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92 Documents Found in Legislative Session 87 (2011-2012)
for Authors of "Kruse"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF2492 3 03/20/2012 Text icon Olson School district aid payment shift modification
Senate SF2444 2 03/14/2012 Text icon Kruse Restaurant complimentary and employee meals and equipment purchase sales tax exemption
Senate SF2443 2 03/14/2012 Text icon Kruse Application of gratuities in minimum wage calculation
Senate SF2401 2 03/12/2012 Text icon Kruse County boards publication of proceedings on Web site authority
Senate SF2400 2 03/12/2012 Text icon Kruse Hennepin county financial statements and audits provisions modifications
Senate SF2286 4 03/22/2012 Text icon Kruse Bridge inspection regulations modifications
Senate SF2264 5 03/12/2012 Text icon Carlson Clean water assistance grants and University of Minnesota (U of M) aquatic invasive species cooperative research center appropriations
Senate HF2244 18 04/30/2012 249 Text icon Kruse Permanent school fund advisory committee change to legislative permanent school fund commission
Senate SF2231 2 03/05/2012 Text icon Vandeveer Metropolitan council transit reductions apportionment among local government units requirement
Senate SF2222 2 03/05/2012 Text icon Wolf County state-aid highway funds regulations modification
Senate SF2206 5 03/29/2012 Text icon Carlson Resolution memorializing the President and Congress to take actions to protect Minnesota's lakes, rivers and streams from threats due to invasive Asian carp
Senate SF2179 3 03/13/2012 Text icon Kruse Metropolitan council and legislative commission on metropolitan government powers and budget duties modifications
Senate SF2173 12 04/16/2012 166 Text icon Kruse Automated drug distribution systems authorization; physicians drugs dispensing in health care facilities located in health professional shortage areas
Senate HF2152 7 03/22/2012 134 Text icon Kruse Property management activities requirement for real estate brokers exemption
Senate SF2150 2 03/01/2012 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Invasive species research center and Asian carp barrier bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2141 5 03/21/2012 Text icon Chamberlain Debt settlement services agreements provisions modifications
Senate SF2137 9 04/30/2012 248 Text icon Dahms Residential contractor insurance claims for goods and services provision modification
Senate SF2120 2 02/27/2012 Text icon Kruse Family and group family care county licensing inspections and background studies fees modifications
Senate HF2078 9 04/16/2012 144 Text icon Kruse Nonpublic pupil textbook aid use expansion
Senate SF2075 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Kruse Small employer health care coverage retention authority
Senate SF2016 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Kruse Tax increment financing (TIF) expenditures outside the district modification
Senate SF2015 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Kruse Anoka-Hennepin teachers retirement association (TRA) member service credit purchase authorization
Senate SF2014 9 04/16/2012 158 Text icon Kruse Metropolitan council member terms of service change to staggered terms and members removal provisions
Senate SF2000 8 03/28/2012 Text icon Kruse Foreclosure consultants provisions modification
Senate SF1994 7 02/23/2012 Text icon Ortman Sex offender community notification upon release requirement
Senate SF1992 2 02/20/2012 Text icon Kruse Permanent school trust lands cost assessment limitation; forest management activities appropriation
Senate SF1991 2 02/20/2012 Text icon Kruse Permanent school trust land fire suppression costs assessments limitation
Senate SF1990 5 03/20/2012 Text icon Kruse Nonpublic pupil textbook aid use expansion
Senate SF1961 3 02/23/2012 Text icon Eaton Brooklyn Park tax increment financing (TIF) district special rules authority
Senate SF1904 2 02/16/2012 Text icon Kruse Enrollment options for students at low-performing schools, education tax credit modification and private school tuition tax credit
Senate SF1893 2 02/16/2012 Text icon Howe School districts safe schools levy increase
Senate SF1889 5 03/22/2012 Text icon Kruse Permanent school fund advisory committee change into the legislative-citizen permanent school fund commission; school trust lands advisor appointment authorization
Senate SF1821 2 02/13/2012 Text icon Kruse Innovation schools and zones establishment
Senate SF1767 2 02/09/2012 Text icon Limmer I-494 additional lane bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1752 2 02/09/2012 Text icon Chamberlain Education finance equalization aid levels for operating referendum and debt service equalization aid programs modification
Senate SF1739 6 03/13/2012 Text icon Kruse Property management activities requirement for real estate brokers exemption
Senate SF1734 6 04/24/2012 Text icon Gazelka Damaged vehicle salvage title and damage disclosure modifications
Senate SF1726 2 02/08/2012 Text icon Rest North Hennepin community college bioscience and health careers center bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1701 5 03/19/2012 Text icon Kruse Health department and local government delegation fee agreements and license fees modification
Senate SF1690 4 02/21/2012 Text icon Wolf School districts to base leave of absence and discharge decisions on teacher evaluation outcomes
Senate SF1659 2 02/02/2012 Text icon Gimse Constitutional amendment for voter photographic identification (photo ID) requirement
Senate SF1621 10 04/20/2012 177 Text icon Kruse Child care accrediting organizations standards requirements, application and approval process development
Senate SF1620 9 04/20/2012 184 Text icon Kruse Eminent domain relocation assistance eligibility or assistance amount administrative law judge hearing
Senate SF1457 3 02/23/2012 Text icon Nienow Legislators and governor compensation suspension until budget bills enactment
Senate SF1406 2 05/09/2011 Text icon Lillie Child care provider rate accreditation modifications
