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163 Documents Found in Legislative Session 89 (2015-2016)
for Authors of "Rest"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF3573 2 04/21/2016 Text icon Reinert Duluth Central high school private development sales and use tax exemption authorization
Senate SF3570 2 04/21/2016 Text icon Dziedzic State-funded landscaping capital improvement projects pollinator friendly requirement
Senate SF3566 2 04/21/2016 Text icon Dziedzic Tax forfeited lands eviction, sale, and property disposal provisions modifications
Senate SF3526 2 04/14/2016 Text icon Nelson Income and corporate franchise tax research credit modification
Senate SF3488 2 04/07/2016 Text icon Dziedzic Clean Water Legacy Act goals implementation modification
Senate SF3478 4 04/21/2016 Text icon Hawj Citizenship income tax credit allowance and appropriation
Senate SF3450 4 04/21/2016 Text icon Dziedzic Nameless job application review process implementation income and corporate franchise tax credit imposition
Senate SF3433 2 04/04/2016 Text icon Rest Tax increment financing (TIF) permitted use clarification
Senate SF3312 5 04/01/2016 Text icon Rest Drones operation regulation
Senate SF3255 3 03/31/2016 Text icon Skoe Middle class families tax reductions; loophole closings; tax fairness provisions; federal update; railroad recodification; tobacco taxes; corporate tax reform; appropriation
Senate SF3145 3 03/24/2016 Text icon Dibble Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote
Senate SF3140 5 04/27/2016 Text icon Kent Driving instructor license applicants criminal history background checks requirement
Senate SF3093 2 03/23/2016 Text icon Skoe Sales and use taxes collection requirements modification
Senate SF3073 3 03/23/2016 Text icon Wiklund Mall of American Hiawatha light rail transit (LRT) station improvement grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF3065 3 03/23/2016 Text icon Limmer Kindergarten through grade 12 students school-related online computer services personally identifiable information privacy protection
Senate SF3036 2 03/21/2016 Text icon Hoffman Higher education students with intellectual and developmental disabilities pilot program implementation at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU)
Senate SF3033 2 03/21/2016 Text icon Eaton Acupuncture services health plan coverage requirement; health professionals opioid alternatives continuing education requirement
Senate SF3029 2 03/21/2016 Text icon Rosen Fire damaged buildings property tax exemption, aid adjustments, and construction projects sales tax exemption
Senate SF3001 11 05/16/2016 Text icon Rest Workforce development board creation; workforce development and economic development provisions modifications
Senate SF2985 11 05/21/2016 162 Text icon Rest Presidential primary establishment
Senate SF2941 3 03/21/2016 Text icon Bonoff State primary elections date changes
Senate SF2920 2 03/17/2016 Text icon Skoe Miscellaneous tax provisions modifications
Senate SF2918 2 03/17/2016 Text icon Skoe Property, income, estate and sales tax technical and clarifying provisions modifications
Senate SF2916 4 03/24/2016 Text icon Franzen Girls of color to explore and pursue STEM careers pilot grant program appropriation
Senate SF2884 2 03/17/2016 Text icon Rest Tax refund claim filing time limit modification
Senate SF2850 10 04/21/2016 84 Text icon Senjem State capitol preservation commission capitol grand reopening fund-raising authorization
Senate SF2826 4 03/29/2016 Text icon Skoe Dental care provider tax credit establishment and appropriation
Senate SF2730 5 04/07/2016 Text icon Rest Small business development center services modification and appropriation
Senate SF2607 3 03/17/2016 Text icon Eaton Addiction medicine graduate medical education fellowship grant program appropriation
Senate SF2586 2 03/14/2016 Text icon Rest Working family income tax credit modification
Senate SF2578 5 04/18/2016 Text icon Koenen Tax time savings grant program creation and appropriation
Senate SF2573 2 03/10/2016 Text icon Dziedzic Qualified small business certification requirements modification
Senate SF2545 2 03/10/2016 Text icon Bonoff Charter schools cash flow adjustment modification
Senate SF2473 4 04/28/2016 Text icon Rosen Volunteer firefighters service credit, pension eligibility and joint powers fire department provisions modifications
Senate SF2448 6 03/23/2016 Text icon Schmit Broadband state goals update
Senate SF2436 4 04/01/2016 Text icon Rest Income, franchise, and property tax refund provisions federal law conformance and administrative mechanism for future federal changes; account creation; money transfer
Senate SF2412 5 03/21/2016 Text icon Bonoff Clinical drug trial participation prohibition for persons subject to emergency admission or apprehend and hold orders
Senate SF2394 2 03/08/2016 Text icon Wiger Referendum equalization revenue, aid, and levy calculation modification
Senate SF2374 3 03/10/2016 Text icon Rest Sales and use tax collection requirements modifications
