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71 Documents Found in Legislative Session 87 (2011-2012)
for Authors of "Torres Ray"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF2619 2 04/27/2012 Text icon Marty Affordable housing construction and rehabilitation bond issue and appropriation, green energy in public buildings investments; capital improvements at institutions of higher education bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2608 2 04/23/2012 Text icon Wiger Early education scholarship program establishment and Vikings football team remaining revenue allocation dedication
Senate SF2602 2 04/19/2012 Text icon McGuire Education in Care and Treatment Settings Act
Senate SF2580 2 03/29/2012 Text icon Eaton Mortgage loan modification criteria transparency and disclosure requirements
Senate SF2564 2 03/26/2012 Text icon Torres Ray Postsecondary enrollment options (PSEO) data legislative report requirement
Senate SF2563 2 03/26/2012 Text icon Torres Ray Genetically engineered food labeling requirement
Senate SF2562 2 03/26/2012 Text icon Torres Ray School trust land department of natural resources (DNR) acquisition bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2557 2 03/23/2012 Text icon Dibble Sulfide ore body mining permit restrictions imposition
Senate SF2447 2 03/14/2012 Text icon Eaton Mortgage foreclosure deferral for long-term unemployed homeowners
Senate SF2427 2 03/13/2012 Text icon Daley Individual retirement account (IRA) rollover provisions conformance
Senate SF2338 2 03/08/2012 Text icon Hayden Child well-being plan establishment; annual child maltreatment report requirements modifications
Senate SF2254 5 03/13/2012 Text icon Olson Lester as official state soil
Senate SF2218 2 03/05/2012 Text icon Harrington Special education tuition bill-back procedure phase out
Senate SF2063 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Torres Ray Low-profit limited liability company (L3C) creation and operation authorization
Senate SF2034 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Pappas World language proficiency academic standards requirement
Senate SF2032 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Torres Ray School district resident students in care and treatment centers extracurricular activities participation
Senate SF1964 9 04/20/2012 182 Text icon Daley Window cleaning safety measures state building code inclusion requirement
Senate SF1955 2 02/20/2012 Text icon Marty Legislator confidential information misuse by legislative members prohibition
Senate SF1951 2 02/20/2012 Text icon Marty Antibiotics in animal feed prohibition; prescription drugs disposal prohibition
Senate SF1838 2 02/15/2012 Text icon Torres Ray Franklin Avenue bridge rehabilitation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1837 2 02/15/2012 Text icon Torres Ray Student academic achievement improvements
Senate SF1826 2 02/13/2012 Text icon McGuire Child Care Affordability Act
Senate SF1746 3 02/13/2012 Text icon Marty Transit (bus) regular route fares reduction requirement
Senate SF1728 3 02/13/2012 Text icon Goodwin Health records duplication costs reduction
Senate SF1724 2 02/08/2012 Text icon Dibble Minneapolis community and technical college bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1654 2 02/02/2012 Text icon Sieben School district and teacher collective bargaining agreement resolution financial incentives establishment
Senate SF1531 6 03/20/2012 Text icon Olson Postsecondary enrollment options (PSEO) program expansion and appropriation adjustment
Senate SF1522 2 01/24/2012 Text icon Marty Constitutional amendment to recognize marriage as union between one man and one woman repeal
Senate SF1432 2 05/16/2011 Text icon Sieben Programmatic alignment between age 3 and grade 3 pilot project
Senate SF1431 3 05/17/2011 Text icon Torres Ray Voluntary full-day kindergarten funding establishment
Senate SF1427 2 05/16/2011 Text icon Marty Marriage and Family Protection Act; gender-neutral marriage provisions
Senate SF1328 2 04/28/2011 Text icon Marty Welfare reform provisions for low-income workers basic needs; Minnesota family investment program (MFIP) and basic sliding fee child care programs consolidation; working family tax credit increase; minimum wage increase; Minnesota Emergency Employment Development (MEED) Act of 2011
Senate SF1314 2 04/27/2011 Text icon Torres Ray Health insurance plans qualified clinical trials coverage requirement
Senate SF1222 2 04/18/2011 Text icon Goodwin Nonpublic schools obligations
Senate SF1204 6 05/18/2011 Text icon Nelson Governor's workforce development council public library member addition
