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153 Documents Found in Legislative Session 87 (2011-2012)
for Authors of "Sheran"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF2617 2 04/27/2012 Text icon Sheran Medical laser treatment regulation
Senate SF2585 2 03/29/2012 Text icon Sheran Maternal depression outreach, public education, screening, child care and medical assistance provisions modifications; task force on low-income families establishment; appropriations
Senate SF2539 2 03/21/2012 Text icon Sheran Mobile medical units motor vehicle sales tax exemption
Senate SF2503 2 03/19/2012 Text icon Sheran Postsecondary institutions open-access textbook task force establishment
Senate SF2463 3 03/19/2012 Text icon Hann Newborn screening program provisions modifications
Senate SF2414 2 03/13/2012 Text icon Sheran Legislature and staff and constitutional officers insider trading prohibitions; nonpublic information use for private profit prohibition
Senate SF2397 2 03/12/2012 Text icon Rest Formaldehyde in products for children prohibition
Senate SF2396 2 03/12/2012 Text icon Michel University of Minnesota (U of M) and Mayo foundation partnership decade of discovery initiative appropriation
Senate SF2385 2 03/12/2012 Text icon Pappas Contraceptive Equity Act
Senate SF2382 2 03/12/2012 Text icon Sheran Naturopathic doctors services medical assistance (MA) reimbursement coverage authorization
Senate SF2355 4 03/22/2012 Text icon Nelson Small business investment credit provisions modification
Senate SF2347 2 03/08/2012 Text icon Sheran Anti-Shutdown Act
Senate SF2338 2 03/08/2012 Text icon Hayden Child well-being plan establishment; annual child maltreatment report requirements modifications
Senate SF2307 2 03/08/2012 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Trunk highway interchange construction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2285 3 03/12/2012 Text icon Eaton Bullying in public schools prohibition
Senate SF2273 11 04/16/2012 163 Text icon Howe Junked vehicles eligible buyers expansion
Senate SF2212 2 03/05/2012 Text icon Rosen Nursing facility moratorium exceptions modifications
Senate SF2173 12 04/16/2012 166 Text icon Kruse Automated drug distribution systems authorization; physicians drugs dispensing in health care facilities located in health professional shortage areas
Senate SF2164 2 03/01/2012 Text icon Hoffman Nursing homes and boarding care homes sales tax exemption
Senate SF2157 2 03/01/2012 Text icon Rosen Child care assistance program absent days limit exception for certain children
Senate SF2147 5 03/14/2012 Text icon Benson Chemical use assessment requirements for civil commitments modification
Senate SF2144 4 03/19/2012 Text icon DeKruif Shorelands tree, branch, and log removal permit requirements exemption
Senate SF2062 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Nienow Health care bill of rights continuity of care provision modification
Senate SF2046 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Rosen Nursing facilities rate increase for health information technology costs; elderly waiver program providers grants appropriation
Senate SF2034 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Pappas World language proficiency academic standards requirement
Senate SF2022 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Pappas University of Minnesota (U of M) board of regents members requirements modifications
Senate SF2019 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Dahms Southwest Minnesota state university science lab renovation design bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2013 3 03/21/2012 Text icon Lourey Adult foster care homes serving people with mental illness certification and licensing moratorium exemption
Senate SF2011 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Rosen International Renewable Energy Technology Institute of Minnesota (IRETIMN) certification grant appropriation
Senate SF1989 2 02/20/2012 Text icon Pederson Greater Minnesota transit bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1960 5 03/14/2012 Text icon Gimse Freight railroad operation study and report requirement
Senate SF1952 3 03/01/2012 Text icon Rosen Volunteer firefighter relief associations state auditor recommendations implementation
Senate SF1947 2 02/20/2012 Text icon Rosen Athletic trainers practice provisions modifications
Senate SF1939 3 02/23/2012 Text icon Skoe Flood hazard mitigation grants bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1869 3 03/08/2012 Text icon Miller Greater Minnesota internship program establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1868 2 02/15/2012 Text icon Reinert Constitutional amendment to recognize marriage as union between one man and one woman repeal
Senate SF1858 2 02/15/2012 Text icon Carlson Minnesota state colleges and universities (MnSCU) course material and course schedule information disclosure requirement; MnSCU textbook task force establishment
