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83 Documents Found in Legislative Session 90 (2017-2018)
for Authors of "Laine"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF4113 2 05/19/2018 Text icon Marty Campaign finance provisions modifications; express advocacy definition modification; campaign advertisements disclosures and electioneering communication disclosures requirement
Senate SF4073 2 05/09/2018 Text icon Kent Sexual harassment and discrimination in state agencies investigation office establishment and appropriation
Senate SF4062 2 05/07/2018 Text icon Laine New Brighton Rice Creek railroad bridge demolition and replacement bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF4053 2 04/30/2018 Text icon Simonson Sexual harassment definition clarification
Senate SF3968 2 04/16/2018 Text icon Bigham Internet service providers serving Minnesota customers and contracting to state and political subdivisions adherence to net neutrality requirement
Senate SF3932 2 04/12/2018 Text icon Simonson Family and group family day care providers grants appropriation
Senate SF3931 2 04/12/2018 Text icon Simonson Child care regulation working group establishment and appropriation
Senate HF3819 7 05/15/2018 169 Text icon Laine Ramsey soil and water conservation district discontinuance and duties transfer to the Ramsey county board of commissioners
Senate SF3605 2 03/19/2018 Text icon Pappas Assault weapons manufacturing, transferring or possessing crime establishment; disposal or registration of existing assault weapons authorization
Senate SF3586 2 03/19/2018 Text icon Laine New Brighton Rice Creek railroad bridge demolition and replacement appropriation
Senate SF3457 2 03/15/2018 Text icon Simonson Northern Lights Express and Amtrak passenger rail projects bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3411 6 05/10/2018 Text icon Laine Ramsey soil and water conservation district discontinuance and duties transfer to the Ramsey county board of commissioners
Senate SF3342 5 04/16/2018 Text icon Hawj Resolution requesting that Congress clarify that the rights protected under the Constitution are the rights of natural persons and not the rights of artificial entities and that spending money to influence elections is not speech under the First Amendment; asking that Congress propose a constitutional amendment to provide such a clarification
Senate SF3330 2 03/14/2018 Text icon Dibble Expungement for evictions that are more than three years old requirement
Senate SF3280 3 03/19/2018 Text icon Laine Cremation provisions modifications
Senate SF3257 2 03/12/2018 Text icon Laine Human rights act service animals statutory conformance
Senate SF3200 2 03/12/2018 Text icon Laine Park Plaza Cooperative storm shelter improvements grant appropriation
Senate SF3189 2 03/12/2018 Text icon Laine Columbia Heights marked trunk highway #65 improvements appropriation
Senate SF3164 2 03/12/2018 Text icon Marty Campaign contributions acceptance conflict of interest establishment; penalties, lobbyist contributions disclosure requirements; public subsidy payments for candidates provisions modifications
Senate SF3067 3 03/21/2018 Text icon Relph Domestic violence and sexual assault prevention program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF3027 2 03/08/2018 Text icon Laine Statewide dangerous dog database establishment, animal control authorities authorization to implant microchips in some dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs establishment
Senate SF3009 4 03/15/2018 Text icon Dibble Peace officers who have sexual relations with persons in custody criminal penalties establishment
Senate SF2969 2 03/05/2018 Text icon Isaacson Firearm transfers criminal background checks requirement
Senate SF2959 5 05/01/2018 Text icon Latz Semiautomatic military-style assault weapon minimum age to possess raised; semiautomatic military-style assault weapon definition expansion; semiautomatic military-style assault weapon transfer to underage persons crime
Senate SF2837 3 03/21/2018 Text icon Koran Housing infrastructure bonds used to finance manufactured housing park infrastructure for lease to low-and moderate-income manufactured home owners authorization
Senate SF2830 2 03/01/2018 Text icon Koran Manufactured home park infrastructure grants appropriation
Senate SF2827 2 03/01/2018 Text icon Hayden Constitutional amendment providing for gender equality under the law
Senate SF2771 2 03/01/2018 Text icon Pappas Ramsey county St. Paul Landmark Center bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2750 6 04/09/2018 Text icon Marty Nonconsensual, intentional touching of another person's clothed buttocks fifth degree criminal sexual conduct exclusion elimination
Senate SF2730 2 02/26/2018 Text icon Laine Fifth degree criminal sexual conduct crime expansion
Senate SF2729 3 05/08/2018 Text icon Laine MFIP and general assistance (GA) cash grants increase and appropriation
Senate SF2728 2 02/26/2018 Text icon Laine Nonprofit health maintenance organizations (HMO) net earnings use requirements establishment
Senate SF2601 4 03/05/2018 Text icon Isaacson Semiautomatic firearm slide-fire stock defined as trigger activator
Senate SF2595 2 02/22/2018 Text icon Cohen Resolution condemning white nationalists and neo-Nazi organizations and urging the President and Congress to recognize criminal elements of these groups as domestic terrorist organizations
Senate SF2416 2 05/21/2017 Text icon Wiklund Manufactured home park closing requirements modifications
Senate SF2407 2 05/18/2017 Text icon Dibble LGBTQI Minnesotans council establishment
Senate SF2393 3 03/27/2018 Text icon Koran Water tank service contracts bidding exception modification
Senate SF2259 3 03/28/2017 Text icon Laine For Jake's Sake Foundation grant for drug abuse prevention instruction appropriation
Senate SF2223 3 03/28/2017 Text icon Hawj Somali Museum of Minnesota grant appropriation
Senate SF2204 3 04/03/2017 Text icon Eaton Sulfide ore bodies mining permits restrictions imposition
Senate SF2200 2 03/20/2017 Text icon Eaton Christopher Columbus statue on Capitol mall engraving change
