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174 Documents Found in Legislative Session 87 (2011-2012)
for Authors of "Gazelka"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate HF2638 8 05/07/2012 259 Text icon Gazelka Portable electronics insurance sales provisions modifications
Senate SF2623 2 05/03/2012 Text icon Gazelka Commerce department charge back authority for certain investigations clarification
Senate SF2612 2 04/24/2012 Text icon Daley Military Interstate Children's Compact compliance requirement
Senate SF2610 2 04/24/2012 Text icon Gazelka Class 1c property requirements modification
Senate SF2548 2 03/22/2012 Text icon Ortman Proposed annexation decision by referendum authorization
Senate SF2537 2 03/21/2012 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Constitutional amendment for fundamental right of individuals to keep and bear arms
Senate SF2517 2 03/19/2012 Text icon Howe Debt collection agencies exclusion provisions modifications
Senate SF2491 2 03/15/2012 Text icon Gazelka State employee contributions for health insurance requirement
Senate SF2481 2 03/15/2012 Text icon Gazelka Landlord notification of utility disconnection authorization
Senate SF2480 2 03/15/2012 Text icon Gazelka Charles A. Lindbergh house historical site asset preservation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2478 5 03/26/2012 Text icon Gazelka State agencies advisory inspections process establishment
Senate HF2458 3 04/23/2012 Text icon Gazelka State agencies advisory inspections process establishment
Senate SF2419 2 03/13/2012 Text icon Daley Employment and economic development department (DEED) bureau of business services small business advocate office establishment
Senate SF2413 2 03/13/2012 Text icon Gazelka Fair campaign practices separate segregated fund or nonconnected registered committee contributions federal fund exemption
Senate HF2376 8 03/30/2012 138 Text icon Gazelka Food service equipment purchased from food service fund approval process simplification
Senate SF2354 11 04/24/2012 231 Text icon Daley Disabled veterans state government noncompetitive appointment authorization
Senate SF2342 11 05/07/2012 255 Text icon Gazelka Auto insurance claims practices modifications and medical treatment solicitation provisions
Senate HF2341 8 04/26/2012 252 Text icon Gazelka Abortion RU-486 (mifepristone) administration and physician presence requirement
Senate SF2320 2 03/08/2012 Text icon Gazelka Camp Ripley/Veterans state trail acquisition and development bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2310 7 04/25/2012 Text icon Gazelka Portable electronics insurance sales provisions modifications
Senate SF2309 2 03/08/2012 Text icon Brown Lake Mille Lacs walleye harvest five-year management plan legislative approval requirement
Senate SF2304 14 04/24/2012 Text icon Bonoff Sunset advisory commission sunset review, administrative procedures and fees modifications; combative sports commission transfer of duties; appropriations
Senate SF2277 2 03/05/2012 Text icon Gazelka State park and recreation areas land acquisition bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2271 10 04/23/2012 202 Text icon DeKruif Minnesota national guard military award issuance to nonmembers authorization
Senate SF2269 4 03/13/2012 Text icon Hayden Mental health state advisory council marriage and family therapy member addition
Senate SF2264 5 03/12/2012 Text icon Carlson Clean water assistance grants and University of Minnesota (U of M) aquatic invasive species cooperative research center appropriations
Senate SF2263 2 03/05/2012 Text icon Carlson Lottery tickets in lieu of sales tax natural resources fund revenue distribution modification
Senate SF2254 5 03/13/2012 Text icon Olson Lester as official state soil
Senate SF2247 2 03/05/2012 Text icon Reinert Appeals court judges residential eligibility requirements modification
Senate SF2242 2 03/05/2012 Text icon Nienow Abortion prohibition upon fetal heartbeat detection
Senate SF2206 5 03/29/2012 Text icon Carlson Resolution memorializing the President and Congress to take actions to protect Minnesota's lakes, rivers and streams from threats due to invasive Asian carp
Senate SF2165 2 03/01/2012 Text icon Hoffman Wadena street and utility improvements grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2152 2 03/01/2012 Text icon Benson Farm winery dram shop insurance requirements exemption clarification
Senate SF2144 4 03/19/2012 Text icon DeKruif Shorelands tree, branch, and log removal permit requirements exemption
Senate HF2136 9 05/07/2012 267 Text icon Gazelka Damaged vehicle salvage title and damage disclosure modifications
