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77 Documents Found in Legislative Session 88 (2013-2014)
for Authors of "Petersen, B."

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF2985 2 05/13/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Right to Try Act
Senate SF2981 2 05/09/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Minnesota residents freedom from loss of disposition under the law of war authorization
Senate SF2921 2 03/28/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Right to carry a firearm without a permit authorization
Senate SF2899 2 03/26/2014 Text icon Thompson Super Bowl additional public money offer prohibition
Senate SF2875 2 03/21/2014 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Legislative office building construction authority repeal
Senate SF2854 2 03/21/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Liberty Preservation Act
Senate SF2852 2 03/21/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Second Amendment Preservation Act
Senate SF2849 2 03/21/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Anoka county U.S highway #10 right-of-way acquisition for ten expansion (R.A.T.E.) bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2846 2 03/20/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. School districts and public employees public meeting requirement for negotiations modification
Senate SF2822 2 03/20/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. School district location equity revenue school district eligibility expansion
Senate SF2821 2 03/20/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Public employment labor relations negotiation procedures public meeting provision modification
Senate SF2789 2 03/19/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Government entities search warrants requirement
Senate SF2783 2 03/19/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Controlled substance criminal sentences and sentencing guidelines commission modifications
Senate SF2688 2 03/17/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Electronic device tracking data search warrant requirement
Senate SF2687 2 03/17/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) law enforcement use regulation
Senate SF2540 4 03/17/2014 Text icon Hoffman Practice or student teachers placement limitation
Senate SF2509 4 03/19/2014 Text icon Kiffmeyer Trunk highway #101, U.S. highway #10 and U.S. Highway #169 intersection construction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2474 4 04/09/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Anoka county U.S. highway #10 freeway project grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2466 15 05/14/2014 278 Text icon Petersen, B. Law enforcement electronic device (cell phone) location information data tracking warrant requirement
Senate SF2412 2 03/06/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Minnesota management and budget (MMB) capital investment projects borrowed funds use limitations
Senate SF2382 2 03/06/2014 Text icon Pratt Teachers unrequested leave of absence provisions modification
Senate SF2214 9 05/08/2014 Text icon Champion Expungement of criminal records and eviction records provisions modifications
Senate SF2213 2 03/03/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Teachers performance-based pay system establishment
Senate SF2130 2 03/03/2014 Text icon Chamberlain Electronic and precision equipment and commercial and industrial machinery repair and maintenance sales and use tax repeal; telecommunications equipment sales and use tax exemption reinstatement
Senate SF2066 12 05/02/2014 193 Text icon Dibble Data practices and personal data privacy legislative commission establishment
Senate SF2052 2 02/27/2014 Text icon Thompson Telecommunications and television services machinery and equipment purchase sales and use tax exemption
Senate SF2038 3 03/06/2014 Text icon Nienow Motor vehicles event data recorders data collection standards establishment
Senate SF2037 2 02/27/2014 Text icon Nienow Law enforcement searches and seizures drone usage prohibition
Senate SF1976 2 02/27/2014 Text icon Osmek Brewer taprooms Sunday sales authorization
Senate SF1873 2 02/25/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Teacher unrequested leave of absence provisions modifications
Senate SF1670 2 05/17/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Gasoline sales below cost repeal
Senate SF1669 2 05/17/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. National identification card implementation prohibition
Senate SF1641 11 05/06/2014 Text icon Dibble Medical cannabis (maijuana) use authorization
Senate SF1620 2 04/19/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Unfunded education mandates prohibition
Senate SF1604 2 04/16/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Minnesota Vikings stadium state commitment reduction
Senate SF1590 2 04/11/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Industrial Hemp Development Act
Senate SF1567 2 04/08/2013 Text icon Westrom Abortion state health programs funding limitation
Senate SF1551 3 04/01/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Seat belt violation as primary offense prohibition
Senate SF1467 3 04/04/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Military training or service programs academic credit award standards modifications
Senate SF1357 3 05/01/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Health clubs notification of members of criminal incidents involving child members requirement
Senate SF1356 2 03/13/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. U.S. highway #10 transportation improvement projects bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1348 3 03/20/2013 Text icon Thompson Firearms and ammunition regulations and modifications
Senate SF1279 2 03/11/2013 Text icon Johnson Charter schools serving at-risk student populations additional accountability measures establishment
Senate SF1112 2 03/07/2013 Text icon Johnson Electronic lottery terminals establishment
Senate SF0938 3 05/01/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Longitudinal educational data system improvements and expansion requirements and appropriations
Senate SF0925 14 05/10/2013 Text icon Dibble Marriage between two persons authorization
Senate SF0920 2 02/28/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Teacher unrequested leave of absence provisions modifications
Senate SF0859 2 02/28/2013 Text icon Torres Ray Teacher evaluations meet and confer process requirement
Senate SF0849 3 03/11/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Sunday liquor sales authorization on the date of the 2014 Super Bowl
Senate SF0848 3 05/01/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Property tax partial payments for additional charges collection authority
Senate SF0847 3 05/01/2014 Text icon Petersen, B. Prekindergarten expenditures income tax subtraction authorization
Senate SF0836 3 04/25/2013 Text icon Bonoff Charter school contracts accountability measures expansion
Senate SF0776 2 02/25/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Equity and opportunity in education income tax credit establishment
Senate SF0648 2 02/21/2013 Text icon Hoffman Coon Rapids U.S. highway #10 third lane addition bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0635 2 02/21/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Constitutional amendment providing that the right of citizens to keep, bear and use arms for certain purposes is fundamental and shall not be infringed
Senate SF0569 4 03/07/2013 Text icon Hoffman Equalization levies increase and indexing authorization for property tax relief
Senate SF0548 4 02/25/2013 Text icon Miller Free educational, instructional, and training courses regulation exemption
Senate SF0483 2 02/14/2013 Text icon Nienow Choice scholarships creation
Senate SF0419 3 02/28/2013 Text icon Clausen School district compensatory revenue use for early education efforts and parental outreach authorization
Senate SF0378 4 02/18/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Ramsey U.S. highway #10 and Armstrong Boulevard interchange bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0362 2 02/11/2013 Text icon Stumpf Charter school aid payments provisions modification
Senate SF0334 2 02/07/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Education tax credit modification
Senate SR0262 2 05/14/2014 Text icon Hoffman A Senate resolution honoring Superintendent Dennis Carlson on his retirement
Senate SF0251 2 02/04/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Compensatory revenue pilot project grants appropriation for certain school districts
Senate SF0225 3 02/11/2013 Text icon Reinert Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day liquor sales authorization
Senate SR0220 2 04/22/2014 Text icon Johnson A Senate resolution honoring the Coon Rapids lions Club on the 60th anniversary
Senate SF0218 3 02/04/2013 Text icon Chamberlain Honorary military service prior offense presumption of rehabilitation establishment
Senate SF0214 2 01/31/2013 Text icon Anderson Lawful gambling organizations minimum gross receipts annual audit requirement and electronic pull-tab games and linked electronic bingo receipts deposit requirement changes
Senate SF0213 2 01/31/2013 Text icon Anderson Income tax credit for past military service eligibility modification
Senate SF0208 8 04/04/2014 Text icon Anderson Veterans Honor and Remember Flag designation as a symbol of recognition and honor for fallen military service members
Senate SF0195 2 01/31/2013 Text icon Anderson Military service income tax credit income-based reduction decrease
Senate SF0189 2 01/31/2013 Text icon Johnson School lunch aid state reimbursement increase
Senate SF0161 3 01/31/2013 Text icon Wiger Property tax exemption for electric generation facility personal property
Senate SF0146 3 02/14/2013 Text icon Hayden School lunch aid program provisions modification and appropriation
Senate SF0100 2 01/24/2013 Text icon Johnson Public employee retirement durational time limit modification for non public employees retirement association (PERA) members
Senate SF0097 4 01/31/2013 Text icon Ingebrigtsen 2025 renewable energy standards abolishment
Senate SF0004 8 03/17/2014 Text icon Bakk Constitutional amendment for a three-fifths legislative majority requirement for proposed constitutional amendment submission to voters