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53 Documents Found in Legislative Session 88 (2013-2014)
for Authors of "Thompson"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF2982 2 05/12/2014 Text icon Chamberlain Capital investment bonding bill
Senate SF2907 2 03/26/2014 Text icon Thompson S corporation and partnership income tax subtraction
Senate SF2899 2 03/26/2014 Text icon Thompson Super Bowl additional public money offer prohibition
Senate SF2813 2 03/19/2014 Text icon Thompson Hydroelectric generation capacity limitation elimination
Senate SF2808 2 03/19/2014 Text icon Chamberlain Legislative office building construction authority repeal
Senate SF2636 2 03/12/2014 Text icon Benson Family child care providers collective bargaining authorization repeal
Senate SF2590 2 03/12/2014 Text icon Housley Income tax subtraction for military retirement pay; federal subtractions modification
Senate SF2589 2 03/12/2014 Text icon Housley High school students with disabilities authority to transfer between schools without affecting eligibility for varsity competition
Senate SF2386 2 03/06/2014 Text icon Eaton Dentists administration of influenza vaccinations authorization
Senate SF2385 2 03/06/2014 Text icon Rest Interest rate payments on delinquent property taxes modification
Senate SF2361 2 03/06/2014 Text icon Thompson Federal conformity of individual income tax and corporate franchise taxes; sales tax exemptions modifications; estate and gift tax repeal provisions
Senate SF2200 3 03/04/2014 Text icon Chamberlain Education assessment reporting requirements to parents modification
Senate SF2151 4 04/08/2014 Text icon Clausen Innovative delivery of education services and sharing district resources pilot project clarification
Senate SF2052 2 02/27/2014 Text icon Thompson Telecommunications and television services machinery and equipment purchase sales and use tax exemption
Senate SF2051 2 02/27/2014 Text icon Thompson Storage and warehouse services tax repeal
Senate SF1991 4 03/12/2014 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Intermediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities (ICF/DD) and home and community-based providers reimbursement rates modifications and appropriation
Senate SF1983 3 03/10/2014 Text icon Rest Aircraft in lieu taxation rates schedule clarification
Senate SF1681 2 05/20/2013 Text icon Johnson Lottery ticket sale at fuel pumps prohibition
Senate SF1649 2 05/08/2013 Text icon Thompson Income tax maximum rate on active trade or business income authorization
Senate SF1608 2 04/17/2013 Text icon Thompson Lake Byllesby dam spillway grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1572 2 04/10/2013 Text icon Thompson Delinquent property tax payment provisions modifications
Senate SF1467 3 04/04/2013 Text icon Petersen, B. Military training or service programs academic credit award standards modifications
Senate SF1348 3 03/20/2013 Text icon Thompson Firearms and ammunition regulations and modifications
Senate SF1301 2 03/13/2013 Text icon Koenen Railroad track maintenance expenditures income tax subtraction
Senate SF1266 2 03/11/2013 Text icon Torres Ray Coldwater Springs area recognition as traditional cultural property
Senate HF1226 8 05/16/2014 302 Text icon Thompson Prosecuting attorney or judge death enhanced penalties modification; prosecuting attorney and judge assault penalties modification
Senate SF1180 3 03/11/2013 Text icon Ortman Local government authority to enact criminal ordinances limitation
Senate SF1134 2 03/07/2013 Text icon Osmek Municipality reverse referendum approval requirement for public building leases
Senate SF1131 6 05/06/2013 Text icon Metzen Motor vehicle fuel sale payment restriction prohibition
Senate SF1108 5 04/18/2013 Text icon Wiklund Witnesses testimony evidence arising from a collaborative law process availability limitation
Senate SF1064 3 03/28/2014 Text icon Sparks Amusement devices retail sale definition for sales tax purposes modification
Senate SF0939 2 03/04/2013 Text icon Thompson Replacement teachers or faculty members public employee definition modification
Senate SF0931 2 02/28/2013 Text icon Hall Commercial business assumed name certificates Web site publication requirement
Senate SF0907 2 02/28/2013 Text icon Nienow State budget documents federal contingency planning inclusion requirement
Senate SF0874 15 05/08/2014 201 Text icon Thompson Judicial forfeiture of property associated with controlled substances offenses and vehicles used in drive-by shootings conviction requirement
Senate SF0859 2 02/28/2013 Text icon Torres Ray Teacher evaluations meet and confer process requirement
Senate SF0854 2 02/28/2013 Text icon Thompson School district minutes and budget information Web site publishing authorization
Senate SF0828 2 02/28/2013 Text icon Westrom Radio station employees electrician licensing requirement exemption
Senate SF0817 2 02/28/2013 Text icon Hall Savage tax increment financing (TIF) district authority establishment
Senate SF0712 9 05/13/2014 Text icon Thompson Prosecuting attorney or judge death enhanced penalties modification; prosecuting attorney and judge assault penalties modification
Senate SF0555 3 02/21/2013 Text icon Tomassoni Event ticket practices regulation and minimum consumer protection standards
Senate SF0500 2 02/14/2013 Text icon Thompson State employee group insurance program (SEGIP) legislator premiums establishment
Senate SF0483 2 02/14/2013 Text icon Nienow Choice scholarships creation
Senate SF0482 2 02/14/2013 Text icon Nienow Property tax recognition shift percentage and school aid percentage reduction three-fifths legislative vote requirement
Senate SF0477 2 02/14/2013 Text icon Eaton Miscellaneous income and franchise, property, sales and use taxes technical and clarifying provisions modifications
Senate SF0476 2 02/14/2013 Text icon Dziedzic Tax policy provisions modifications
Senate SF0434 2 02/13/2013 Text icon Thompson Teacher licensure requirements modification
Senate SF0370 2 02/11/2013 Text icon Newman Assisted reproduction paternity and maternity determinations modifications
Senate SF0336 5 03/04/2013 Text icon Franzen Electronic funds transfers (EFT) uniform commercial code (UCC) applicability provisions modification
Senate SF0249 5 02/25/2013 Text icon Franzen Affidavit of survivorship authorization; certificate of satisfaction and release or partial release by assignee requirement modification; interest in registered land after registration claim authorization
Senate SF0197 2 01/31/2013 Text icon Kiffmeyer Income tax provisions conformance to the American Taxpayer Relief Act authorization
Senate SF0149 2 01/28/2013 Text icon Brown Constitutional amendment requiring delayed payments to school districts not to exceed ten percent of estimated entitlement
Senate SF0136 2 01/28/2013 Text icon Hayden Property tax exemption for nonprofit property owned and used by an Indian tribe