Senate SF2124 3 03/12/2012 Text icon Tomassoni Health professional education loan forgiveness program requirements modifications
Senate SF2067 6 03/28/2012 Text icon Daley Home solicitation sale definition clarification
Senate SF2049 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Hann Small employer health insurance market expansion
Senate SF2035 4 03/14/2012 Text icon Hann Insurance navigators licensing provision
Senate SF2005 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Magnus Snowmobile registration provisions modifications
Senate SF2004 7 03/20/2012 Text icon Hoffman Water diversion standards
Senate SF2003 2 02/23/2012 Text icon Magnus Snowmobile metal traction devices prohibition modification
Senate SF1971 3 03/13/2012 Text icon Gazelka Food service equipment purchased from food service fund approval process simplification
Senate SF1967 2 02/20/2012 Text icon Hann Federally nonqualified health plans sale authorization
Senate SF1945 5 04/17/2012 Text icon Gazelka Wolf taking authorization; predator control program modification; trout seasons rulemaking modifications
Senate SF1943 6 03/23/2012 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Game and fish provisions modifications and appropriation; wolf taking authorization
Senate SF1912 6 04/20/2012 Text icon Gazelka Abortion RU-486 (mifepristone) administration and physician presence requirement
Senate SF1911 7 03/27/2012 Text icon Gazelka Freedom to Hunt and Fish Act of 2012
Senate SF1910 7 04/04/2012 Text icon Gerlach Minnesota comprehensive health association (MCHA) premium rate setting process flexibility authorization
Senate SF1902 2 02/16/2012 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Capital equipment sales tax exemption at time of purchase
Senate SF1873 2 02/15/2012 Text icon Gazelka Cuyuna Lakes state trail bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1860 12 04/16/2012 161 Text icon Pederson Concrete diamond grinding and saw slurry disposal solid waste exemption for highway construction, improvement, or repair activities
Senate SF1846 3 03/23/2012 Text icon Gazelka State waste hauling contract modifications authorization
Senate SF1835 9 03/28/2012 Text icon Gazelka Minnesota family investment program (MFIP) and general assistance (GA) residency requirements modifications
Senate SF1834 3 02/23/2012 Text icon Benson Electronic benefit transfer (EBT) debit card limitations
Senate HF1812 7 04/18/2012 214 Text icon Gazelka State waste hauling contract modifications authorization
Senate SF1791 8 03/30/2012 Text icon DeKruif Motor vehicle dealers issuance of registration plates and stickers and lien satisfaction provisions modification
Senate SF1765 2 02/09/2012 Text icon Gazelka Camp Ripley education center bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1762 4 03/01/2012 Text icon Gimse Water and soil resources board (BWSR) wetland replacement and preservation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1755 16 05/09/2012 291 Text icon Gazelka Collective bargaining offers public data establishment; memorandum of understanding submission to the legislative coordinating commission (LCC) establishment; state employees unpaid leave option to avoid layoffs establishment
Senate SF1754 9 04/30/2012 242 Text icon Parry Lawful gambling per diem reimbursement modification for military marching, color guard or honor guard units
Senate SF1753 3 03/13/2012 Text icon Gazelka Individuals under guardianship voter eligibility provisions
Senate SF1738 6 03/14/2012 Text icon Hann Public employee insurance program (PEIP) provisions modification and temporary moratorium authorization
Senate SF1734 6 04/24/2012 Text icon Gazelka Damaged vehicle salvage title and damage disclosure modifications
Senate SF1733 4 03/23/2012 Text icon Stumpf Motor vehicle first haul weight limits regulation provisions modification
Senate SF1722 2 02/08/2012 Text icon Gazelka Property taxes late payment penalty modification
Senate SF1706 3 02/15/2012 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Hunter-harvested venison charitably donated food regulation exemption
Senate SF1705 5 03/13/2012 Text icon Thompson Constitutional amendment for freedom of employment
Senate SF1687 7 04/02/2012 Text icon Ortman Motor carrier contracts indemnity provisions prohibitions
Senate SF1659 2 02/02/2012 Text icon Gimse Constitutional amendment for voter photographic identification (photo ID) requirement
Senate SF1651 4 02/23/2012 Text icon Carlson Bear stands requirements modifications
Senate SF1643 3 03/08/2012 Text icon Carlson Income tax credit for past military service eligibility modification
Senate SF1632 4 02/09/2012 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Outdoor heritage fund appropriations and provisions modifications
Senate SF1597 13 05/07/2012 254 Text icon DeKruif Veteran-owned small business contracts bid preference county program authority; transportation department (DOT) highway construction projects small business contract bid preferences modifications for veteran-owned small businesses and small targeted group businesses
Senate SF1567 18 04/16/2012 150 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Environmental permits efficiency; environmental review modifications; water supply plans requirements modifications; appropriation
Senate SF1561 3 03/08/2012 Text icon DeKruif Highway safety rest areas and public safety prorate unit contingent appropriations authorization
Senate SF1550 2 01/26/2012 Text icon Carlson Bemidji regional public television station bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1549 2 01/26/2012 Text icon Gazelka Motor vehicle repair paint and supplies retail sales by motor vehicle repair or body shop sales tax imposition
Senate SF1542 9 04/16/2012 141 Text icon Gazelka Defensive driving refresher course requirements modifications
Senate SF1541 2 01/26/2012 Text icon Gazelka Morrison county tax-forfeited land private sale authorization
Senate SF1540 2 01/26/2012 Text icon Gazelka Abortion procedures physical presence of a physician requirement
Senate SF1539 2 01/26/2012 Text icon DeKruif Service lateral location identification requirement
Senate SF1537 2 01/26/2012 Text icon Gazelka Constitutional amendment to provide for state government continuing appropriations authorization
Senate SF1507 2 01/24/2012 Text icon Gazelka Electronic benefit transfer (EBT) debit cards photo requirement; general assistance (GA) residency requirement
Senate SF1506 3 01/26/2012 Text icon Gazelka Drug screening for public assistance eligibility requirement; electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card photo requirement
Senate SF1478 4 03/12/2012 Text icon Lillie State government continuing appropriations authorization
Senate SF1399 4 05/10/2011 Text icon Hann Class III gambling in Minnesota prohibition
Senate SF1390 2 05/05/2011 Text icon Dibble Social and economic costs of gambling study requirement and appropriation
Senate SF1388 3 05/14/2011 Text icon Lillie Defense of Dwelling and Person Act of 2011; firearms regulation provisions modifications
Senate SF1382 2 05/04/2011 Text icon Jungbauer Constitutional amendment to limit the level of budgeted spending to 98 percent of the amount forecast to be collected in the biennium
Senate SF1371 11 03/08/2012 127 Text icon Gazelka Forfeited firearms sale by law enforcement agencies to federally licensed firearms dealers authorization
Senate SF1365 2 05/03/2011 Text icon Gazelka State patrol dispatch centers closing or consolidation prohibition
Senate SF1354 3 05/04/2011 Text icon Gazelka Clean water partnership law modifications
Senate SF1345 2 05/02/2011 Text icon Gazelka Seasonal recreational property equalizing component to school district operating referenda establishment
Senate SF1309 3 04/28/2011 Text icon Gazelka Constitutional amendment to recognize marriage as union between one man and one woman
Senate SF1292 3 05/02/2011 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Resolution to encourage domestic oil drilling and more importation of North American crude oil
Senate SF1244 10 05/11/2011 Text icon Dahms Wetland Conservation Act provisions modifications; state environmental permit coordination and management requirements; environmental review procedures modifications; consumptive use of water permit authority
Senate SF1233 2 04/18/2011 Text icon Parry Campaign contributions from governmental units prohibition
Senate SF1230 2 04/18/2011 Text icon Pederson Parks and trail fund money allocation modification
Senate SF1228 2 04/18/2011 Text icon Cohen Minnesota film projects reimbursement program establishment
Senate SF1224 2 04/18/2011 Text icon Hall Family planning grant funds to subsidize abortion services prohibition
Senate SF1221 2 04/18/2011 Text icon Rest Title insurance companies statutory premium reserve modification
Senate SF1207 2 04/18/2011 Text icon Carlson Minnesota public television association appropriation
Senate SF1202 2 04/14/2011 Text icon Gazelka Personal watercraft navigational lights requirement
Senate SF1199 11 04/18/2012 Text icon Pederson Prevailing wage provisions modifications
Senate SF1161 2 04/11/2011 Text icon Hall Marriage dissolution education program participation requirement for couples with children