Senate SF2184 3 04/03/2017 Text icon Carlson Campaign finance and public disclosure provisions modifications; electioneering communications disclosure requirement
Senate SF2154 2 03/16/2017 Text icon Pappas Capital investment bill
Senate SF2003 2 03/09/2017 Text icon Marty Health insurance coverage for nutritional supplements for persons with liver or pancreas diseases authorization
Senate SF1993 2 03/09/2017 Text icon Laine Aquatic invasive species grants appropriation
Senate SF1992 3 03/13/2017 Text icon Laine New Brighton aquatic invasive species grant appropriation
Senate SF1991 3 03/13/2017 Text icon Laine Cancer incidence data collection specific rulers adoption requirement
Senate SF1976 2 03/09/2017 Text icon Marty Conference committee and budget negotiations open to public requirement; public officials economic interests disclosure modification; former public servants lobbying restriction and disclosure; lobbying activity reports; campaign contributions disclosure; expressly advocating and electioneering modifications
Senate SF1959 4 03/16/2017 Text icon Abeler Minnesota Community of African People with Disabilities grant appropriation
Senate SF1837 3 03/13/2017 Text icon Koran School construction near former landfills prohibition; schools located near former landfills notice requirement
Senate SF1728 2 03/02/2017 Text icon Eaton Recovery schools ongoing funding grants establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1638 2 03/01/2017 Text icon Kent Publicly owned stadiums and certain other facilities oversight, record keeping and reports requirements
Senate SF1526 2 02/27/2017 Text icon Mathews Counties multiple county mortgage tax payments forwarding to the commissioner of revenue requirement
Senate SF1401 3 02/27/2017 Text icon Laine Unclaimed property requirements provisions modifications and appropriation
Senate SF1393 2 02/23/2017 Text icon Laine Data practices act and open meeting law expansion to include legislative branch authorization
Senate SF1373 2 02/23/2017 Text icon Laine Income tax subtraction for social security benefits authorization
Senate SF1250 2 02/22/2017 Text icon Limmer Trunk highway #610 interchange project bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1245 5 05/08/2017 Text icon Mathews Claims payment requirements modification
Senate SF1160 3 03/13/2017 Text icon Franzen Gifted and talented funding appropriation increase
Senate SF1084 2 02/16/2017 Text icon Marty Bell Museum of Natural History expanded programming, operations and maintenance appropriation
Senate SF1083 2 02/16/2017 Text icon Marty Former legislators and certain legislative employees lobbying activities prohibition
Senate SF0934 2 02/13/2017 Text icon Laine Resolution urging Congress and the President of the United States to adopt an "American Recovery" program
Senate SF0873 3 03/20/2017 Text icon Hoffman Child care providers training requirements modification
Senate SF0848 2 02/13/2017 Text icon Abeler Anoka county competitive employment for transition age youth pilot program establishment and grant appropriation
Senate SF0759 2 02/09/2017 Text icon Laine United States presidential and vice presidential candidates income tax returns submission filing requirement and data redaction
Senate SF0741 2 02/09/2017 Text icon Koran Manufactured home park cooperatives shareholders ground lease payments inclusion in homestead credit state refund
Senate SF0607 3 02/06/2017 Text icon Carlson 16-year olds voting pre-registration authorization
Senate SF0585 2 02/02/2017 Text icon Laine Landlords charging prospective tenants more than the actual cost of a tenant screening service prohibition
Senate SF0324 3 05/10/2017 Text icon Laine Legislature joint budget targets and legislative records and meetings expanded public access study and recommendations requirements
Senate SF0323 2 01/23/2017 Text icon Laine Driver's license, instruction permit, and identification (ID) card applicants automatic voter registration
Senate SF0308 2 01/23/2017 Text icon Laine Rice Creek regional trail crossing on Silver Lake road in New Brighton appropriation
Senate SR0259 2 05/14/2018 Text icon Laine A Senate resolution commending Deundra Rashawn Roberson, Jamario Deundra Roberson, and Deundra Roberson, Jr. on receiving the Citizens Award of Commendation
Senate SF0223 3 01/23/2017 Text icon Laine Minnesota health plan, Minnesota health board, Minnesota health fund, office of health quality and planning, ombudsman for patient advocacy and auditor general for the Minnesota health plan creation and appropriation
Senate SF0212 3 01/23/2017 Text icon Laine Dependent care income tax credit modification
Senate SF0196 2 01/19/2017 Text icon Dziedzic Minneapolis emergency operations center and fire training facility grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0147 2 01/17/2017 Text icon Newton Budget reserve level increase
Senate SF0122 5 02/22/2017 Text icon Nelson Resolution expressing concern over persistent and credible reports of systematic, state-sanctioned, forced organ harvesting from nonconsenting prisoners of conscience, primarily from Falun Gong practitioners imprisoned for their spiritual beliefs, and members of other religious and ethnic minority groups in the People's Republic of China
Senate SF0079 2 01/11/2017 Text icon Laine New Brighton driver's license agent modification as a full-service driver licensing office by the commissioner of public safety
Senate SR0055 2 03/07/2017 Text icon Laine A Senate resolution in appreciation of Springbrook Nature Center
Senate SR0053 2 02/23/2017 Text icon Laine A Senate resolution honoring Colby Hansen of Fridley for his bravery and service to his community
Senate SR0035 2 02/02/2017 Text icon Pappas A Senate resolution recognizing a "Day of Remembrance" for Minnesota Japanese Americans who were incarcerated during World War II and who served in the United States Military
Senate SR0019 2 01/11/2017 Text icon Laine A Senate resolution congratulating Dylan Thomas Evans of St. Anthony, Minnesota, for receiving the Eagle Award
Senate SF0010 5 01/19/2017 Text icon Wiger Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote