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144 Documents Found in Legislative Session 86 (2009-2010)
for Authors of "Jungbauer"

Body Bill
Law Bill
Short Description
Senate SF3367 2 04/19/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Aircraft sales and use tax reduction and credit to the state airports fund
Senate SF3337 2 04/07/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Ramsey tax increment financing (TIF) district establishment
Senate SF3298 2 03/22/2010 Text icon Koch Public utilities commission (PUC) impact report of certain energy-related requirements
Senate SF3285 2 03/18/2010 Text icon Hann Public utilities, energy conservation and renewable energy modifications; nuclear power plant construction authorization; energy policy and provisions repeal
Senate SF3202 2 03/11/2010 Text icon Murphy Pedestrian bypassing railroad signal violation and fine imposition
Senate SF3169 2 03/11/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Roundabouts (intersection) design department of transportation (DOT) consultation requirement
Senate SF3161 2 03/11/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Transportation department (DOT) and public safety (DPS) departments and metropolitan council appropriations and appropriation reductions; transportation projects modifications; highway emergency relief account provisions modification
Senate SF3086 2 03/08/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Property tax market valuation for residential homestead property requirement
Senate SF3072 2 03/08/2010 Text icon Skogen Subsurface sewage treatment systems provisions modifications
Senate SF3049 4 04/15/2010 Text icon Tomassoni Fireworks limited personal use authorization; safety guidelines affidavit requirement, criminal penalty provision and appropriation
Senate SF3037 2 03/08/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Passenger automobile (motor vehicle) definition change effective date delay
Senate SF2968 2 03/04/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Special duty of care requirement for municipal building inspectors and local subsurface sewage treatment system inspectors
Senate HF2915 7 04/06/2010 205 Text icon Jungbauer Bridge projects ongoing prioritization authorization
Senate SF2902 3 03/11/2010 Text icon Sheran General assistance (GA) and Minnesota family investment program (MFIP) asset limitations exemption establishment
Senate SF2888 2 03/01/2010 Text icon Gerlach Elections provisions modifications; authorized proofs of residence modification; vouching for certain voters on election date elimination; provisional ballots for unregistered voters authorization
Senate SF2859 2 02/25/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Coon Rapids dam commission creation
Senate SF2848 2 02/25/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Railroad property storm sewer and storm water utility assessments exemption
Senate SF2847 7 03/25/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Bridge projects ongoing prioritization authorization
Senate SF2837 2 02/25/2010 Text icon Dahle Payday lending regulations and consumer short-term loans provisions modifications
Senate SF2749 2 02/22/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Pollution control agency (PCA) to refund erroneous assessments, costs and payments in the matter of the Baytown groundwater contamination superfund site to metropolitan airports commission (MAC)
Senate SF2741 8 04/28/2010 Text icon Murphy Driving while impaired (DWI), implied consent and ignition interlock device program provisions modifications
Senate SF2720 8 03/29/2010 Text icon Doll Local government energy improvements financing program for property owners, repayment as special assessment and revenue bonds issuance
Senate SF2707 5 03/17/2010 Text icon Murphy Peace officers authority to impound motor vehicles
Senate SF2649 2 02/16/2010 Text icon Hann Permanent school fund endowment apportionment for public school students expansion
Senate SF2614 7 05/08/2010 Text icon Skoe Motor vehicle definition and ownership clarification for combination vehicles
Senate SF2613 4 03/26/2010 Text icon Latz Criminal forfeiture provisions recodification
Senate SF2591 2 02/15/2010 Text icon Dibble Interior designers licensure requirements
Senate SF2587 2 02/15/2010 Text icon Anderson Regional park and open-space land acquisition and improvements bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2548 2 02/11/2010 Text icon Murphy Railroad grade crossing safety account allocation increase
Senate SF2544 5 04/06/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Transportation projects alternative financing and investment authorization
Senate SF2540 19 05/11/2010 351 Text icon Murphy Omnibus transportation policy bill
Senate SF2537 2 02/11/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Transportation improvement district pilot program, transportation utility fee pilot program and transportation improvement district project selection council establishment
Senate SF2536 2 02/11/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Duck decoy restrictions modification
Senate SF2509 2 02/11/2010 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Farm wineries annual production limit modification
Senate SF2503 3 03/01/2010 Text icon Murphy Careless driving resulting in death gross misdemeanor penalty
Senate SF2500 2 02/09/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Ramsey water recycling treatment plant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2479 2 02/09/2010 Text icon Limmer Maple Grove trunk highway #610 bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2461 8 05/12/2010 Text icon Murphy Complete streets policy implementation
Senate SF2453 7 03/26/2010 Text icon Carlson Bicyclist to stop and proceed through red light authorization
Senate SF2447 2 02/08/2010 Text icon Murphy State road construction appropriation modification for trunk highway bonds
Senate SF2424 2 02/08/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Oliver H. Kelley Farm historic site bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2374 2 02/08/2010 Text icon Fobbe Oliver H. Kelley Farm historic site revitalization and historic sites and local historic structures bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2370 16 05/12/2010 304 Text icon Pappas Illegally tinted motor vehicle windows sale prohibition
Senate SF2333 2 02/04/2010 Text icon Rest Capitol area improvements for central corridor light rail transit (LRT) bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2332 2 02/04/2010 Text icon Clark Northstar commuter rail line extension from Big Lake to St. Cloud bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2331 5 02/25/2010 Text icon Fobbe Explosive growth revenue for education establishment
Senate SF2274 2 02/04/2010 Text icon Murphy Local bridge replacement and rehabilitation bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2263 2 02/04/2010 Text icon Murphy Local road improvement program grants bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2262 2 02/04/2010 Text icon Prettner Solon Northern Lights Express intercity and passenger rail service project along the Duluth/Minneapolis rail corridor bond issue and appropriation; St. Louis and Lake counties regional railroad authority studies
Senate SF2261 4 03/01/2010 Text icon Murphy Household goods movers filing of tariffs requirement repeal
Senate SF2241 2 02/04/2010 Text icon Jungbauer Ramsey Northstar commuter rail station grant bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF2140 3 05/15/2009 Text icon Koch Minnesota Firearms Freedom Act
Senate SF1976 2 03/30/2009 Text icon Limmer Constitutional amendment to recognize marriage as union between a man and a woman
Senate SF1956 3 04/07/2009 Text icon Dibble Public transit agencies diesel pollution reduction grant program
Senate SF1950 2 03/30/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Anoka county maintenance on trunk highway #47 authorization
Senate SF1949 2 03/30/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Anoka and Ramsey trunk highway #47 striping requirement
Senate SF1948 2 03/30/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Commuter rail extension between Minneapolis and St. Paul feasibility study authorization
Senate SF1947 2 03/30/2009 Text icon Jungbauer School districts debt service equalization aid program equalizing factors indexing
Senate SF1946 2 03/30/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Anoka STEP program credit transfer authorization to colleges within the Minnesota state colleges and universities (MnSCU) system
Senate SF1945 2 03/30/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Anoka county trunk highway #10 additional lanes construction local match appropriation
Senate SF1919 4 04/02/2009 Text icon Anderson Minnesota green enterprise assistance and appropriation
Senate SF1889 6 05/07/2009 Text icon Gerlach State settlements and recovery payments to general fund
Senate SF1873 2 03/25/2009 Text icon Murphy Peace officers and corrections officers employment under joint power agreements authorization
Senate SF1828 2 03/24/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Fish spearing lifetime licenses
Senate SF1827 2 03/24/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Motor vehicle registration license plates or tabs due date modification
Senate SF1826 2 03/24/2009 Text icon Jungbauer School districts hazardous transportation levy
Senate SF1770 12 05/14/2010 374 Text icon Jungbauer Ladder out of poverty task force establishment
Senate SF1763 2 03/23/2009 Text icon Sieben Telecommuting work policy development for state agency employees
Senate SF1740 2 03/23/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Anoka tax increment financing (TIF) redevelopment district establishment
Senate SF1734 2 03/23/2009 Text icon Anderson Federal stimulus funding allocation and expenditure guiding principles
Senate SF1728 2 03/19/2009 Text icon Doll Sales tax exemption for energy-efficient equipment for restaurants
Senate SF1721 2 03/19/2009 Text icon Hann Single-occupant hybrid vehicles high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes and dynamic shoulder lanes operation authorization
Senate SF1700 2 03/19/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Prepaid medical assistance (MA) health plans and county-based purchasing plans contracts MinnesotaCare tax requirements
Senate SF1692 2 03/19/2009 Text icon Ingebrigtsen Income tax subtraction for military pension or retirement income
Senate SF1674 2 03/19/2009 Text icon Kelash Railroad safety technology federal grants application
Senate SF1667 3 03/30/2009 Text icon Dibble Passenger rail service transportation commissioner duties and powers
Senate SF1622 2 03/18/2009 Text icon Johnson Public transit assistance for pupil transportation
Senate SF1610 2 03/18/2009 Text icon Rest Metropolitan livable communities fund accounts and right-of-way loan acquisition fund transfers for transit operating deficits
Senate SF1511 5 03/30/2009 Text icon Murphy Transportation federal economic recovery funds receipt and appropriation; transportation contingent appropriations group establishment
Senate SF1491 2 03/16/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Airport and air navigation facility improvement projects bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1484 3 03/26/2009 Text icon Dibble Trunk highway bridge improvement program bicycle, pedestrian, transit and disabilities access accommodations inclusion requirement
Senate SF1467 10 05/06/2009 56 Text icon Fobbe Rural residential district speed limits
Senate SF1464 7 04/24/2009 Text icon Rest State employee fitness and wellness activities state space use authorization
Senate SF1308 4 03/26/2009 Text icon Olseen Motor carriers of railroad employees regulation
Senate SF1300 2 03/09/2009 Text icon Lynch Design-build contracting pilot program; design-build selection council establishment
Senate SF1279 2 03/09/2009 Text icon Foley Coon Rapids U.S. highway #10 projects bond issue and appropriation
Senate SF1276 9 04/27/2009 Text icon Murphy Omnibus transportation, metropolitan council and public safety activities and programs appropriations
Senate SF1275 3 03/23/2009 Text icon Anderson Beneficial reuse of wastewater grant program appropriation
Senate SF1263 2 03/09/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Duck decoy restrictions modification
Senate SF1262 2 03/09/2009 Text icon Jungbauer State agency rule enforcement requirement
Senate SF1261 2 03/09/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Minnesota family investment program (MFIP) drug and alcohol screening requirement for benefits and extension eligibility
Senate SF1233 2 03/05/2009 Text icon Kubly Massage therapists licensure and regulation
Senate SF1073 2 03/02/2009 Text icon Limmer Sex selection abortions prohibition
Senate SF1060 16 05/11/2010 350 Text icon Dibble Transportation department (DOT) management, priorities, research and planning provisions modifications; fixed guideway transit and rail line capital projects requests and legislative reporting requirements establishment
Senate SF1056 2 03/02/2009 Text icon Vandeveer Duluth to St. Paul high speed rail line appropriation; high speed passenger rail costs inclusion in public transit assistance definition
Senate SF1044 3 03/23/2009 Text icon Doll Prescription record privacy requirement; prescription information use for marketing purposes prohibition
Senate SF0985 2 02/26/2009 Text icon Pariseau Careless driving resulting in death gross misdemeanor penalty
Senate SF0975 3 03/05/2009 Text icon Dibble Transit improvement area inclusion in economic development district
Senate SF0896 6 04/07/2009 19 Text icon Wiger Municipal power agencies merger authorization
Senate SF0893 2 02/23/2009 Text icon Pariseau Deadly force use in self defense
Senate SF0861 3 02/23/2009 Text icon Gerlach Veteran-owned and disabled veteran-owned small business preference authorization
Senate SF0860 2 02/19/2009 Text icon Gerlach General assistance (GA) and Minnesota family investment program (MFIP) payments for new residents modification
Senate SF0810 2 02/19/2009 Text icon Tomassoni Public television and noncommercial radio station grant and report requirements modifications
Senate SF0806 8 05/08/2009 68 Text icon Dahle Consumer short-term (pay day) loan lending regulation
Senate SF0785 2 02/19/2009 Text icon Kelash Emergency vehicle status extension to funeral and oversized loads escort motor vehicles
Senate SF0782 5 03/24/2009 Text icon Olseen School bus postcrash procedures modification