Senate SF1158 3 05/04/2011 Text icon Gazelka Group Insurance Portability Act (GIPA)
Senate SF1142 2 04/11/2011 Text icon Nienow Small employer health carriers separate risk pools requirement
Senate SF1137 5 05/03/2011 Text icon Hann State agency programs designation as performance-based organizations for persons with disabilities
Senate SF1115 16 05/23/2011 107 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Omnibus natural resources policy provisions modification
Senate SF1106 3 04/14/2011 Text icon Gazelka Recreational vehicle operating provisions modifications; all terrain vehicle definitions modifications; motorcycle dual registration establishment; special vehicle use on roadways modification
Senate SF1101 8 05/20/2011 Text icon Hann My Life, My Choices task force establishment; performance-based organizations providing services to people with disabilities authorization
Senate SF1045 14 05/23/2011 108 Text icon Chamberlain Continuing education and prelicensing requirements, insurance coverages, certain disclosures, nonadmitted insurers, insolvencies, real estate closing agents adjusters and real estate appraisers regulations modifications; workers compensation self-insurers provisions modifications
Senate SF1033 2 03/25/2011 Text icon Gazelka Overweight vehicle permit renewal date and plate registration date conformity
Senate SF1012 2 03/23/2011 Text icon Howe Sales and use tax remittance schedule for vendors modifications
Senate HF0895 7 05/19/2011 52 Text icon Gazelka Insurance data gathering and notification modifications; nonresident insurance appraisers authorization
Senate SF0877 7 04/04/2012 Text icon Chamberlain Annuity products regulation
Senate SF0842 2 03/16/2011 Text icon Carlson Sustainable forest incentive act tax incentive payments provisions modifications
Senate HF0836 3 05/03/2011 Text icon Gazelka Game and fish lottery and drawing preferences provisions for military service members expansion
Senate SF0829 2 03/16/2011 Text icon Gazelka Property tax late payment penalties modifications
Senate SF0812 2 03/14/2011 Text icon Gazelka Salary reduction for state employees and elected officials
Senate SF0762 2 03/14/2011 Text icon Gazelka Aquatic invasive species infested waters restoration, prevention activities, and increased inspections appropriation
Senate SF0752 4 03/01/2012 Text icon Dahms Online motor vehicle insurance verification system establishment and electronic insurance identification card authorization
Senate SF0741 3 03/23/2012 Text icon Gazelka Legislative coordinating commission (LCC) duties provisions modifications; house of representatives officers election modification
Senate SF0731 7 05/11/2011 Text icon Hann Omnibus health and human services policy provisions modifications
Senate SF0729 2 03/10/2011 Text icon Hoffman Mini truck local roads operation authorization and special permits elimination
Senate SF0678 2 03/09/2011 Text icon Gazelka Game and fish lottery and drawing preferences provisions for military service members expansion
Senate SF0650 3 05/09/2011 Text icon Gazelka Compulsive gambling appropriation
Senate SF0649 8 05/10/2011 Text icon Hoffman Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
Senate SF0590 3 03/17/2011 Text icon Gazelka Insurance data gathering and notification modifications; nonresident insurance appraisers authorization
Senate SF0589 3 04/14/2011 Text icon Scheid No-fault automobile insurance limitation of damages for noneconomic detriment modifications
Senate SF0588 3 04/14/2011 Text icon DeKruif Well contractor licensing requirements modifications
Senate SF0583 3 03/07/2011 Text icon Hoffman Otter Tail county flood-damaged county roads and Phelps Mill dam reconstruction grants bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF0579 2 03/03/2011 Text icon Gazelka Building codes plumbing air admittance valves installation prohibition repeal
Senate SF0570 4 04/18/2011 Text icon Jungbauer Resolution urging parental rights amendment to the United States Constitution
Senate SF0510 5 03/21/2011 Text icon DeKruif College in the schools classes 9th and 10th grade pupils inclusion
Senate SF0509 24 05/21/2011 69 Text icon Limmer Omnibus voter photo identification finance bill; The 21st Century Voting Act
Senate SF0477 7 05/22/2011 92 Text icon Howe Food, beverage, and lodging establishment statutory governance exemptions modifications
Senate SF0454 2 02/24/2011 Text icon Thompson Prevailing wage and hour provisions for state construction and highway projects modifications
Senate SF0444 2 02/24/2011 Text icon Saxhaug Wetland replacement ratio requirements within the Great Lakes and Rainy River watershed basins modification