Senate SF1389 3 05/11/2011 Text icon Nienow Defense of Dwelling and Person Act of 2011; firearms regulation provisions modifications
Senate SF1384 2 05/05/2011 Text icon Kruse Constitutional amendment to require a three-fifths vote to enact a law imposing or increasing certain taxes
Senate HF1384 9 04/16/2012 151 Text icon Kruse Charitable or religious organizations Fraudulent Transfers Act exclusion
Senate SF1380 2 05/04/2011 Text icon Kruse Constitutional amendment to limit the level of budgeted spending to 98 percent of the amount forecast to be collected in the biennium
Senate SF1325 2 04/28/2011 Text icon Hall Hennepin county mortgage registry and deed tax imposition authority extension
Senate SF1307 2 04/27/2011 Text icon Hann Constitutional amendment to recognize marriage as union between one man and one woman
Senate SF1260 8 02/27/2012 Text icon Kruse County publication modifications; alcohol enforcement account funds authority modification; county publications bid, liquor licenses notification, additional clerks petition, and seed and feed program repeal
Senate SF1259 5 03/15/2012 Text icon Kruse Special military and veterans license plates parking charge exemption
Senate SF1234 12 05/23/2011 106 Text icon Kruse Omnibus secretary of state policy provisions clarifications and modifications
Senate SF1216 2 04/18/2011 Text icon Kruse Commerce department license technology fees, automobile theft prevention, and real estate recovery fund fees elimination
Senate SF1157 3 05/02/2011 Text icon Robling Metropolitan transportation board establishment
Senate SF1152 2 04/11/2011 Text icon Kruse Permanent School Trust Lands Administration Act
Senate SF1136 2 04/11/2011 Text icon Wolf Electric-assisted bicycle operation requirements and regulations modifications
Senate HF1105 15 05/23/2011 109 Text icon Jungbauer Pickup trucks provisions modifications
Senate SF1084 4 03/22/2012 Text icon Kruse Charitable or religious organizations Fraudulent Transfers Act exclusion
Senate SF1078 6 05/12/2011 Text icon Kruse Transportation pilot project on trunk highway system alternative financing and investment
Senate SF0992 5 05/18/2011 Text icon Wolf School bus crossing control arms requirement
Senate SF0898 8 03/30/2011 Text icon Gimse Omnibus transportation appropriations
Senate SF0880 6 03/15/2012 Text icon Benson Health care plans coverage mandates and proposals evaluation provisions modifications
Senate SF0810 2 03/14/2011 Text icon Thompson Permanent school fund independent authority to manage and administer permanent school trust lands creation
Senate SF0809 2 03/14/2011 Text icon Thompson Permanent school trust fund land proceeds minerals management costs payment prohibition
Senate SF0785 2 03/14/2011 Text icon DeKruif Motor vehicle reregistration requirement to operate at excessive gross weights repeal; special permit fee surcharge imposition authority
Senate SF0764 2 03/14/2011 Text icon Kruse Minnesota education tax credit modification
Senate SF0759 4 03/23/2011 Text icon Kruse Coon Rapids dam commission creation; Three Rivers park district grant appropriation
Senate SF0752 4 03/01/2012 Text icon Dahms Online motor vehicle insurance verification system establishment and electronic insurance identification card authorization
Senate SF0711 2 03/10/2011 Text icon Robling Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
Senate SF0589 3 04/14/2011 Text icon Scheid No-fault automobile insurance limitation of damages for noneconomic detriment modifications
Senate SF0571 2 03/03/2011 Text icon Kruse Capitalization of permanent improvements to other real estate owned by a bank administrative rule repeal
Senate SF0536 3 03/07/2011 Text icon Rest State Capitol building appropriation
Senate SF0508 7 05/21/2011 78 Text icon Chamberlain Motor vehicle insurers to inform insureds of the right to select any rental vehicle company requirement
Senate SF0499 2 02/28/2011 Text icon Howe Driver education instruction permit requirements modification
Senate SF0389 3 04/14/2011 Text icon Gazelka No-fault automobile insurance basic economic loss benefits modifications
Senate SF0386 2 02/21/2011 Text icon Kruse Trunk highway construction promoting economic development bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0328 2 02/14/2011 Text icon Kruse Schmidt wildlife management area surplus state land conveyance to city of Champlin
Senate SF0289 2 02/10/2011 Text icon Limmer School finance capital expenditure health and safety revenue program modifications; health and safety policy
Senate SF0265 2 02/07/2011 Text icon DeKruif Abortion state-sponsored health programs funding limitation
Senate SF0249 7 05/21/2011 63 Text icon Kruse Residential contractors insurance claims for goods and services regulation
Senate SF0243 3 02/21/2011 Text icon Gazelka Fairness for Responsible Drivers Act
Senate SF0239 2 02/07/2011 Text icon Kruse School districts reserved for operating capital account transfer to undesignated general fund authorization
Senate SF0167 6 04/07/2011 Text icon Gerlach Broker price opinions (BPO) on residential real estate regulation
Senate SF0152 2 01/31/2011 Text icon Kruse Three Rivers park district Coon Rapids dam capital improvements grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0116 2 01/27/2011 Text icon Scheid North Hennepin community college bioscience and health careers center bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0068 2 01/20/2011 Text icon Kruse School district teacher contract deadline and penalty repeal
Senate SF0057 2 01/18/2011 Text icon Carlson Natural resources department (DNR) permitting efficiency; environmental review requirements modifications
Senate SF0050 2 01/18/2011 Text icon Howe Nuclear powered electric generating plants certificate of need issuance authorization; lawsuit authority; office of energy security nuclear energy study requirement
Senate SF0039 9 04/07/2011 Text icon Kruse Mississippi River corridor critical area specific requirements for rulemaking elimination
Senate SF0013 3 04/14/2011 Text icon Olson City, county, and town zoning controls and ordinances variances provisions modification