Senate SF1823 3 02/20/2012 Text icon Higgins Capital improvements bonding and appropriations
Senate SF1811 5 04/17/2012 Text icon Nienow Advanced diagnostic imaging services accreditation requirement
Senate SF1809 11 04/16/2012 164 Text icon Hann Hospital community benefit programs collaboration plans evidence-based strategies requirements elimination; health provider peer grouping requirements modifications
Senate SF1791 8 03/30/2012 Text icon DeKruif Motor vehicle dealers issuance of registration plates and stickers and lien satisfaction provisions modification
Senate SF1768 5 02/20/2012 Text icon Skoe Jobs now tax credit; corporate franchise tax decrease; sales and use taxes retailer and solicitor presumption
Senate SF1766 2 02/09/2012 Text icon Eaton Children's products priority chemicals information and reporting requirements
Senate SF1757 3 02/23/2012 Text icon McGuire Bisphenol-A (BPA) products for young children prohibition modification
Senate SF1728 3 02/13/2012 Text icon Goodwin Health records duplication costs reduction
Senate SF1721 5 03/19/2012 Text icon Sheran Alcohol and drug counselors and licensed professional counselors licensure requirements establishment
Senate SF1710 3 02/09/2012 Text icon Sheran Income tax deduction expansion for charitable contributions of food inventory
Senate SF1704 3 03/19/2012 Text icon Hoffman Housing with services establishments (assisted living) medical assistance (MA) long-term care options counseling requirement; Senior LinkAge Line referral protocols and processes development
Senate SF1686 2 02/02/2012 Text icon Pederson Local bridge replacement and rehabilitation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1685 2 02/02/2012 Text icon Pederson Local road improvement bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1626 12 04/20/2012 181 Text icon Nelson Dentists volunteer agreement form to enroll as medical assistance (MA) provider only for the purpose of providing volunteer dental services requirement
Senate SF1564 2 01/26/2012 Text icon Dahms Minnesota River trail segment development bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1563 2 01/26/2012 Text icon Dahms Lake Redwood reservoir reclamation and enhancement project grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1556 2 01/26/2012 Text icon Lourey Personal care assistance provisions modifications and appropriation
Senate SF1553 12 04/20/2012 180 Text icon Carlson Dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistant temporary guest license and general dental licensing provisions modifications; board of nursing home administrators prior appropriation base adjustment modification
Senate SF1552 2 01/26/2012 Text icon Goodwin Theatrical productions smoking prohibition
Senate SF1526 2 01/24/2012 Text icon Hayden Constitutional amendment to define person to mean natural person
Senate SF1519 2 01/24/2012 Text icon Sheran Gaylord Lake Titlow dam replacement construction grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1518 2 01/24/2012 Text icon Sheran Gaylord Lake Titlow dam replacement for water quality protection grant appropriation
Senate SF1517 2 01/24/2012 Text icon Sheran Gaylord Lake Titlow dam replacement grant for aquatic habitat protection appropriation
Senate SF1516 4 01/30/2012 Text icon Sheran Minnesota State Mankato arena and events center auditorium/convention expansion bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1515 2 01/24/2012 Text icon Sheran Minnesota state university, Mankato; clinical science building bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1477 4 02/23/2012 Text icon Bakk Constitutional amendment to change the method for amending the state constitution
Senate SF1452 4 03/20/2012 Text icon Sparks Austin port authority Hormel Institute expansion grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1437 2 05/17/2011 Text icon Parry Farm truck definition and regulation modifications
Senate SF1424 2 05/13/2011 Text icon Sheran Mankato regional transit facility bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1335 2 04/28/2011 Text icon Higgins Priority chemicals in children's products manufacturers reporting requirements
Senate SF1310 3 03/23/2012 Text icon Parry Drivers license instruction permits eligibility provisions modifications and clarifications
Senate SF1279 2 04/26/2011 Text icon Sheran Sibley and Renville counties joint powers entity for telecommunications network operation
Senate SF1278 2 04/26/2011 Text icon Sheran Municipalities donating used fire and rescue equipment civil liability immunity extension
Senate SF1277 2 04/26/2011 Text icon Sheran Transportation department (DOT) employee engaged in emergency response to flooding death benefit increase
Senate SF1236 12 04/16/2012 168 Text icon Parry Innocent Successor Asbestos-Related Liability Fairness Act