Senate SF2370 3 03/10/2016 Text icon Bonoff Southwest Minnesota State University special education teacher program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF2339 2 03/08/2016 Text icon Eaton Hennepin technical college advanced manufacturing integration and revitalization phase 1 bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2288 3 03/10/2016 Text icon Rest Income tax refundable credit for parents of stillborn children authorization
Senate SF2250 2 03/08/2016 Text icon Rest Uncashed rebate or property tax refund warrant or check reissuance limitation removal
Senate SF2249 3 03/14/2016 Text icon Rest Local governments sales and use taxes exemption effective dates acceleration
Senate SF2248 2 03/08/2016 Text icon Rest St. Louis River estuary and Duluth harbor and bay cleanup bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2210 2 05/16/2015 Text icon Rest Electricity, natural or artificial gas, propane and water sold to restaurants sales and use tax rate reduction
Senate SF2209 2 05/16/2015 Text icon Rest Prepared food donation income tax credit establishment
Senate SF2132 3 03/30/2016 Text icon Benson Original birth records and adoption related information access provisions modifications and appropriation
Senate SF2099 2 04/17/2015 Text icon Dziedzic Tobacco products tax structure for moist snuff modification
Senate SF2067 2 04/13/2015 Text icon Rest Senate building appropriations
Senate SF2032 4 03/10/2016 Text icon Kent Woodbury playground construction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2028 2 04/09/2015 Text icon Rest Income tax sourcing rules for board member performance of services income sales factor determinations
Senate SF2000 2 03/26/2015 Text icon Bonoff Commuter rail transit feasibility study and appropriation
Senate SF1957 2 03/25/2015 Text icon Reinert Lake Superior college railroad and pipeline emergency responders training program appropriation
Senate SF1916 2 03/19/2015 Text icon Skoe Towns or townships local assessor office termination authorization
Senate SF1875 2 03/18/2015 Text icon Rest Sales tax exemption expansion to nonprofit groups
Senate SF1855 2 03/18/2015 Text icon Rest Local governments ranked-choice voting as the method for voting on local offices authorization
Senate SF1834 2 03/18/2015 Text icon Rest Teacher mentorship programs expansion, development and implementation requirements; taxable income modifications; appropriation
Senate SF1833 2 03/18/2015 Text icon Rest School year-long student teaching program inclusion in teacher preparation programs, grants and appropriation
Senate SF1819 2 03/16/2015 Text icon Eaton Urban initiative board membership expansion; African heritage urban challenge grants authorization
Senate SF1808 2 03/16/2015 Text icon Johnson Compulsory age for school instruction modification
Senate SF1807 2 03/16/2015 Text icon Jensen Minnesota state colleges and universities (MnSCU) transfer curriculum establishment
Senate SF1806 2 03/16/2015 Text icon Rest Drugs and pharmaceutical ingredients used for weight loss medical assistance (MA) coverage
Senate SF1804 4 03/25/2015 Text icon Kent Advanced placement and international baccalaureate program requirements clarification and appropriation
Senate SF1784 5 03/23/2015 Text icon Rest Needs of hearing-impaired people capital improvement projects inclusion requirement
Senate SF1705 5 03/23/2015 Text icon Dziedzic Railroad liability for certain types of damages and response reimbursements clarifications
Senate SF1702 2 03/12/2015 Text icon Rest Sales and use taxation vendor allowance
Senate SF1695 2 03/12/2015 Text icon Rest General sales tax and metropolitan area sales tax rates modifications
Senate SF1678 2 03/12/2015 Text icon Rest Individual income tax returns free electronic filing requirement and appropriation
Senate SF1660 2 03/12/2015 Text icon Dahle Local government alternative Web site publication requirement
Senate SF1656 2 03/12/2015 Text icon Sieben Hazardous chemicals in children's products labeling requirement
Senate SF1648 6 03/21/2016 Text icon Dibble Transportation public-private partnership pilot projects program establishment and implementation
Senate SF1636 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Skoe Electric generation systems personal property tax elimination and new valuation method authorization
Senate SF1635 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Rest Charter schools alternative special education aid payment modification
Senate SF1629 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Rest Public building and infrastructure public-private partnership agreements adoption
Senate SF1617 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Nelson Harassment restraining order actions modifications
Senate SF1616 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Nelson Early learning scholarships administration provision modification
Senate SF1615 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Nelson K-12 education expense income tax credit modification
Senate SF1597 6 04/30/2015 Text icon Rest Firefighters licensure requirements modifications
Senate SF1596 4 03/18/2015 Text icon Rest Economic development incentive programs legislative auditor evaluation requirement and appropriation