Senate SF0770 2 02/16/2009 Text icon Doll Child welfare comprehensive quality assurance system review
Senate SF0740 13 02/15/2010 181 Text icon Jungbauer Anoka county design build contract process use for construction of intersection of U.S. highway #10 and county state-aid highway #83
Senate SF0739 3 03/05/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Schools background check fees waiver for volunteers
Senate SF0738 5 05/04/2009 Text icon Limmer Real ID Act compliance prohibition
Senate SF0735 2 02/16/2009 Text icon Scheid Human services department and county agency direct access to corrections department data
Senate SF0713 7 04/27/2009 Text icon Robling State employee suggestion system for cost-savings to the state award program
Senate SF0705 4 02/23/2009 Text icon Tomassoni Transportation infrastructure projects funding through state-chartered banks
Senate SF0671 5 03/19/2009 Text icon Sieben Critical Areas Act of 1973 modifications
Senate SF0639 3 04/14/2009 Text icon Carlson Careless driving resulting in death penalty imposition
Senate SF0605 2 02/12/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Transportation department (DOT) aircraft pilot disability and retirement provisions modification
Senate SF0585 2 02/12/2009 Text icon Gerlach Legislators per diem payment limits
Senate SF0496 7 03/05/2009 Text icon Erickson Ropes Minnesota suicide prevention plan modification
Senate SF0483 2 02/05/2009 Text icon Rest Airport project costs appropriation
Senate SF0482 2 02/05/2009 Text icon Rest Airport project costs federal stimulus grants local match requirement elimination
Senate SF0454 2 02/05/2009 Text icon Murphy Hazardous materials registration and permit requirements abolishment
Senate SF0453 4 03/12/2009 Text icon Murphy Cargo tank vehicles weight restriction exemption
Senate SF0387 2 02/02/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Election recount and election contest provisions modifications; runoff election provisions; previously uncounted votes or ballots regulation
Senate SF0344 2 01/29/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Compensatory revenue pilot project continuance and appropriation for certain school districts
Senate SF0343 2 01/29/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Alternative teacher compensation long-term commitment levy and revenue program expansion
Senate SF0241 2 01/26/2009 Text icon Tomassoni Resolution to take early action on the weakened economy to promote a healthy state economy
Senate SF0235 2 01/26/2009 Text icon Gerlach Payroll deductions and labor organization dues political purposes use written authorization requirements
Senate SF0213 7 05/16/2009 114 Text icon Erickson Ropes WIC coupons cost neutral organic food purchase authorization
Senate SF0179 2 01/22/2009 Text icon Jungbauer State airports fund money transfer requirement
Senate SR0168 2 04/06/2010 Text icon Betzold A Senate resolution recognizing Duane Krueger on his retirement from the Anoka County Veterans Service Office on April 2, 2010
Senate SR0163 2 03/23/2010 Text icon Fobbe A Senate resolution congratulating The Things Robotics Team from Elk River on winning the Minnesota State Robotics championship
Senate SF0159 2 01/22/2009 Text icon Pappas Special Mississippi River motor vehicle license plates
Senate SF0158 2 01/22/2009 Text icon Gerlach St. Paul I-35E speed limit designation
Senate SF0153 3 02/02/2009 Text icon Vandeveer Minnesota agricultural property tax law (Green Acres) modification
Senate SF0139 3 02/02/2009 Text icon Koch Minnesota agricultural property tax law (Green Acres) modification
Senate SF0099 10 05/12/2009 82 Text icon Carlson Motor vehicle operators child restraint systems use requirement expansion
Senate SF0096 3 02/19/2009 Text icon Murphy Nuclear power plant certificate of need issuance prohibition elimination
Senate SF0074 3 04/01/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Recycled water use standards
Senate SR0062 2 03/25/2009 Text icon Dibble A Senate resolution recognizing March 26, 2009, as "Braille Readers are Leaders Day"
Senate SF0026 3 02/12/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Failure to exercise due care in traffic violations and penalties enhancement
Senate SR0025 2 02/02/2009 Text icon Jungbauer A Senate resolution honoring Jim Kappelhoff for his 20 years of service to the North Anoka County Emergency Food Shelf
Senate SF0025 2 01/08/2009 Text icon Jungbauer Nuclear power plant certificate of need moratorium elimination
Senate SF0015 2 01/08/2009 Text icon Rest State airports fund money transfer requirement
Senate SF0005 2 01/08/2009 Text icon Anderson Green infrastructure state plan development; energy efficient residences funding; energy efficient public buildings bond issue; renewable energy projects funding for public schools, green industrial parks and a solar certification laboratory