Senate SF0411 4 05/12/2011 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Maintenance plumber definition and licensing requirement
Senate SF0410 2 02/21/2011 Text icon Carlson Flexible learning year education programs pre-Labor Day start date prohibition
Senate SF0395 5 05/02/2011 Text icon Daley Drivers license expiration period extension for active military service persons
Senate SF0389 3 04/14/2011 Text icon Gazelka No-fault automobile insurance basic economic loss benefits modifications
Senate SF0367 3 01/26/2012 Text icon Chamberlain Motor vehicle paints and supplies sales tax by body shops imposition clarification
Senate SF0364 5 03/09/2011 Text icon Pederson State tree nursery operations closure and nursery tree land sale requirement
Senate SF0358 2 02/17/2011 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Beaver control by road authorities authorization
Senate SF0304 2 02/14/2011 Text icon Gazelka Terry McGaughey memorial bridge designation
Senate SF0290 2 02/10/2011 Text icon Gazelka Camp Ripley/Veterans state trail acquisition and development appropriation
Senate SF0264 2 02/07/2011 Text icon Limmer Abortion state-sponsored health programs funding limitation
Senate SF0249 7 05/21/2011 63 Text icon Kruse Residential contractors insurance claims for goods and services regulation
Senate SF0244 2 02/07/2011 Text icon Gazelka Tax exempt property for economic development holding period increase
Senate SF0243 3 02/21/2011 Text icon Gazelka Fairness for Responsible Drivers Act
Senate SF0222 5 03/28/2011 Text icon Miller Minnesota rural preserve property tax program modification
Senate SF0175 2 01/31/2011 Text icon Ingebrigtsen English as official state language
Senate SF0169 2 01/31/2011 Text icon Limmer Voter photo identification requirement; picture identification issuance provisions; provisional balloting procedure establishment; electronic polling place roster use requirement; recount procedure enacting and appropriation
Senate SF0164 4 04/26/2011 Text icon Olson General assistance (GA) earned income savings account dollar amounts modifications
Senate SF0159 4 05/03/2011 Text icon Parry Local government mandates repeal
Senate SF0155 2 01/31/2011 Text icon Gazelka Mini trucks registration and operation as all-terrain vehicles
Senate SF0150 2 01/31/2011 Text icon Gazelka Minnesota family investment program (MFIP) and general assistance (GA) residency requirements modifications
Senate SF0125 9 03/21/2011 7 Text icon Carlson Northern township detached banking facility establishment
Senate SF0121 5 03/03/2011 Text icon Hall Public safety dogs injury penalties increase and mandatory restitution requirement
Senate SF0079 3 04/14/2011 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Resolution urging Congress to delist gray wolves in Minnesota from the Endangered Species Act
Senate SF0067 8 05/19/2011 44 Text icon Hoffman Waterfront structures transport on trunk highways department of transportation special permit fees authorization
Senate SF0056 9 04/14/2011 Text icon Thompson School district and charter school salary freeze imposition; safe schools levy set aside requirement removal; staff development reserved revenue and school district contract deadline and penalty repeal
Senate SF0051 5 04/18/2011 Text icon Koch Female-veteran license plate designation for special veterans license plates or gold star license plates
Senate SF0048 10 02/17/2011 Text icon Carlson State lands, parks, and forests provisions modifications; parks and forests additions and deletions; stream easements acquisition modification; state land public and private sales, conveyances and exchanges
Senate SF0038 2 01/13/2011 Text icon Gazelka Workers Memorial Garden update
Senate SF0037 3 01/24/2011 Text icon Gazelka Minnesota agricultural property tax law (Green Acres) provisions modifications; Green Acres and agricultural classifications to pre-2008 status restoration
Senate SF0030 2 01/13/2011 Text icon Gazelka Minnesota family investment program (MFIP) interstate payment standard for new residents
Senate SF0029 2 01/13/2011 Text icon Gazelka Environmental review requirements and resource management permits efficiency requirements modifications
Senate SF0012 3 01/27/2011 Text icon Gazelka Constitutional amendment for term limits for state legislators
Senate SF0003 2 01/10/2011 Text icon Fischbach Zero-based budgeting
Senate SF0001 5 03/03/2011 Text icon Michel Job creation; business tax reductions; department of natural resources (DNR) permitting efficiency; environmental review requirements modifications