Senate SF1559 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Skoe Income, corporate franchise, estate, excise, special, property and other miscellaneous taxes and provisions policy changes
Senate SF1558 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Skoe Income and corporate franchise, estate, sales and use, special, property and other taxes and provisions technical and clarifying changes
Senate SF1557 2 03/11/2015 Text icon Rest State general levy amount reduction and automatic inflation elimination
Senate SF1466 6 03/18/2015 Text icon Rest Driver's license and unemployment insurance data sharing authorization; employment and economic development department (DEED) solicitation and proposal authorization
Senate SF1456 5 03/25/2015 Text icon Rest Historic preservation corps creation
Senate SF1418 2 03/05/2015 Text icon Rest Contact lens pricing and distribution regulations
Senate SF1354 3 04/09/2015 Text icon Rest Tax court prior appropriation clarification
Senate SF1338 2 03/04/2015 Text icon Rest Railroad companies annual assessment requirement
Senate SF1316 2 03/04/2015 Text icon Latz Golden Valley street and highway intersection improvements grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1308 2 03/04/2015 Text icon Rest Public finance provisions modifications
Senate SF1253 2 03/02/2015 Text icon Rest Technology corporate franchise tax certificate transfer program establishment
Senate SF1251 9 04/09/2015 Text icon Rest Hennepin county railroad condemnation power limitation
Senate SF1242 2 03/02/2015 Text icon Dibble Road-user charge working group establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1192 4 03/25/2015 Text icon Dziedzic Cigarette and tobacco products state retail license establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1151 2 02/26/2015 Text icon Hayden Incarcerated persons actual residence use for redistricting purposes requirement
Senate SF1110 5 04/21/2015 Text icon Rest West Metro education program FAIR school buildings conveyance
Senate SF1102 2 02/23/2015 Text icon Rest Motor vehicle lease sales tax revenue allocation modification
Senate SF1099 7 03/19/2015 Text icon Rest Children's products chemicals of high concern presence reporting and regulation
Senate SF1082 2 02/23/2015 Text icon Rest Accountancy board CPA firm permits issuance or renewal criteria expansion
Senate SF1074 4 03/23/2015 Text icon Rest Rail track connection construction projects environmental impact statement (EIS) requirement
Senate SF1055 2 02/23/2015 Text icon Skoe Estate tax exclusion amount and exclusion amount portability between spouses modifications
Senate SF1040 6 04/11/2016 Text icon Pratt Watercraft and motor vehicles transfer-on-death of title provisions; motor vehicle sales tax exemption
Senate SF1015 2 02/23/2015 Text icon Rest Golden Valley DeCola Ponds and Medicine Lake Road watershed flood reduction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1004 2 02/23/2015 Text icon Carlson Metropolitan council nominating committee membership modification
Senate SF0993 2 02/19/2015 Text icon Rest Tax increment financing (TIF) provisions modifications
Senate SF0983 5 04/21/2015 Text icon Rest Special fuel excise tax rate on compressed natural gas modification
Senate SF0977 2 02/19/2015 Text icon Dziedzic Pollinator-friendly neighborhood program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0954 2 02/19/2015 Text icon Rest Crystal, Golden Valley, New Hope joint water supply line and Robbinsdale sanitary sewer and water line bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0918 7 03/14/2016 Text icon Rest Railroad trains with freight two-person crew requirement
Senate SF0916 2 02/19/2015 Text icon Clausen Teacher-powered schools grants and appropriation
Senate SF0895 3 02/23/2015 Text icon Sparks Voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) services and Internet protocol (IP)-enabled services regulation prohibition
Senate SF0886 8 04/16/2015 Text icon Rest Resolution memorializing the surface transportation board to order an environmental impact statement for railroad connector track construction in Crystal
Senate SF0885 2 02/16/2015 Text icon Rest Crystal highway-rail grade separation construction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0882 2 02/16/2015 Text icon Rest Plymouth highway-rail grade separation construction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0881 4 04/07/2015 Text icon Rest Estate taxes apportionment modification
Senate SF0879 2 02/16/2015 Text icon Bonoff Plymouth ice center renovation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0867 2 02/16/2015 Text icon Dibble Fire safety account appropriation
Senate SF0839 3 03/11/2015 Text icon Rest Cosmetology mobile salon regulations and appropriation
Senate SF0838 2 02/16/2015 Text icon Skoe Budget reserve account buyback level conformance with most recent forecast and report modifications
Senate SF0837 2 02/16/2015 Text icon Rest Estate and gift tax date extension computation modification, amended returns authorization, and appropriation