Senate SF1226 5 03/14/2012 Text icon DeKruif Start Seeing Motorcycles special license plates establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1175 2 04/14/2011 Text icon Thompson Uniform Interstate Family Support Act update
Senate SF1131 2 04/11/2011 Text icon Sheran Special education paraprofessionals licensure requirement modification
Senate SF1105 2 04/07/2011 Text icon Sheran Alcohol and drug counselors licensure requirements establishment
Senate SF1075 2 03/31/2011 Text icon Pappas Higher education income tax credit establishment and appropriation
Senate SF1067 2 03/30/2011 Text icon Lourey Prepaid health plan contracts actuarial soundness evaluation requirement repeal
Senate SF1059 2 03/29/2011 Text icon Limmer Railroad employees psychological counseling after train accidents requirement
Senate SF1055 2 03/28/2011 Text icon Sheran Nurse profession provisions technical changes and bordering states reciprocity repeal
Senate SF1053 6 03/15/2012 Text icon Sheran Nursing board criminal history record check prior to license issuance requirement and appropriation
Senate SF1052 2 03/28/2011 Text icon Dahms Springfield flood hazard mitigation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1051 2 03/28/2011 Text icon Dahms Minnesota River basin area II flood hazard mitigation appropriation and bond issuance
Senate SF1044 10 05/21/2011 67 Text icon Parry Natural disasters state agencies responses provisions modifications; flood damage assistance provisions modification
Senate SF1020 4 04/14/2011 Text icon Higgins Autism spectrum disorders health insurance coverage establishment
Senate SF1019 2 03/24/2011 Text icon Marty Family assets for independence grants appropriation
Senate SF1004 2 03/23/2011 Text icon Bonoff Minnesota comprehensive health association (MCHA) six-month preexisting condition limitation for children exception
Senate SF0990 2 03/23/2011 Text icon Dibble Transportation metropolitan council and public safety appropriations
Senate SF0984 3 03/23/2011 Text icon Sheran Minnesota rural road safety task force creation and appropriation
Senate SF0980 2 03/21/2011 Text icon Dahms Redwood county material recovery facility grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0973 6 04/17/2012 Text icon Hoffman Pharmacy audit integrity program establishment
Senate SF0920 12 05/16/2011 Text icon Gimse Omnibus transportation and highway policy bill
Senate SF0913 2 03/21/2011 Text icon Reinert Local bridge replacement and rehabilitation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0897 2 03/17/2011 Text icon Sheran Higher education provisions modifications and appropriations
Senate SF0884 2 03/17/2011 Text icon Hann Elderly and disabled individuals self-directed supports option modifications
Senate SF0866 2 03/17/2011 Text icon Newman State health care program purchasing county role modifications; county-based purchasing arrangements authorization; administrative reporting process establishment
Senate SF0851 2 03/16/2011 Text icon Reinert Local road improvement program grants bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0837 2 03/16/2011 Text icon Sheran Single public health care program establishment plan requirement
Senate SF0775 4 03/19/2012 Text icon Hann Dental licensing provisions modifications and clarification
Senate SF0773 2 03/14/2011 Text icon Pappas Resolution memorializing federal agencies concerning Minnesota-licensed care professionals and torture of prisoners
Senate SF0742 7 05/20/2011 51 Text icon Rosen Hospital moratorium exception for expanded psychiatric hospital bed capacity
Senate SF0726 5 02/27/2012 Text icon Sheran Medical assistance (MA) employed persons with disabilities program modification; asset limitation modification; appropriation
Senate SF0710 3 03/14/2011 Text icon Stumpf Voluntary full-day kindergarten funding authorization
Senate SF0707 2 03/10/2011 Text icon Hann Health care advertising transparency requirement
Senate SF0700 2 03/10/2011 Text icon Sheran School district collaboration grants appropriation authorization
Senate SF0688 2 03/09/2011 Text icon Rosen County sentence to service corrections programs funding requirement
Senate SF0671 3 03/10/2011 Text icon Pappas Sales and use tax extension to cosmetic procedures
Senate SF0629 2 03/07/2011 Text icon Sheran Teacher performance assessments establishment
Senate SF0628 2 03/07/2011 Text icon Sheran Gold star motor vehicle license plates eligibility modifications
Senate SF0626 18 05/16/2011 22 Text icon Rosen Nursing home bed moratorium exception for hardship areas; Bloomington nursing facility project moratorium exception funding
Senate SF0613 2 03/07/2011 Text icon Sheran Careless driving resulting in death penalty imposition; drivers license revocation provisions modifications
Senate SF0610 2 03/07/2011 Text icon Sheran Gaylord Lake Titlow dam construction grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0609 2 03/07/2011 Text icon Sheran Minnesota assistance council for veterans appropriation