Senate SF1185 2 04/14/2011 Text icon Torres Ray Collaborative charter school establishment option
Senate SF1172 2 04/14/2011 Text icon Dibble Hennepin county Lake street transit station bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1133 2 04/11/2011 Text icon Torres Ray Minneapolis summer youth employment program appropriation
Senate SF1099 3 05/09/2011 Text icon Daley Minnesota assistance council for veterans continued outreach to homeless veterans and families grant appropriation
Senate SF1090 2 04/04/2011 Text icon Marty Medical assistance (MA) coverage modification for certain health related items; income tax modification for highest income Minnesotans
Senate SF1054 3 04/04/2011 Text icon Marty Medical assistance (MA) and MinnesotaCare reform; state contracting with health care providers directly requirement
Senate SF1035 2 03/25/2011 Text icon Higgins Cultural competency training for child protection workers requirement
Senate SF1031 3 04/05/2011 Text icon Wiger State government appropriations and operations provisions modification
Senate SF0992 5 05/18/2011 Text icon Wolf School bus crossing control arms requirement
Senate SF0988 2 03/23/2011 Text icon Kubly Plumbers license renewal period extension
Senate SF0977 2 03/21/2011 Text icon Wolf Charter school revenue formulas modifications
Senate SF0953 6 05/02/2011 Text icon Kelash Neighborhood revitalization program first class cities transition activities and termination provisions
Senate SF0951 2 03/21/2011 Text icon Marty Arsenic additives in meat products prohibition
Senate SF0947 4 03/29/2011 Text icon Tomassoni Collaborative grant program to reduce minority populations unemployment and appropriation
Senate SF0946 16 05/07/2012 263 Text icon DeKruif School districts joint operation and innovative delivery of education pilot project establishment and appropriation
Senate SF0944 3 03/23/2011 Text icon Torres Ray Early learning programs' school district levy establishment
Senate SF0777 2 03/14/2011 Text icon Torres Ray Targeted family outreach services grant program creation and appropriation
Senate SF0761 2 03/14/2011 Text icon Torres Ray Neighborhood development center appropriation
Senate SF0737 2 03/10/2011 Text icon Kelash Minority business development programs appropriation
Senate SF0730 3 03/23/2011 Text icon Pederson African development center training and programs appropriation
Senate SF0650 3 05/09/2011 Text icon Gazelka Compulsive gambling appropriation
Senate SF0599 2 03/07/2011 Text icon Marty Human services public assistance reporting information system (PARIS) use expansion
Senate SF0512 2 02/28/2011 Text icon Scheid School lunch debt collection by withholding students grades prohibition
Senate SF0511 2 02/28/2011 Text icon Scheid School lunch debt collection by withholding students grades prohibition; students receiving free or reduced lunch discrimination prohibition
Senate SF0489 2 02/28/2011 Text icon Bonoff Educational shared services consultation study requirement, school districts shared services competition and appropriation
Senate SF0456 2 02/24/2011 Text icon Torres Ray Cultural competency training for teachers and school administrators to renew professional licenses
Senate SF0378 2 02/21/2011 Text icon Pogemiller Minneapolis Granary road storm water and roadway infrastructure construction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0347 2 02/17/2011 Text icon Senjem Alzheimer's disease data collection and reporting requirements and appropriation
Senate SF0285 2 02/10/2011 Text icon Torres Ray Limited English proficiency (LEP) funding five-year limit on service removal
Senate SF0269 2 02/09/2011 Text icon Marty School finance system modification, education funding framework creation
Senate SF0226 2 02/03/2011 Text icon Pappas School districts extended time programs funding restoration
Senate SR0176 2 05/09/2012 Text icon Torres Ray A Senate resolution congratulating Nicholas G. C. Wilkowski of Minneapolis, Minnesota, for receiving the Eagle Award
Senate SF0093 3 01/31/2011 Text icon Torres Ray Mental health model curriculum creation
Senate SF0084 3 01/27/2011 Text icon Stumpf School counselor to students minimum ratio establishment
Senate SF0052 2 01/18/2011 Text icon Rest Student counseling services in high-need public high schools grant program and appropriation
Senate SF0008 2 01/10/2011 Text icon Marty Minnesota Health Plan; Minnesota health board, Minnesota health fund, office of health quality and planning, ombudsman for patient advocacy, and health plan inspector general establishment; appropriation