon Latz Corrections ombudsman reestablishment and appropriation
Senate HF1065 7 05/19/2019 50 Text icon Latz Revisor's bill
Senate SF1040 2 02/11/2019 Text icon Rest Plymouth lodging tax imposition authorization
Senate SF1029 3 02/25/2019 Text icon Hayden Litigation proceeds to be appropriated to the commissioner of health for tobacco use prevention activities
Senate SF1005 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Latz Motorcycles underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage requirement
Senate SF1004 6 03/25/2019 Text icon Ingebrigtsen License reinstatement diversion pilot program permanency authorization
Senate SF1002 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Ruud Family Protection Act; property and casualty insurance policy exclusions regulation
Senate SF0985 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Latz Bureau of criminal apprehension (BCA) scientists appropriation
Senate SF0948 4 02/14/2019 Text icon Mathews Building and construction contracts requirements modification and clarification
Senate SF0945 3 03/04/2019 Text icon Torres Ray Early care and education department establishment
Senate SF0904 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Youth intervention programs appropriation
Senate SF0870 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Bigham Presentence investigation report family impact statement inclusion authorization
Senate SF0852 2 02/07/2019 Text icon Senjem St. Louis Park perspectives family center expansion and renovation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0753 9 05/09/2019 Text icon Johnson Omnibus DWI bill
Senate SF0739 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Latz Mail theft crime clarification
Senate SF0738 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Latz Burglary in the third and fourth degrees penalties modifications
Senate SF0737 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Latz DWI forfeiture law application prohibition for persons in the ignition interlock program
Senate SF0736 2 01/31/2019 Text icon Latz Fair Scheduling Act; predictability pay requirement; civil penalties imposition
Senate SF0558 11 05/13/2019 21 Text icon Johnson Public procurement actions original jurisdiction granted to district courts
Senate SF0522 2 01/28/2019 Text icon Pappas Constitutional amendment providing for gender-neutral terms
Senate SF0515 2 01/28/2019 Text icon Torres Ray Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women task force establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0510 3 02/11/2020 Text icon Torres Ray Diabetes mellitus drivers license rules repeal
Senate SF0500 2 01/28/2019 Text icon Dibble Constitutional amendment providing that the right of citizens to be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures includes protection against unreasonable searches and seizures of electronic communications and data
Senate SF0468 4 02/14/2019 Text icon Nelson Rideshare data classification expansion to include all government entities
Senate SF0464 4 02/17/2020 Text icon Hayden Taylor Hayden Gun Violence Prevention Act; appropriation
Senate SF0450 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Clausen Minnesota School Safety Center appropriation
Senate SF0449 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Clausen Conservation officer authority expansion under the DWI law authorization
Senate SF0436 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Latz People posing a significant danger by firearm possession; law enforcement and family members court petition to prohibit possession authorization
Senate SF0434 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Latz Firearms transfers and private party firearms transfers criminal background checks requirement
Senate SF0433 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Latz Telecommunications and internet service providers personal information collection prohibition
Senate SF0410 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Rest Colocated freight rail and light rail transit (LRT) liability limits application modification
Senate SF0406 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Champion Residential tenant report eviction action disclosure condition definition
Senate SF0405 2 01/24/2019 Text icon Champion Individuals subject to human services background studies with expunged criminal records disqualification prohibition
Senate SF0393 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Crime of forgery expansion
Senate SF0342 7 04/10/2019 Text icon Champion Parent petition for reestablishment of the legal parent and child relationship authorization
Senate SF0338 3 02/11/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Tenant notice of grounds for eviction before action may be brought requirement
Senate SF0317 3 01/28/2019 Text icon Latz Internet service providers serving Minnesota customers and those under contract to the state or political subdivisions adherence to net neutrality requirement
Senate SF0292 2 01/22/2019 Text icon Latz Community education revenue program funding increase
Senate SF0262 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Latz Waiver of liability for ordinary negligence involving a consumer service are void and unenforceable
Senate SF0233 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Dibble Criminal defenses and authorization for the use of force relating to victim sexual orientation or identity limitations
Senate SF0230 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Latz Minnesota Human Rights Act reasonable accommodation provisions modifications
Senate SF0228 5 02/21/2019 Text icon Latz DWI offenders examination requirement as a condition of driver license reinstatement exemption
Senate SF0224 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Latz Golden Valley street and highway intersection improvements bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0221 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Latz DWI law license plates impoundment and reissuance procedure modification
Senate SF0220 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Latz Consumer fraud remedies modification
Senate SF0217 3 02/20/2020 Text icon Dziedzic Sexual assault victims and persons assisting victims controlled substance and alcohol violations prosecution immunity
Senate SF0198 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Latz Telecommunications contracts automatic renewal clause subscriber notice requirement
Senate SF0197 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Latz Unsolicited commercial electronic mail messages; recipient directive to unsubscribe (opt-out) implementation deadline; violations enforcement
Senate SF0173 4 04/01/2019 Text icon Latz Incarceration and Exoneration Remedies Act; exonerated persons compensation provisions modification
Senate SF0172 3 01/24/2019 Text icon Latz Sexual harassment investigations disclosure to complainant of personnel data authorization
Senate SF0171 2 01/17/2019 Text icon Latz Peace officer standards and training (POST) board membership expansion
Senate SF0125 5 04/04/2019 Text icon Dziedzic Residential lease requirements modifications
Senate SF0112 6 02/18/2019 Text icon Limmer Criminal gang investigative data retention extension
Senate SF0110 6 01/31/2019 Text icon Limmer Driving without a valid license repeat violations minimum fines establishment and enhanced penalties authorization
Senate SF0109 2 01/14/2019 Text icon Rest School boards expiring referendums renewal authorization
Senate HF0009 3 03/02/2020 Text icon Latz People posing a significant danger by firearm possession; law enforcement and family members court petition to prohibit possession authorization; appropriation
Senate HF0008 3 03/02/2020 Text icon Latz Firearms transfers criminal background checks requirement; transferee permit disqualification grounds modification