Senate SF0578 2 03/03/2011 Text icon Benson Integrated online eligibility and application portal for food support, cash assistance, child care, and health care programs human services department request for proposals and contract requirements
Senate SF0547 2 03/03/2011 Text icon Kubly Limited drivers license issuance conditions expansion for medical treatment
Senate SF0541 3 03/07/2011 Text icon Berglin Medical assistance (MA) nonemergency medical transportation eligibility assessments frequency and special transportation eligibility time length proposed changes requirements
Senate SF0538 3 03/09/2011 Text icon Magnus Bioenergy grants appropriation
Senate SF0537 3 03/07/2011 Text icon Nelson Marijuana definition to include synthetic marijuana
Senate SF0522 2 02/28/2011 Text icon Sheran Minnesota State University, Mankato; clinical science building bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0521 2 02/28/2011 Text icon Sheran Children's museum of southern Minnesota grant appropriation
Senate SF0513 2 02/28/2011 Text icon Lourey Sexual violence incident and prevalence data collection and reporting requirements
Senate SF0504 2 02/28/2011 Text icon Miller Higher education institutions administrative spending cuts requirement
Senate SF0496 2 02/28/2011 Text icon Sheran Trunk highway #14, construction appropriation
Senate SF0493 3 03/07/2011 Text icon Rosen Tobacco Uniformity Act of 2011
Senate SF0478 7 05/21/2011 60 Text icon DeKruif Motorcycle license plates for physically disabled persons
Senate SF0458 3 03/09/2011 Text icon Ortman Solicitor definition for federal nexus and internet sales tax purposes
Senate SF0436 2 02/24/2011 Text icon Magnus Minnesota rail service improvement program bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0401 3 03/03/2011 Text icon Parry Trunk highway #14, upgrade to four-lane divided highway construction improvement requirement
Senate SF0368 5 03/23/2011 Text icon Senjem Motor vehicles registration, driver's licenses and identification cards fees increase
Senate SF0366 2 02/17/2011 Text icon Parry Gross weight seasonal increases for sweet corn transportation
Senate SF0365 3 02/21/2011 Text icon Parry Trunk highway #14, upgrade to four-lane divided highway appropriation
Senate SF0321 3 02/17/2011 Text icon Rosen Dodd Ford bridge rehabilitation grant appropriation
Senate SF0320 2 02/14/2011 Text icon Rosen Highway-railroad grade crossing warning devices bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0309 2 02/14/2011 Text icon Sheran Minnesota Faith in Action funding allocation
Senate SF0267 2 02/07/2011 Text icon Dahms Public safety radio equipment sales tax exemption expansion
Senate SF0266 4 05/09/2011 Text icon Howe Road equipment preparing for winter storms highway restriction exemption modification
Senate SF0263 2 02/07/2011 Text icon Dahms Minnesota Valley regional rail authority bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0254 3 02/09/2011 Text icon Vandeveer Adult foster care and family adult services license requirements modification; federal waiver for medical assistance (MA) reimbursement application requirement
Senate SF0247 19 04/23/2012 213 Text icon Dahms Public employees insurance program (PEIP) local government employees participation or withdrawal approval requirements; service cooperative health insurance refund regulation
Senate SF0184 2 02/02/2011 Text icon Sheran Mankato civic center auditorium and all seasons arenas construction grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0183 3 02/03/2011 Text icon Sheran Public safety radio equipment sales tax exemption expansion
Senate SF0151 2 01/31/2011 Text icon Kubly Montevideo veterans home construction bond issue and appropriation
Senate SR0150 2 04/17/2012 Text icon Sheran A Senate resolution recognizing April 16, 2012, as Drug Court Day in Minnesota
Senate SF0135 5 03/23/2011 Text icon Sheran Support highway #14 special motor vehicle license plates
Senate SF0105 2 01/24/2011 Text icon Sheran Disaster local assistance program and appropriation
Senate SF0088 2 01/24/2011 Text icon Sheran Higher education institutions students as city council ex officio members authorization
Senate SF0070 3 01/24/2011 Text icon Goodwin Food shelf programs and food stamp outreach grants appropriations
Senate SF0059 4 01/24/2011 Text icon Wiger Income tax subtraction for military retirement pay
Senate SF0035 4 03/07/2011 Text icon Rest Home care income tax credit establishment; caregiver burden scale creation
Senate SF0011 4 01/20/2011 Text icon Langseth Corporate income tax rate reduction; credits and subtractions elimination
Senate SF0009 4 01/18/2011 Text icon Pogemiller State budget forecast inflation factor inclusion requirement
Senate SF0007 4 01/27/2011 Text icon Sieben Synthetic marijuana controlled substance list addition
Senate SF0005 4 02/07/2011 Text icon Pogemiller Legislative and congressional districts redistricting principles and commission