Senate SF0835 2 02/16/2015 Text icon Osmek Metropolitan council members staggered terms and membership modification
Senate SF0831 2 02/16/2015 Text icon Skoe Vendors sales and use tax liability electronic remittance electronic notification requirement
Senate SF0828 2 02/16/2015 Text icon Rest Tax forfeited lands unpaid balance of purchase price interest rate reduction
Senate SF0826 6 05/01/2015 Text icon Skoe Omnibus tax bill
Senate SF0802 3 03/09/2015 Text icon Rest Accountancy examinations and peer reviews standards modifications and rulemaking
Senate SF0779 3 03/25/2015 Text icon Sieben Minnesota paid family and medical leave program analysis, report requirement and appropriation
Senate SF0745 2 02/12/2015 Text icon Rest Individual income and estate taxation domicile definition modification
Senate SF0674 11 05/05/2015 Text icon Marty Personal care products containing microbeads sale prohibition
Senate SF0627 4 05/05/2015 Text icon Reinert Personal care products containing microbeads sale prohibition
Senate SF0553 3 02/12/2015 Text icon Torres Ray Recess policy for elementary school students requirement
Senate SF0532 3 03/26/2015 Text icon Rest Contractor construction materials purchase for public entities sales and use tax exemption modification
Senate HF0510 8 05/04/2015 10 Text icon Rest Hennepin county board certificate of approved law secretary of state filing
Senate SF0507 4 02/12/2015 Text icon Marty Personal care products containing microbeads sale prohibition
Senate SF0493 2 02/02/2015 Text icon Rest Bottineau light rail transit (LRT) bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0492 4 03/08/2016 Text icon Eken Legislative and congressional districts apportionment and redistricting commission establishment
Senate SF0446 2 02/02/2015 Text icon Dziedzic State band appropriation
Senate SF0394 2 01/29/2015 Text icon Tomassoni Assistive technology grant establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0389 5 03/26/2015 Text icon Rest Infant and child car seats general sales and use tax exemption
Senate SF0388 2 01/29/2015 Text icon Rest Athletic training for youth and adults nonprofit organizations sales and use tax exemption
Senate SF0354 2 01/29/2015 Text icon Gazelka Property taxes late payments uniform penalty
Senate SF0343 4 03/19/2015 Text icon Kent National association of sport and physical education kindergarten through grade 12 standards and benchmarks adoption requirement
Senate SF0308 2 01/26/2015 Text icon Reinert USS Minnesota commissioning committee grant appropriation
Senate SF0305 2 01/26/2015 Text icon Rest Research income tax credit rate increase and limited refundability authorization
Senate SF0272 4 02/19/2015 Text icon Rest State band free rehearsal and storage space
Senate SF0269 8 04/21/2015 Text icon Rest Aviation taxes dedication to the state airports fund
Senate SR0257 2 03/21/2016 Text icon Bonoff A Senate resolution congratulating the Wayzata High School boys hockey team on winning the 2015 State High School Class AA boys hockey championship
Senate SF0229 11 05/15/2015 45 Text icon Koenen Lawful gambling modifications; casino style games prohibition; play at the pump, ATM, and internet lottery ticket sales prohibition and suspension
Senate SF0214 2 01/20/2015 Text icon Carlson Campaign finance provisions modifications; expressly advocating definition modification; electioneering communications regulations; prorating modification
Senate SF0190 2 01/20/2015 Text icon Franzen Bullion coin sales and use tax exemption
Senate SF0169 2 01/20/2015 Text icon Brown National Guard dual status military technicians individual income tax subtraction allowance
Senate SF0129 2 01/15/2015 Text icon Rest Property tax refund additional amount modification
Senate SF0110 5 03/04/2015 Text icon Rest Hennepin county board certificate of approved law secretary of state filing
Senate SF0109 2 01/15/2015 Text icon Rest Golden Valley nursing facility operating rate
Senate SF0071 3 01/20/2015 Text icon Osmek Metropolitan council member appointment local approval requirement and removal method
Senate SF0052 4 01/20/2015 Text icon Skoe Destination medical center state aid payments computation modification
Senate SF0051 4 01/15/2015 Text icon Skoe Minnesota working family credit funding clarification
Senate SF0050 7 01/22/2015 Text icon Skoe Income tax federal conformance provisions; individual income tax returns for certain IRA rollovers of airline payments modification
Senate SF0042 2 01/08/2015 Text icon Rest Working family credit one-time funding mechanism clarification; temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) block grants as funding source for working family credit removal
Senate SF0040 2 01/08/2015 Text icon Gazelka Income tax subtraction for military retirement pay
Senate SF0039 4 02/19/2015 Text icon Hoffman Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act
Senate SF0038 2 01/08/2015 Text icon Rest Income tax research credit certification requirement
Senate SF0008 3 03/11/2015 Text icon Skoe Accelerated sales and use tax remittance requirements elimination and repeal
Senate SF0004 5 03/09/2015 Text icon Sheran Child maltreatment reports screening modifications